This business coaching call is perfect for you if…

You are ready to launch your first business,
but don’t want to figure out all the steps on your own.


If you have an existing business, but you’re not yet
experiencing the ease, flow or income
you desire.


You’re struggling to nail your niche and/or
confidently communicate, market or sell your value.


You’re business is ticking along, but you’d like some
advice on how to move up to the next level, or


You know what you should be doing, but
you’re holding yourself back and feel stuck.


This call isn’t a good fit for you if…

  • You don’t yet have a clear business idea that you are committed to.
    If that’s you, check out my ‘Launch Your First Business’ eCourse.
    It will get you planned, clear and ready to go in just 7-days!


  • If you’re business is more of a hobby and you’re happy for it to stay
    that way for now. But I invite you to join us in the free online community:
    Driven Female Entrepreneur Club, we’d love to know more about what you do.


  • You love meeting new people, but are not looking for business advice
    and support right now
    . Join the Driven Female Entrepreneur Club, there
    are lots of amazing female business owners waiting to meeting you….but do come back any time you are ready to move forward in your business.


My goal as a business coach is to help you…

    • Expertly attract and welcome more of the Right Clients into your business,
      in ways that match your personality, resources and business stage.


    • Make a Bigger Difference though a profitable and results-driven
      business that’s built around your Expertise and Vision.


    • Define and confidently communicate, market and
      sell your value
      in ways that feel natural and value-centred. 


    • Master your mindset so you can achieve your goals and
      charge your worth with greater ease and grace.


    • Feel proud of the success you’ve achieved and the difference you’re making.


I look forward to helping you take your next steps towards achieving the above on our call. 


To ensure we make the most our time together, watch the below video before we meet then, if you haven’t already, use the link below it to book your Complementary Business Coaching session with me.



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Complementary Business Coaching Call


What you’ll get in our call:


  • 30-Minutes of business-building insight relevant to your business


  • Positivity and belief – I know you can do this, by the end of the call you’ll know that too!


  • We’ll look at the potential of your business, compared to where you are today


  • The beginnings of a strategy to move your business forward


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Melitta Campbell: Award-winning Business Coach, Mindset Coach, Communication Expert, Author, Speaker


Meet Your Business Coach

Hi, I’m Melitta. For more than 25-years, I’ve been helping businesses achieve profitable growth and have won awards for the way my marketing strategies and Dream Clients Blueprint business coaching process gets results in straight-forward and meaningful ways.


Today, I’m focused on helping female founders and coaches to confidently communicate, marketing and sell their value, and strengthen their mindset, so they can expertly attract their dream clients and feel proud of the impact they are making.


How will it feel when you know exactly how to attract a steady flow right-fit clients? …without the guess-work or anxiety! When you are working less and earning more? …and feel like the CEO of your business, and not the assistant. Or when you feel completely confident in explaining what you do and how you help? …without feeling salesy or icky.


If you answered: Amazing! to any of the above, I can’t wait to speak with you and help you take your next steps in the right direction during your Complementary Business Coaching session.   



What you can expect…



Melitta Campbell Power Hour Review

Melitta Campbell Power Hour Review

Melitta Campbell Power Hour Review Melitta Campbell Power Hour Review Melitta Campbell Power Hour Review

Melitta Campbell Power Hour Review









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