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A Shy Girl's Guide to Networking

Networking is the most powerful business building tool out there.


But, as a 'shy girl', for years I struggled with networking – even just stepping into a room was a challenge! – yet now it’s an important part of my work as an entrepreneur and home business success coach!


It took a lot of time, research and deep breaths to turn around my feelings about networking, but now I love it – and so can you!


Ready to grow from wall-flower to networking ninja?

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What's inside?

Networking is an essential skill for success.

It is also one of the activities people dread most! Right up there with public speaking and visiting the dentist!

In this Free eBook, you'll learn lots of core networking skills, as well as how to put them into practice if you feel shy or timid.

You'll also learn an important secret - introverts make some of the best networkers!!!

Three Simple Rules

These three principles will help you on your journey to networking success.

How to get ahead before the event

How you can increase your confidence and your chance of success before you step foot in the room. 

The fortune is in the follow up

After the event is when you can turn your new connections into friends and advocates.

Master the Basics

These foundation skills will quickly have you working the room with greater ease and comfort.

Working the room

Successful networking requires you to speak to more than one person in the room - I'll show you how.

Bonus Tips

Some extra tips that have been essential in my own journey.

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Free eBook on Networking