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How to Get Over the Fear That You’re Not Good Enough

How to Overcome the fear that you are not good enough

One of the biggest fears that not only hold’s entrepreneurs back from starting their business, but often haunts them throughout their careers, is the fear that they are not good enough.   Have you ever felt that way?   I know I do regularly…sometimes I feel like my default setting! lol   If that’s how…

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How to Find Time for Your New Business

How to find the time to start a business you love

I’ve seen a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs hold back from starting their own business. The reason? They fear they don’t have enough time to invest in its success.   If this is your issue too – you’re in the right place!   Here is how you can find the time to create and launch a…

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How to Find Your First Clients for your New Business

How to find your first clients for your new business

One of the biggest concerns keeping new business owner awake at night is the question: ‘How will I find clients for my new business?’.   In fact, this question can become so much of a concern for some new business owners, that they never get their business started at all!   It’s an understandable worry,…

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How to Turn a Bad Day Around

How to turn a Bad Day around in your business.

Let’s face it: no one is exempt from having a bad day.   They often come when you least expect it, throwing off your momentum and messing up all your perfect plans and good intentions.   You can just picture it: A coffee spill in your morning meeting – yes, on your white shirt! Forgetting…

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What business should you start?

What business should you start? These questions will help you find find your ideal business...

As a business coach, one of the questions I’m asked most often is:   “What business should I start?”   It’s a great question, but I’m afraid it’s one I can’t answer.   Many of the people I have spoken with have had enough of working for someone else, feeling limited in what they can achieve, or never having time for what’s important, and see their own business as being…

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Balance : How I Learned its Importance the Hard Way!

I’ve learned the hard way that in today’s busy, modern world achieving balance and avoiding overwhelm doesn’t happen by magic.   To help you avoid overwhelm while building your business, I’d like to share my story with you, along with my tips for avoiding overwhelm and an 8-page workbook you can download for free and…

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