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8 Steps to Your Business Success - Fast-track your entrepreneurial dreams

Fast-track your entrepreneurial dreams!


You want to start your own business


...perhaps you're looking for more fulfillment and success


....maybe you're after the extra financial security a side-hustle can offer


...perhaps you're looking for more flexibility and balance


...or perhaps its simply time for a fresh challenge


...whatever your reasons, you want to start a business but're not sure what to do next!


If that sounds like you, you're in the right place!


8 Steps to Your Business Success


With the 8 Steps to Your Business Success eCourse, you will be able to identify the right business for you and start building the tools, environment and self-confidence you need to make it a success. 


It's the first stage in helping you turn your passion into profits.


Over 8 key lessons, it will guide you in:

  • Identifying your ideal business
  • Making the right decisions
  • Knowing what to do next
  • Building an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Understanding and developing your strengths
  • Creating the right environment for your success.


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What to expect during 
8 Steps to Your Business Success


Over 25+ years I've learned what it takes to succeed - and it's not
what most people think.


While a business plan, perfect sales pitch and killer marketing strategy are important, they won't guarantee your success. Only you that can do that!


Not just any 'you', but a version of you that is focused, ready and in possession of the right map and tools!


Start your business without this foundation and you can quickly get stuck.


I've designed the 8 Steps to prepare you for entrepreneurship, so you can start a business you love, that plays to your strengths and helps you create your ideal future.

What's covered in 
8 Steps to Your Business Success


Steps 1 & 2 - Developing your inner compass

Determine your ideal business, niche and methods by understanding and aligning with your inner drivers and motivation.

Gaining this inner clarity and focus will enable you to make clear decisions and turn challenges into the stepping stones to success.


Steps 3 & 4  - Design your ideal future

Design your future and develop a clear vision of your success to accelerate your business journey, without the overwhelm experienced by so many new entrepreneurs.


Steps 5 & 6 - Know and Develop your Strengths

Building your business from a position of strength will help you create a solid business that brings you joy and fulfillment every day. It will also help you to become limitless in your pursuit of success.


Steps 7 & 8 - Create the right environment

Nothing grows without the right environment - and this isn't something that happens by accident, it has to be consciously created. This final step will look at how you can set yourself up for success, every day.


Your Results
The 8 Steps will set you up for success by guiding you in developing a clear direction and purpose for your business, in designing your ideal future and in staying focused and motivated along your journey towards lasting and meaningful success.


Ready to start laying the tracks to your success?


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8 Steps to Your Business Success

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What Others Have Said About
8 Steps to Your Business Success 


" is so well arranged...I'm looking forward to putting what I've learned into practice."

"I am an aspiring entrepreneur and I really enjoyed the 8-Steps program. It is so well arranged and the support group and content helped too. The workbooks are well designed, informative and easy to understand and follow. I’m looking forward to putting what I’ve learned into practice!"

Sabah Bassam



"'s helped me focus on my talents and turn what seems like negative points into possible opportunities..."

"I found Melitta to be an engaging person who was a joy to listen to and learn from. She shares a wealth of good ideas! I am starting my first ever business in a completely different career than I've previously had and found Melitta's ideas and encouragement helpful and implementable. It's helped me to focus on my talents and turn what seem negative points to possible opportunities."
Anne Robley



"...a must for everyone thinking of starting a business..."

"I wanted to say a huge thank you for this program ... Full of great content and the workbooks are brilliant ... a must for everyone who is thinking of starting a business."
Caroline Jane Smith

Melitta Campbell Business Success Coach, Communications Expert and MentorReady to fast-track your
entrepreneurial dreams?


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8 Steps to Your Business Success

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What You Will Receive During
8 Steps to Your Business Success 


  • 8 x Success lessons delivered directly to your inbox


  • Each lesson comes with a task to complete, 8-Page Workbook to help you take action, and an instructional video.


  • A new step will be sent every two days, with bonus content in between.


  • You will receive an invitation to a private peer support group on Facebook where you can ask questions and get additional ideas, inspiration and support.



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  • You will gain instant access to the eCourse, so you can already take action towards starting your own business!



  • Follow the 8 Steps, watch the videos and complete the workbooks.


  • Take action and start your business!


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FREE Business Bundle - eBooks

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