Your 90-Day Blueprint to Consistent Success - Training for Female Entrepreneurs


Your Consistent Success Blueprint


The Consistent Successs Blueprint program will guide you step-by-step in building a solid business, as well as building your mindset, confidence and business skills - setting you up for a lifetime of success.


Just imagine how it will feel when you can stop asking yourself:


  'Where will my next client come from?',

  'When will my income stabilise?' or

  'When will I feel successful?'


and instead feel confident that you have the right skills, tools and steps to double, triple or even 10x your sales and profits.


Overview of the 12-week group business coaching program:

#1 Your Passion & Values

Find your ideal heart-led business that will deliver the impact and lifestyle you want.

#2 Your Why & Vision

Define exactly where you want to go and find the inner drive that will get you there faster.

#3 Your Ideal Client

Explore your ideal customer and create an avatar to make decision-making easy and effective.

#4 Your Unique Value

A close look at what you really offer and how you can differentiate yourself from others.

#5 Engaging Your Market

Learn to connect with and engage your market and create experiences that build trust and loyalty.

#6 A Message that Converts

Create a core message that attracts your ideal client and prompts more referrals.

#7 Modelling Your Message

Learn how to adapt and use your message to attract new opportunities and get fast results.

#8 Your Business Model

Define your business model and plan so you always know what to do now and next.

#9 Master Your Mindset

No more holding yourself back! Learn the tools that will help you rise to - and enjoy! - every challenge.

#10 Marketing Your Business

Learn how to powerfully promote your business in a way that feel authentic to you and your clients.

#11 Social Media that Works

Discover the social media principles that drive engagement and build your business fast.

#12 Next Steps Mastermind

Bringing everything together so you can continue making confident steps forward.


In three short months, the program will accelerate your planning, build your business skills and confidence, and set you on the path to lasting success.


How far did you get in your last three-months of business?


The Consistent Success Blueprint program will help you get where you are going faster and with a lot more fun!


The next Group Coaching program starts on 18 November 2019.


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My 3C Business Success Methodology


The 3Cs of Success

Over the last 25+ years, I've learned what it takes to succeed in business.


I believe it comes down to three key elements that, with the right guidance, anyone can learn. These are:


Clarity The foundation of your success

Communication Powerfully connecting with the world

Confidence Becoming your best self



The impact of the 3Cs on Your Business

When you have all 3Cs, you will:


    • be focused and consistent


    • know your next steps and make strong decisions


    • build desirable products and services


    • connect authentically  with those who touch your business


    • attract your dream clients


    • avoid overwhelm


    • have a success mindset


    • show up with confidence and authority


    • Enjoy every step of your entrepreneurial journey, and


    • Consistently get the results you seek.


That's why I've developed my 90-Day Group Business Coaching Program around these 3s.

Ready to fast-track your business? 


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To ensure a quality program for all, places are limited. 
You will be notified within 3 working days if your application has been successful.
Next 90-day group program starts 18 November 2019.

What Others Have Said About Working with Melitta


"...I feel more equipped..."
“Over the last few months, Melitta has helped me reignite my spark which had started to dwindle under a mountain of admin and marketing woes.


She has been a constant source of support and thanks to her fabulous (but rigorous!!) programme, I have fallen back in love with being an entrepreneur and feel more equipped to deal with whatever comes next.”

Kate Naegeli


"...I'm now determined to launch my business and I now know I have what it takes to make it work..."

“When I started the 3-month programme with Melitta I was very unsure about what I wanted to do but I knew that I needed some structure and someone on my back. And in my corner. Melitta provided just that.


Through her structured, but flexible approach by the end of the first month my business began to solidify in my mind, and on paper. By the end of the whole programme we'd touched on many areas of building a business and I'd learned a lot. I particularly appreciated the exercises to define my ideal client and practical tips on communications and social media.


Melitta is full of great advice and is very encouraging throughout the process.


I'm now determined to launch my business and know that I have what it takes to make it work. I also know that Melitta will be there if I falter or need further advice, or a push.


I recommend Melitta's programme for anyone who wants friendly, structured guidance and a knowledgeable business coach to move them to the next stage in their business.”

Helen Von Dadelszen



"...she helped me learn a great deal
through her coaching..."

"Working with Melitta has been very beneficial. She helped me learn a great deal through her coaching. I learned from her in-depth knowledge of communications. I appreciated her quick understanding of key issues, her ability to translate these and communicate them in a clear and simple way, and above all her professionalism and passion for strategic communication."
Gillian Harrison-Barnes



"...Having Melitta around will definitely
make a difference to your business..."

"I have rarely seen somebody as committed and passionate as Melitta. She is dynamic, curious, thinks out of the box and always comes with the right solution at the right time, never copying/pasting past solutions to new projects/issues. I have been really impressed by the effectiveness of what she put in place. Having Melitta around will definitely make a difference to your business."
Alessandro Albisetti

Your Next Steps... 

Interested in the group business coaching program? Here's what to do...

Step 1

Apply for your place in the group business coaching program. You will be notified within 3 days if your application has been successful.


Step 2

Whitelist my email address: to ensure you receive your notification.


Step 3

If your application is successful, you will receive access to the Online Coaching area where you can already start to work through the Pre-Course materials.


Step 4

Follow the program and get ready to start creating the business and lifestyle you've been dreaming of!


Have questions? Email me.


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