How to Build a Strong Network from Scratch

How to build a strong network from scratch

Networking is a key skill for anyone with ambition to master.   A network can help you to: achieve greater success in your business progress in your career gain more personal development widen your circle of friends.   A strong network, however, can take you even further!   With a network full of people who know and…
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Day One or One Day? How to take the pain out of decision-making and start moving forward.

Day One or One Day? How to take the pain out of decision-making and start moving forward

Day One or One Day? How to take the pain out of decision-making and start moving forward. We all know that tomorrow never comes…that one day becomes someday – which leads to the town of nowhere!   So why don’t we just decide right now?   Truth is, the decision-making process can be hard –…
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Why you need to start your biz with Why

Why your business journey needs to start with Why

Many of the people I work with are taking their first steps into the world of entrepreneurship.   While this is a very exciting time, I see lots of people plough straight into their new venture without first taking one very important step.   If you want to thrive as a home-business owner, or any…
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How to Improve Your Healthy Today - Even if you are too busy

9 Ways to Improve Your Health – Even When You’re Too Busy!

Three years ago I was not in a good way.   I was tired, run down, overweight and everything was a struggle – starting with motivating myself to get out of bed!   My work was suffering too. I was not motivated, I found it hard to focus and I felt overwhelmed.   I was in…
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Stay in your comfort zone

Why you should stay IN your comfort zone for lasting success

“Comfort zone”   Sounds nice, doesn’t it?!   What would your favourite comfy spot be?   For me, it would be on my sofa, snuggled up with a soft blanket, a great book and some fresh coffee.   But when a comfort zone sounds so good – why are we constantly being told we need to get out…
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Why Mums make best entrepreneurs - Blog

5 Reasons Why Mums Make the Best Entrepreneurs

If you have ever spent time with a Mum, especially if she is with her young children, you were no doubt impressed with her ability to juggle endless tasks while still tending to the needs of her children.   From my experience as a stay-at-home mumpreneur and a home-business success coach for women, I’ve concluded…
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The Perfect Introduction Formula

The Perfect Intro Formula – How to Grab them at ‘Hello’​

  Getting the introduction to your communication right is essential.   If you don’t successfully engage your audience from ‘Hello’ then they are not going to take the time to enjoy the rest of your carefully written and structured message or listen to your presentation.   If you’ve ever struggled with your introductions, then you…
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Communicating with Impact

How to Communicate Everything with Impact!

Getting your communications right is essential for any leader, entrepreneur or business owner.   Yet it’s a vast topic and it can be difficult to know where to start – the rise of digital and social media is not making this situation any easier!   So you might be surprised to learn that the keys to…
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Why You Need to Love Every Failure

I failed today – and I’m so grateful!   Have you ever failed?   Tried something new… …tested out a great idea… …contacted someone you were sure would love your new product – and it didn’t go according to plan?   I had that very situation today.   I had this great idea to help…
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6 Videos that will Restore Your Positivity Today

While much of the world is in shock this morning after seeing Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election, I thought I’d share six videos that I often watch to get myself feeling strong, positive and motivated again.  Get ready to feel unstoppable! Happy viewing!   Nick Vujicic: No Arms, No Legs, No Limits…
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