Consistent Clients Formula - the course that helps entrepreneurs and business owners deepen their impact and grow in influence through communications that are authentically you.


Do your sales conversations feel unnatural or a struggle?


Ever caught yourself saying: "It's complicated!"?


Do you find it hard to express the full value of your offer?


Communication is an essential skill for every business owner
to master
...and I'm here to help you.


With every market becoming increasingly saturated, your business success relies on your ability capture the attention of your ideal clients, clearly express your value and position yourself as positively different while, being authentically you.


Here's the bottom line: a confused mind doesn't buy or buy-into anything!


Compelling communications and an authentic sales process
have never been more crucial for business success.


The good news is, I'm here to guide you as you turn communication into the secret superpower in your business and learn to communicate with greater impact and influence in ways that feel natural for you and meaningful for your ideal clients. 


Introducing the

Consistent Clients Formula
Program for driven entrepreneurs


A six-month training and coaching program that will guide you as you:


  • Master the 4 Golden Rules of impactful communication


  • Discover exactly what to say to attract your ideal client


  • Create sales processes designed to showcase your value and serve your prospective client as you move them to a sale


  • Create a consistent and compelling marketing message that you can use in all your materials


  • Understand why communicating online is different and how to produce effective copy for your website


  • Develop your perfect pitch and the confidence to deliver it with passion and persuasion


  • Understand the central role your communications play in your personal and business branding


  • And so much more!


How to Join

If you are serious about building your authentic message, developing communications skills and deepening your impact and influence, the first step to joining the program is to apply for a place on the 6-month coaching program.

Get 25-years of Communication
Excellence working for you!

How to Market Your Small Business

For more than two decades, I've studied and practiced communications in a variety of corporate, leadership and entrepreneurial settings.


I have considerable experience in:

  • Leadership Communication and Coaching
  • Corporate & Entrepreneurial Communication
  • Sales and Marketing Communications
  • Public Relations
  • Public Speaking and Presenting
  • Brand Communications
  • Internal Communications


I've worked alongside many of the world's leading organisations and for more than a decade I trained communication professionals, business owners and leaders.


And it's not just what I do for work. Communication is my passion and so I also use my skills to support organisations including:


  • The Geneva Communicators Network : Committee member 10+ years


  • TEDxLausanne : speaker coach and communication team


  • LeanIn Swiss Riviera (Communications and Entrepreneurship)


  • Swiss Riviera Toastmasters (President and VP Public Relations)


  • Career Women's Forum Geneva (VP Communications and PR)

Join the Consistent Clients Formula Program

Over six months, you'll master your marketing message, develop
your communications 
skills and build your self-confidence with
consistent guidance from
Melitta Campbell and expert coaches.


Everything you need for lasting business success.

What Others Have Said About Working with Melitta


"...Having Melitta around will definitely make a difference to your business..."

"I have rarely seen somebody as committed and passionate as Melitta. She is dynamic, curious, thinks out of the box and always comes with the right solution at the right time, never copying/pasting past solutions to new projects/issues. I have been really impressed by the effectiveness of what she put in place. Having Melitta around will definitely make a difference to your business."

Alessandro Albisetti


"...she's saved me about 2-years of hard work and error..."

“I’ve spent a fair share of time figuring out on my own my offer and messaging with my first project. With my second business, I decided to skip the trial and error phase and run successful business as soon as possible. I turned to Melitta and after few sessions with her I felt so empowered, motivated and confident about my business!! She helped me to map out a clear offer and product suite, and then create a powerful, meaningful pitch for each one. She seriously saved me about 2-years of hard work and error.”

Alena Paturaud


"...a real passion for results..."

"Melitta stands out as a business communicator, driven by exceptional stakeholder management skills, a real passion for results and the ability to spot a future need a mile away."

Monica Stafford


"Melitta's talent and enthusiasm for communication is just amazing..."
“Melitta's talent and enthusiasm for communication is just amazing. I am especially impressed by her ability to quickly understand the key points of complex and challenging contents and transform them into clear and easy-to-understand formats.”

Eva Höretzeder


"I would recommend Melitta with my eyes closed...."

“I would recommend Melitta with my eyes closed. She helped make my copy "shine" as she would so nicely put it.....Thank you for making me feel like I now have a very professional website, that's authentically me."

Marlene Rossi


"...I feel full of energy and equip to make my project a reality..."

"Melitta leads with full generosity, sharing her experience and knowledge to encourage women to believe in themselves and get out there and start building up their power. Through her training and feedback, she makes complex business concepts feel approachable and acheiveable. After working with her, I always feel full of energy and equip to start making my project a reality. She is an inspiration to me and many other women."

Marisa Bechara


"...we have been able to communicate complex subjects in a straight-forward and engaging way."

"Melitta's ability to understand key issues quickly and communicate complex subjects in a straightforward and engaging way has enabled us to offer high quality communications to our audience."

John Bee


"Melitta has made a significant and lasting impact..."

“Melitta has made a significant and lasting impact on the business through her super communication skills.

Cary Adams


"Her skills are outstanding..."

“Melitta is a very experienced specialist, with a high degree of professionalism and commitment. Her linguistic skills are outstanding, as well as her understanding of the communication process.

Nicolás Valencia


"...I learned a great deal through her coaching..."

"Working with Melitta has been very beneficial. I learned a great deal through her coaching and her in-depth knowledge of communications. I appreciated her quick understanding of key issues, her ability to translate these and communicate them in a clear and simple way, and above all her professionalism and passion for strategic communication."

Gillian Harrison-Barnes

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