Business Coaching for Driven Female Entrepreneurs


The Dream Client Blueprint is a group business coaching program that guides you as you build and grow a business you love.


In just 12-weeks, you'll create a personalised blueprint for your profitable business that's aligned to your passions and plays to your strengths.


Where did your last 3-months take you?


The program helps you build your business from the ground up giving you a:


  • Solid personal and business foundation


  • Clear blueprint for success and a


  • Business growth plan.


In addition, you will upgrade your business skills and understanding, and build an entrepreneurial mindset along the way.


How to Join

If you are serious about building a business that works for you, the first step to joining the group business coaching program is to apply for a place.

If you seem like a good fit for the program, I'll invite you
to a 60 minute business coaching session to learn more
about your business and ambitions and determine together if
the Dream Clients Blueprint program is a great match for you.

Overview of the
Dream Clients Blueprint

12-week online group business coaching experience

Stage One: Your Solid Foundation 

This is the essential part that most people miss in their excitement to get up and running fast. This is where we get really clear on your goals, and everything that’s unique about you and your vision. We then use this understanding to build a business that’s fully aligned to your strengths, purpose and mission.

#1 Your Passion & Values

Find your ideal heart-led business that will deliver the impact and lifestyle you want.

#2 Your Why & Vision

Define exactly where you want to go and find the inner drive that will get you there faster.

#3 Your Ideal Client

Explore your ideal customer and create an avatar to make decision-making easy and effective.

Stage Two: Your Business Blueprint 

This is about building on your foundation to develop your products, pricing and client experience, while also upgrading your skills and equipping you with the tools and knowledge needed to consistently implement your plans.

#4 Your Unique Value

A close look at what you really offer and how you can differentiate yourself from others.

#5 Client Experience Design

Learn to connect with and engage your market and create experiences that build trust and loyalty.

#6 Your Product Suite

Define your business model and plan so you always know what to do now and next to reach your income goals.

Stage Three: Your Business Growth Plan

Finally, we focus in on your marketing, messaging and brand to build a position of authority in the market place. We also continue to work on your confidence and mindset so that there are no barriers between you and everything you want for your life and business. 

#7 Creating a Message that Converts

Learn how to adapt and use your message to attract new opportunities and get fast results.

#8 Client Attraction Pitch

Create your Marketing Message Matrix and a pitch you can confidently use in every situation to attract your ideal clients.

#9 Master Your Mindset

No more holding yourself back! Learn the tools that will help you rise to - and enjoy! - every challenge.

#10 Marketing Your Business

Learn how to powerfully promote your business in a way that feel authentic to you and your clients.

#11 Social Media that Works

Discover the social media principles that drive engagement and build your business fast.

#12 Next Steps Mastermind

Bringing everything together so you can continue making confident steps forward.

The Difference is Personal

Unlike many group business coaching programs, the Dream Clients Blueprint gives you direct access to Melitta Campbell and her experienced team of expert coaches every week.


In addition to the 12 weekly modules above (each one with a video and clear workbook), you will be personally guided through the program with access to regular live business and mindset coaching: 


  • Weekly Business Coaching Sessions to help you apply your new learning to your own business - and ask any other questions regarding building and growing your business.


  • Monthly Mindset Mastery Sessions with a behavioural psychologist with more than 25 years experience in helping people excel.


  • Regular Expert MasterclassesTo add additional learning and insights, leading experts regularly run 2-hour Masterclass sessions to deepen your skills and understanding. 


  • Bonus Skill Boost Sessions. These bonuses will help you develop your core business and leadership skills. Time Management, Productivity, Communications and Branding are just a few of the bonus sessions available.


  • Turbo Calls. If you get stuck in the program and the group coaching sessions aren't enough to help you, reach out for a 121 Turbo Call. In this short session, we'll work through your issue together so you can get back on track fast. 

In three short months, the program will accelerate your planning, build your business skills and confidence, and set you on the path to lasting success.

If you seem like a good fit for the grop business coaching program,
I'll invite you to a 60 minute business coaching session to learn more
about your business and ambitions and determine together if
the Dream Clients Blueprint program is a great match for you.

What Others Have Said About Working with Melitta


"...I feel more equipped..."
“Over the last few months, Melitta has helped me reignite my spark which had started to dwindle under a mountain of admin and marketing woes.


"She has been a constant source of support and thanks to her fabulous (but rigorous!!) programme, I have fallen back in love with being an entrepreneur and feel more equipped to deal with whatever comes next.”

Kate Naegeli


" won't regret this life/game-changing investment."

"In her group business coaching program, Melitta provides all the must-have tools, and the right mindset, to build your business.


"What I've learned has exceeded my expectations. I feel that I am ‘seeing the world’ in a completely different way, I was enlightened by Melitta and I am now more confident and happier in business and in my own skin.


"Finally, I know what I need to do to succeed in getting my dream clients and live my dream life!


"One thing I can promise you, you will work hard on your project, but is well worth it and you won’t regret this life/game-changing investment."

Maria Macedo Areias


"...I'm now determined to launch my business and I now know I have what it takes to make it work..."

“When I started the 3-month programme I was unsure about what I wanted to do but I knew that I needed some structure and someone on my back. And in my corner. Melitta provided just that.


"Through her structured, but flexible, approach by the end of the first month my business began to solidify in my mind, and on paper. By the end of the whole programme we'd touched on many areas of building a business and I'd learned a lot. Melitta is full of great advice and is very encouraging throughout the process.


"I'm now determined to launch my business and know that I have what it takes to make it work. I also know that Melitta will be there if I falter or need further advice, or a push.


"I recommend Melitta's programme for anyone who wants friendly, structured guidance and a knowledgeable business coach to move them to the next stage in their business.”

Helen Von Dadelszen



"She seriously saved me about two-years of hard work and error!"

"I’ve spent a fair amount of time figuring out, on my own, my offer and messaging with my first project. This time around, with my second business, I decided that I want to skip the trial and error phase and run successful business as soon as possible.


"I turned to Melitta, who I’ve been following on social media for two years. After few sessions with her I felt so empowered, motivated and confident about my business!!


"Melitta helped me to map out a clear offer and product suite, and then create a powerful, meaningful pitch for each one. She seriously saved me about two-years of hard work and error!”

Alena Paturaud



"...I know exactly what I need to do, and I have the tools, understanding and confidence to take consistent action."

"When I joined the Dream Clients Blueprint program, I was drained running my business around my busy family. The Dream Client Blueprint program, however, has got me back on track – and then some!


"The weekly lessons have helped me focus on what’s important and regain my motivation and passion for my business. I am now clear about what direction to take, I know exactly what I need to do, and I have the tools, understanding and confidence to take consistent action.


"I’m really excited for my next chapter in business."
Alix Rayner


"It’s incredible how much value is packed into each session."

"When someone suggested I hire a business coach I thought ‘That’s just something for actual business people, not me!’ But something in my gut told me to take a leap.


"I learned so much from Melitta in our initial application call, that I decided to invest the money, the energy, and the time for her 12-week program – and it is the best decision I have made for my business.


"Regardless of what stage your business is in, it’s incredible how much value is packed into each of Melitta's sessions."

Monica Collier


Your Next Steps... 

Interested in the group business coaching program? Here's what to do...

Step 1

Apply for your place in the group business coaching program. You will be notified within 3 days if your application has been successful.


Step 2

Whitelist my email address: to ensure you receive your notification.


Step 3

If your application is successful, you be invited to a 121 session with Melitta Campbell. In this call you'll both gain greater clarity about your business and how the program could support your ambitions. You'll agree together if it's the right program for you.


There are a limited number of places available each month, so this system ensures everyone is the program is positioned to get the most from the system.


Step 4

Follow the group business coaching program and get ready to start creating the business and lifestyle you've been dreaming of!


Have questions? Email me.


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