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Ready to work with more of your Dream Clients, earn an income that matches the value you offer, and enjoy the freedom and lifestyle you desire?

...but without feeling like a fraud or experiencing doubt and overwhelm.

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Creating a real business – rather than an expensive hobby – comes down to just ONE thing: Clearly articulating your True Value.

More specifically, until you learn to confidently communicate, market and sell your value in ways that feel natural to you and attract your dream clients you will remain stuck in a perpetual loop of self-doubt, anxiety and overwhelm.

That said, few women have ever been taught, or encouraged, to identify and proudly share the real value of what they do. So most aren't sure where to begin when it comes to talking about the impact of the work they do, much less feel confident and comfortable doing so.

It’s my mission to help you turn that around, so you can look forward to more clients, certainty and joy from your business. And it’s my firm belief, that you are already closer to success than you may realise!

Through the 12-week Dream Client Attraction Blueprint programme, I’ll guide you step-by-step as you discover your true value, learn to articulate this in ways that feel comfortable and natural and then build this into each amazing thing you do.

The result will be real business momentum and an income and impact you feel proud of.

Just imagine if…

  • Your Dream Clients instantly saw you as their obvious choice of service provider
    Once you can articulate the true awesomeness of what you do and have a service offering that perfectly addresses your client's biggest problems, you will quickly start to get more of the right attention from the right people … and with far less effort.
  • Sharing your message online and in person felt natural, comfortable and easy
    Attracting more clients, when done right, has nothing to do with being ‘in your face’, manipulative or contrived, as is commonly taught today.

    Once you understand the unique value seeding approach to articulating your value, you’ll be able to create magnetic content that speaks directly to your chosen niche so you can attract perfect clients in a way that generates value, feels authentic and is enjoyable and easy to deliver.
  • You could sell without ‘selling’
    Truth be told – you already can! Most women don’t know it, but they are naturally gifted when it comes to sales, especially those who are introverted or have a service-mindset. Through the Dream Clients Blueprint, you’ll go on a ‘Heroine’s journey’ to unlock the innate skills you already possess so you can enjoy sales conversations that feel natural and result in more happy clients with ease.
  • You didn’t experience self-doubt, overwhelm or procrastination
    The question: “Am I really good enough?” stands in the way of too many women. Until you can move beyond this harmful self-talk, you’ll never create the real business you deserve, no matter how strong your plans are. That’s why the Dream Client Blueprint places a special focus on helping you replace your doubts and limiting beliefs with empowering truths, positive thinking patterns and a robust entrepreneurial mindset.
  • You knew exactly how to turn your expertise into an impactful signature programme
    Having a signature programme and methodology helps you get known for your specific expertise and supports you in scaling your business, income and impact. Once you are clear on your True Value, creating a programme that transforms the lives of your clients becomes straight-forward, especially when you use the DCB Signature Programme template.

Whether you are brand new to business or established and ready to grow, the Dream Client Attraction Blueprint’s award-winning programme will show you exactly how to confidently build and grow your business, so you can stop feeling like a business imposter, and instead book more of the right clients and earn an income that matches your impact - in as little 12-weeks!

Where did your last 12-weeks take you?

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In applying for a place, you’ll book a 30-minute Business Assessment call with me. This is your opportunity to meet me, discuss your business and goals, and for us to jointly determine if the Dream Clients Blueprint program is a great match for you.

Monica Collier

I shifted my mindset and doubled my profits

"When I started my business as an online English teacher, I had no plan and no clue what I was doing! I didn’t consider myself as a business owner and didn’t think that business coaching would actually be for someone like me."

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How it works

Your Dream Clients Blueprint

Online Platform

Each week, for 12-weeks, you’ll access a video and workbook that will guide you as you master each element of your business, marketing and sales process.

Live Business Coaching

Each week, I'll be with you live to give you personalised answers, feedback and insights as you develop your business, marketing and messaging. So always know exactly how to apply your new knowledge and grow your business.

Mindset Development

Access mindset development tools designed to help you create your C.E.O. mindset, so you can always turn doubt and overwhelm into confidence and momentum.


The support doesn’t end there. You will have lifetime access to the online platform, weekly live calls and private community, so you can revisit the principles and stay motivated as you continue to grow your business well beyond the initial six-months.

The combination of self-paced learning, workbooks and templates, mindset coaching and weekly live business coaching, means that you always know exactly what to do next (and how), and feel fully supported as you implement your new strategies and start welcoming more of your dream clients into your business.

By the end of the programme, you’ll feel confident communicating your true value in every situations, you'll know the easier way to attract your dream clients and you'll be well on the road to having a business you love and an income and impact you feel proud of.

Take a Sneak Peek inside the programme with this
personal tour of the Dream Clients Blueprint platform.

Zornitsa Ivanova

Every entrepreneur needs this

"Invest in yourself - it will pay back sooner than you think!"

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The Dream Clients Blueprint

The Three Core Stages

Stage One: Stepping into your True Value

In their excitement to get up and running, most women miss this crucial first step, causing them to experience self-doubt, overwhelm and procrastination, instead of the income and impact they set out to create.

By uncovering your true value and profitable niche in this first stage, everything else in your business will flow more easily and your confidence and focus will increase, giving you the foundation for a lifetime of success.

Week 1

Your Passions and Values

Uncover the secret to running a business with authenticity, integrity and confidence, as you get 100% clear on who you are, where your zone of genius lies and finally believe in the true value that you offer.

Week 2

Being your True Self

When you know your WHY, you’ll create success from inside out. This is not only more personally fulfilling, it also helps you build the confidence, integrity and vision to step into your value and steer your business through even the roughest of storms.

Week 3

Identifying your Dream Client

When communicating your true value, it’s vital to keep your Dream Clients in mind. Where does your value intersect with their aspirations? Know this, and you’ll know how your business can make the biggest difference.

No more time wasted on marketing that get ignored.
No more failed product launches.
No more wondering what to say or how to say it.

Instead, you’ll create value and meaning through your marketing, deliver exceptional results for your clients, and stop giving discounts.

Week 4

Your Unique Value + Mission

The support doesn’t end there. You will have lifetime access to the online platform and private community, so you can revisit the principles and stay motivated as you continue to grow your business well beyond the initial six-months.

Stage Two: Value-Centred Offers and Communication

No more struggling to articulate your true value or create a compelling programme or offer. During this stage of your Blueprint journey, you’ll learn how to package and communicate your value so you can confidently engage with your future clients in meaningful and impactful ways, that you enjoy.

Week 5

Client Experience by Design

Package your value into a compelling signature service offering that not only gives your dream clients exceptional results, but also delivers an experience that they can’t help but talk about - bringing you a growing pipeline of right-fit and ready-to-buy clients.

Week 6

Your Marketing Message Matrix

In this interactive session, we’ll work together to create a powerful, yet straight-forward structure to communicate your value in any situation.

You’ll end up with a message that’s so compelling, you’ll want to buy your own service!

This one message will be the foundation of all your communication, from your online presence, to live networking, to speaking events and more, so you are never left wondering exactly what to say.

Week 7

Power stories

Learn how to collect powerful client testimonials and share stories and case studies that bring another dimension of authenticity to your marketing, and position you above the competition.

This will also allow you to quickly step away from any self-doubt or imposter-like feelings, as you’ll have a catalogue of people who confirm and celebrate the value you offer.

Week 8

Authentic Networking

Discover how to network with grace and ease, and naturally weave your marketing message into any networking discussion – even if you typically feel shy and awkward in these situations.  

You’ll learn that the art of engaging others is easier than you might have realised. And you’ll know exactly how to ensure everyone you meet is never in any doubt as to the value you deliver, prompting them to ask you to: “Tell me more!”.

Stage Three: Attract Your Dream Clients with Integrity and Ease

You’ve done all the prep, and now you are ready to step out into the real world and start changing lives ... starting with your own.

Once attracting your dream clients feels natural and easy, you’ll start to see that the sky is the limit in terms of the levels of income, impact and success you can create.

Week 9

Marketing Plan

Discover the secret to building trust and being consistently visible, so you remain at the front of your clients’ mind, comfortably and on auto pilot.

Week 10

Your Online Presence Simplified

Create a compelling message online and 360 system so you can continually attract your dream clients, without having to launch a new website, hire a team of copy of tech experts or spend all your time on social media.

Week 11

Set up Your Feel-Good Funnel

Discover the art of bringing your clients closer to you through a series of natural and compelling steps.

You’ll create an experience that seeds your value and stories, while adding real value, ensuring your audience is primed to buy your service at the full price.

Week 12

Value-Generating Sales Conversations

Learn the secret to confident sales with my value-generating sales system that enables even my most introverted of clients to love their sales conversations.

Leave behind any uncomfortable and sleezy sales tactics you may have learned, and instead discover how to create a stress-free nurturing experience that reflects your true value and makes it easy and comfortable for your prospect to say ‘Heck Yes!’.

Plus Bonuses!

To help your business grow even faster

Mindset Mastery: Embody Your Value (value £1,999)

Sustainable business success can only be achieved once you remove the internal barriers, outdated beliefs and hampering habits standing between you and success. Therefore, mindset mastery is an important part of the Dream Clients Blueprint programme.

Access a vault of mindset session recordings and tools to help you address any doubts and imposter-like feelings, improve your focus and habits, and replace stress and overwhelm with an enduring sense of calm and control.

In mastering your mindset, you'll be able to fully embrace your true value, develop expert-ease, become self-full, and build unshakeable self-belief.


(value £997)

Mastering Productivity


Learning about to stay focused and manage your time effectively is a key skill for all business owners. In this course, you'll learn key time management techniques and how to apply them to your daily routine, helping you stay in control and achieve more in less time - and with less stress : )


Marketing Toolkit


A complete treasure chest packed with masterclasses, tools and templates to help you upskill and market your business like a pro.

(value: £247)

Expert Masterclasses


External experts share their expertise in high-value masterclasses on topics such as Pricing Strategies, Money Mindset, Health and Wellbeing, Creating Your First Systems and more.

(value: £99)

Inspiring Interviews


Enjoy a series of interviews with successful female entrepreneurs who share the lessons they've learned while building their businesses.

Pauliina Rasi

Out of the freelancing hamster wheel

"Dream Clients Blueprint gave me confidence to launch an online program."

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It's dozens of business courses in one

A big benefit of the Dream Clients Blueprint programme is that it is the equivalent of taking dozens of separate business courses, saving you time, money and confusion!

Buying separate courses on core business topics such as creating your brand message, building an online business, and creating a signature programme comes with many challenges:

  • There's overlap and repetition.
  • Little consistency of advice
  • Not all instructors align with your values or objectives.
  • You end up with a 'franken-business plan' that's full of holes and difficult to implement.
  • The courses take months to complete one by one
  • The combined cost can be extremely high!

By contrast, the Dream Clients Blueprint brings all the client attraction and business growth knowledge you need most, together in one easy to follow step-by-step system, so you benefit from consistent advice that fits together (and works!).

This makes it easier and faster for you to gain real momentum in your business, welcome more of your dream clients into your business, and feel proud of the success you’ve created.

Here’s the bottom line - once you understand your True Value and how to communicate, market and sell this in ways that feel natural, authentic and easy – everything else in your business falls into place fast, and your dream clients start approaching you!

This really is business success made simple and achievable, even if you don’t have a loud personality, business background or prior experience.

Pst... want a sneek peek inside??

Watch this video to take a look inside the programme and see for yourself how all the above elements work together to help you achieve your objectives in as little as 12-weeks.

Supporting you personally at every step

Unlike many group business coaching programmes, the Dream Clients Blueprint experience gives you direct access to Melitta Campbell every week.

The group size is kept small so you can ALWAYS get your questions answered and benefit from Melitta's expert advice on how to apply your new knowledge to your business in ways that match the lifestyle and impact you want to create.

In addition to the 12 weekly modules above (each one with a video, clear workbook and tools), you will be personally guided through the programme with access to regular live business and mindset coaching.

Here's how some clients have described this difference:

Throughout the Dream Clients Blueprint, you get:

  • Weekly Business Coaching Sessions over six-months, will ensure you never feel stuck or unsure of what to do next as you apply your new learning to grow your business.  
  • Mindset Mastery Lessons will help you break through your limits, turn negative thinking into empowering habits and move forward with confidence.
  • Expert Masterclasses add additional learning and insights. Leading experts regularly run in-depth Masterclass sessions to deepen your skills and understanding.
  • Turbo Calls. As you progress through the programme, you may find you have something you’d prefer to discuss privately or explore more deeply. If so, no problem, just book a call.  

Money-back Guarantee

The Dream Clients Blueprint programme is limited to a small number of business owners who are passionate about creating an extraordinary experience for their clients.

It's therefore important for me that everyone in the programme is ready to invest in themselves, take consistent action towards an inspiring vision and has the right personality to get the most from the community and experience. So before you join the programme, we'll meet personally (via Zoom) to discuss where your business is today, your vision for the future and what's standing in your way.

We'll identify your next best steps, and then we'll jointly determine if the Dream Clients Blueprint feels like a good fit and the right investment to help accelerate your growth and progress. For some, what we cover in 30-minutes is already enough for you to get unstuck and move forward.

For those who need a more strategic approach and join the Dream Clients Programme, I offer a money-back guarantee so you can feel secure in your decision. If, after 30 days of your full participation in the programme, you don't feel you are in the right place, I'll be happy to offer your money back.

This truly is a Business Coaching experience like no other.

The programme will add clarity to your plans, build your business skills, mindset and confidence, ensure you can communicate your true value in any situation, and set you on the path to lasting success.

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What Others Have Said

About Working with Melitta

Christopher Lübbers

Founder, The Power of Speech

Melitta's attude as a coach really stands out.

I really, really felt that she wanted me to succeed, and she put all her experience, perspective, and knowledge on offer to help me.

Larissa Russell

Creative U

I’ve grown and expanded my business in new ways.

"Working with Melitta has helped me grow and expand my business in new ways in the past few months. "

Cibele Moraes

Cibele Moraes Event Babysitting Services

Amazing coach and caring mentor

"Dream Clients Blueprint gave me exactly what I needed to grow my business."

Wanda Van Gelderen

Executive Leadership Coach, WvG Coaching

Building my business now feels straight-forward and achievable.

“I’m so pleased that I engaged Melitta as my Business Coach.”

Richie Kyriacou

Founder, Reset with Richie

I am now attracting and working with the clients I want to work with.

I am now at a point where I'm confident in what I am offering, how to offer it and where to offer it.

Bel Lavratti

Uncover Branding

One of the best investments I’ve made for my business

"The helping hand I needed to get me through the waves of switching from employee and freelancer to creating a business."

Zornitsa Ivanova

Zori Art Photography

Every entrepreneur needs this

"Invest in yourself - it will pay back sooner than you think!"

Robert Bartram

Founder and Storyteller, RB Comms

I now believe that the sky's the limit!

Melitta has helped me gain more focus in terms of marketing strategy and materials and given me greater confidence.

Monica Collier

American English with Monica

I shifted my mindset and doubled my profits

"When I started my business as an online English teacher, I had no plan and no clue what I was doing! I didn’t consider myself as a business owner and didn’t think that business coaching would actually be for someone like me."

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In applying for a place, you'll book a 30-minute Business Assessment call with me. Some business challenges can be fixed in 30 minutes, others require a more strategic approach, in this session, we'll determine which is your situation, and determine your next best steps forward.

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