Shy Girl's Guide, Practical Business Books from Best-selling author and business coach, Melitta Campbell


The Shy Girl series of books from Melitta Campbell offer practical and empowering guides to business success from an introvert's perspective.


Having helped hundreds of business owners to enjoy greater success and business understanding, Melitta's advice and formulas are not just for 'shy girls', but for anyone looking for a more authentic and meaningful way of connecting, building relationships and doing business.

Books by Melitta Campbell

A Shy Girl's Guide to Networking, by Melitta Campbell

If you’ve ever wondered how some people network so effortlessly, while you feel awkward and out of place, this book is for you.


Written from a shy girl’s perspective, you’ll learn everything you need to embrace your natural abilities as an introvert, grow in confidence and shine while networking.


In this book I share with you:


  • My VICTORY Formula to help you network on your own terms
  • The exact steps to master the three phases of networking
  • How to build relationships that will support your business success
  • The secret to networking online
  • How to build your personal brand

"Melitta's 'A Shy Girl's Guide to Networking' is an innovative take on networking, and a new formula that gives you the courage to build successful business partnerships!". Sarah Santacroce, The Gentle Marketing Revolution

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The Power of Why book

If you are not starting your business by asking yourself “Why?”, then you are starting in the wrong place.

Five main questions should be answered when contemplating starting a business - What, Why, How, When and Where? Often female entrepreneurs do not give thought to the order of these, yet research by top universities shows the most important is Why?

This book tells the stories of Why 23 women took the leap to start their own business. Their wisdoms and experiences will give you the courage to take the leap with your own project. 

“These stories have the real power to inspire other women to connect to their own personal “why” and encourage them to take the leap to start their own business." Lisa

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