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Welcome to Your Exciting Future

You can never know exactly what your future
will look like - but you are more in control of
what lies ahead that you may realise!

We are often tempted to think that we can’t predict our future.


But the truth is, your life in the months and years ahead will reflect the decisions and actions you take today.


If you have aspirations for a better tomorrow, then there is no time like the present to start exploring what your ideal future looks like and start taking your first steps towards greater control of your life, success and happiness.


Starting your own business is one way to achieve this.

Best time to Plant a Tree

Considering starting your own business?


While many people dream of starting their own business, few people take the decision to make these dreams reality.


Why? There are two main reasons why people don't chase their dreams:

1) they are afraid they may fail

2) they don't know where to start.


That's where I come in.


Using my 25+ years experience working in communication, marketing and leadership for a variety of businesses, I can help you define your concept, communicate this clearly and develop a marketing plan you can implement successfully.


While my expertise lies in business planning, communications and marketing, having been my own boss for 10 years, I know that being successful takes a lot more than a perfect plan. You also need the skills and confidence to implement it.


That's why I've chosen a personal approach to consulting, so I can also help you prepare for inner-game of success.


By helping you to identify any limiting beliefs, skills or knowledge gaps that could hold you back, as well as your passions, strengths and talents, I'll help you achieve success without experiencing the overwhelm that often accompanies entrepreneurship.


Even if you have no business experience, if you have ambition and desire to start your own business, I can help you define your ideal business, market and launch strategy.

Feeling excited? Here’s what to do next...

If you are serious about working towards a better future, the next step is to arrange a 30 minute discovery session so I can learn more about your situation and ambitions and discuss how I can help.


Share your details below and I'll be in touch to arrange the best time to meet:


Already have a business? Read on...

You change anytime you choose

Want to take your existing business to the next level?


If you already have a business and have not yet achieved the level of success you wanted, I can help you move forward.


Working together, we'll assess your current situation and goals and develop a solid action plan to help take you and your business to the next level.


Starting a business is exciting - up-levelling it and achieving your real potential is even more so!

Feeling excited? Here’s what to do next...

If you are serious about working towards a better future, the next step is to arrange an information session - a 15-20 minute chat for us to get to know each other and decide if we'd like to explore the option of working together.


Share your details below and I'll be in touch to arrange the best time to meet:

If you want to go far, go together

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There is even a post about how to make important decisions.

Become a successful home business owner - let me show you how

Hi, I'm Melitta !

I know it’s possible for you to create a fulfilling life that allows you to work on your own terms and have more time to enjoy the important things in life.
I know, because I've done it!

Let me show you how!



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