Business Coaching for Driven Female Entrepreneurs

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Creating a real business – rather than an expensive hobby -  comes down to just ONE thing: Clearly articulating your True Value.


More specifically, until you learn to confidently communicate, market and sell your value in ways that feel natural to you and attract your dream clients you will remain stuck in a perpetual loop of self-doubt, anxiety and overwhelm.


That said, few women have ever been taught, or encouraged, to truly identify and articulate and sell the real value of what they do. And without a business education and experience behind you, where do you even start?


It’s my mission to help you turn that around, so you can look forward to more clients, certainty and joy from your business. And it’s my firm belief, that you are already closer to success than you may realise!


Through the 12-week Dream Client Attraction Blueprint programme, I’ll guide you step-by-step as you discover your true value and build this into each amazing thing you do.


The result will be real business momentum and an income and impact you feel proud of.


Just imagine if…


Your Dream Clients instantly saw you as their obvious choice of service provider
Once you can articulate the true awesomeness of what you do and have a service offering that perfectly addresses your client's biggest problems, you will quickly start to get more of the right attention from the right people … and with far less effort.


Sharing your message online and in person felt natural, comfortable and easy
Attracting more clients, when done right, has nothing to do with being ‘in your face’, manipulative or contrived, as is commonly taught today. Once you understand what marketing really is, you’ll be able to adopt a client-attraction approach that generates value, feels authentic and is enjoyable and exciting to deliver.


You didn’t have to justify your price and could sell without ‘selling’
I believe that most women are already naturally gifted when it comes to sales, especially those who are introverted or have a service mindset. When you unlock the innate skills you already possess you’ll be able to enjoy sales conversations that feel natural and leave you feeling comfortable explaining your full fees (so you never have to offer discounts again!).


You didn’t experience self-doubt, overwhelm or procrastination
The question: “Am I really good enough?” stands in the way of too many women. Until you can move beyond this harmful self-talk, you’ll never create the real business you deserve, no matter how strong your plans are. That’s why the Dream Client Attraction Blueprint places a special focus on helping you replace your doubts and limiting beliefs with empowering truths, positive thinking patterns and a robust entrepreneurial mindset.



Whether you are brand new to business or established and ready to grow, the Dream Client Attraction Blueprint’s award-winning programme will show you exactly how to confidently build and grow your business, so you can stop feeling like a business imposter, and instead book more of the right clients and earn an income that matches your impact - in as little 12-weeks!


Where did your last three months take you?

Zori - Client Testimonial for Melitta Campbell Business Coach

Invest in yourself - it will pay back sooner than you think!

“Melitta's Dream Clients Blueprint is exactly what every entrepreneur needs to map out their steps to success.

"Despite it being a group business coaching programme, Melitta coached me based on my individual needs and guided my business in the right direction. The programme set the foundations of a thriving business and now I have more time to enjoy time with my family.”

Zornitsa Ivanova, Zori Art Photography

Overview of the
Dream Clients Blueprint

The group business coaching
experience with a difference.


Take a Sneak Peek inside the programme with this
personal tour of the Dream Clients Blueprint platform.

Stage One: Your Solid Foundation 

This is the essential part that most people miss in their excitement to get up and running fast. This is where we get really clear on your goals, and everything that’s unique about you and your vision.


Once we know this, we can re-examine your client avatar to ensure you know exactly how to attract and convert your ideal clients.


We then use this understanding to build a client journey that’s fully aligned to your strengths, purpose and mission, so you can delight your clients and deliver exceptional value with greater ease and flow.

Group Business Coaching Experience - Dream Clients Blueprint - Monica testimonial

“I shifted my mindset and doubled my profits.”

"The most amazing achievement is the shift in mindset: realising I am worthy and capable of success. Secondly, my profits have more than doubled and I now serve my clients in a more meaningful way. 


"Melitta tailors the programme and her advice to the needs of each participant, even in a group setting. Her skills as a business coach and mentor are remarkable."

Monica Collier, American English with Monica and Glass over Teakettle

Stage Two: Your Business Blueprint 

This is about building on your foundation to develop your products, pricing and client experience, while also upgrading your skills and equipping you with the tools and knowledge needed to consistently implement your plans.


You'll start to create your value-based product suite to generate consistent income and impact. And we'll take a close look together, at the exact words you can use to communicate the value of your offer. In fact, we'll craft your pitch live together, then I'll sell your business back to you - on hearing this pitch, 100% of participants would invest in their own offer.


With these elements in place, you'll then look at how you can confidently manage your sales process, and have conversations with prospects that you both enjoy and value, resulting in a pipeline of clients who love the results you help them achieve.

Stage Three: Your Business Growth Plan

Finally, we focus in on your marketing plan and implementation so you can stand-out in your market place for being 100% you (this is NOT an exercise in turning you in to anything you aren't already).


You'll learn the social media strategies that work, and how to manage them. You will discover how to create your perfect website, and you'll build a solid online presence that represents your brand and attracts your ideal clients. All fully customised to your business, brand and client desires.


Finally, to ensure that there are no barriers between you and everything you know you can achieve. You'll continue to build your mindset and leadership skills throughout the Dream Clients Blueprint programme, so you can feel confident, in control and proud of everything you have, and continue to, achieve. 


Course: Mastering Productivity

Learning about to stay focused and manage your time effectively is a key skill for all business owners. In this course, you'll learn key time management techniques and how to apply them to your daily routine, helping you stay in control and achieve more in less time - and with less stress : )


Course: Networking for Business Success

Networking is one of the fastest ways to grow your business and client base. In this course, you'll learn how to network with confidence - even if you feel shy.


Tools: Marketing Toolkit

A complete treasure chest packed with masterclasses, tools and templates to help you market your business like a pro.


Masterclass: Expert Masterclasses

External experts share their expertise in high-value masterclasses on topics such as Pricing Strategies, Money Mindset, Health and Wellbeing, Creating Your First Systems and more.


Insights: Inspiring Interviews

Enjoy a series of interviews with successful female entrepreneurs who share the lessons they've learned while building their businesses.

Group Business Coaching Experience - Dream Clients Blueprint - Maria testimonial

“I'm seeing the world in a completely different way”

“What I've learned through the Dream Clients Blueprint has far exceeded my expectations. I feel that I am ‘seeing the world’ in a completely different way.

"I was enlightened by Melitta and I am now more confident and happier in my own skin. Finally, I know what I need to do to succeed in getting my dream clients and live my dream life!

“One thing I can promise you, you will work hard on your project, but is well worth it. You won’t regret this life/game-changing investment.”

Maria Macedo Areias, Cool Science

It's dozens of business courses in one

A big benefit of the Dream Clients Blueprint programme is that it is the equivalent of taking dozens of separate business courses, saving you time, money and confusion!


Buying separate courses on core business topics comes with many challenges:

  • There's overlap and repetition.
  • Little consistency of advice
  • Not all instructors align with your values or objectives.
  • You end up with a 'franken-business plan' that's full of holes and difficult to implement.
  • The courses take months to complete one by one
  • The combined cost can be high!


By contrast, the Dream Clients Blueprint brings all the client attraction and business growth knowledge together in one place, so you create one seamless plan and benefit from consistent advice that all fits together.


Here are all the courses YOU DON'T NEED when you join the Dream Clients Blueprint:


  • Defining your Vision, Values + Purpose


  • Designing your Client-Getting Website


  • Social Media: content and strategy (LI, FB, FB Groups, Tw, Insta), what to post, how to get clients etc.


  • Personal Branding


  • Creating and delivering your Winning Pitch


  • Entrepreneurial Mindset, self-leadership and confidence


  • Communication Strategy + Copywriting


  • Marketing planning, strategy and implementation


  • Sales mindset, process, calls, follow up


  • Developing a feel-good sales funnel


  • Productivity: practical tools and mindset


  • Networking for business success (even if you are an introvert or feel shy).


...and so much more.



Working with consultants or taking these programmes individually would easily cost you £15,000+, and take months (if not years) to complete.


Instead, I'll guide you through one simple step-by-step programme, with no overlaps or filler content, to help you learn and confidently implement all the above in just 12-weeks and at a fraction of the cost.



Pst... want a sneek peek inside??

Watch this video to take a look inside the programme and see for yourself how all the above elements work together to help you achieve your objectives in as little as 12-weeks.


Supporting you personally at every step

Unlike many group business coaching programmes, the Dream Clients Blueprint experience gives you direct access to Melitta Campbell every week.


The group size is kept small (think semi-private), so you can ALWAYS get your questions answered and benefit from Melitta's expert advice on how to apply your new knowledge to your business in ways that match the lifestyle and impact you want to create.


In addition to the 12 weekly modules above (each one with a video and clear workbook), you will be personally guided through the programme with access to regular live business and mindset coaching


  • Weekly Business Coaching Sessions over six-months, will ensure you never feel stuck or unsure of what to do next as you apply your new learning to grow your business. 


  • Monthly Mindset Mastery Sessions will help you break through your limits, turn negative thinking into empowering habits and move forward with confidence.


  • Regular Expert Masterclasses add additional learning and insights. Leading experts regularly run in-depth Masterclass sessions to deepen your skills and understanding. 


  • Turbo Calls. If you ever feel stuck, and the group coaching sessions aren't enough to help you, reach out for a Turbo Call. In this laser-focused 121 session, we'll work through your issue together so you can get back on track fast. 

This truly is a Business Coaching experience like no other.

The programme will add clarity to your planning,
build your business skills and confidence,
and set you on the path to lasting success.

In applying for a place, you'll book a 30-minute Business Assessment call with me.
This is your opportunity to meet me, discuss your business and goals, and for us to jointly determine if the Dream Clients Blueprint programme is a great match for you.

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What Others Have Said About Working with Melitta


"...I feel more equipped..."
“Over the last few months, Melitta has helped me reignite my spark which had started to dwindle under a mountain of admin and marketing woes.


"She has been a constant source of support and thanks to her fabulous (but rigorous!!) programme, I have fallen back in love with being an entrepreneur and feel more equipped to deal with whatever comes next.”

Kate Naegeli, Kensington English



"...I'm now determined to launch my business and I now know I have what it takes to make it work..."

“When I started the 3-month programme I was unsure about what I wanted to do but I knew that I needed some structure and someone on my back. And in my corner. Melitta provided just that.


"Through her structured, but flexible, approach by the end of the first month my business began to solidify in my mind, and on paper. By the end of the whole programme we'd touched on many areas of building a business and I'd learned a lot. Melitta is full of great advice and is very encouraging throughout the process.


"I'm now determined to launch my business and know that I have what it takes to make it work. I also know that Melitta will be there if I falter or need further advice, or a push.


"I recommend Melitta's programme for anyone who wants friendly, structured guidance and a knowledgeable business coach to move them to the next stage in their business.”

Helen Von Dadelszen, Present Potential



"She seriously saved me about two-years of hard work and error!"

"I’ve spent a fair amount of time figuring out, on my own, my offer and messaging with my first project. This time around, with my second business, I decided that I want to skip the trial and error phase and run successful business as soon as possible.


"I turned to Melitta, who I’ve been following on social media for two years. After few sessions with her I felt so empowered, motivated and confident about my business!!


"Melitta helped me to map out a clear offer and product suite, and then create a powerful, meaningful pitch for each one. She seriously saved me about two-years of hard work and error!”

Alena Paturaud, Brainstorm Ton Business



"...I know exactly what I need to do, and I have the tools, understanding and confidence to take consistent action."

"When I joined the Dream Clients Blueprint program, I was drained running my business around my busy family. The Dream Client Blueprint program, however, has got me back on track – and then some!


"The weekly lessons have helped me focus on what’s important and regain my motivation and passion for my business. I am now clear about what direction to take, I know exactly what I need to do, and I have the tools, understanding and confidence to take consistent action.


"I’m really excited for my next chapter in business."
Alix Rayner, MayTwenty


"It’s the best decision I've made for my business."

"When someone suggested I hire a business coach I thought ‘That’s just something for actual business people, not me!’ But something in my gut told me to take a leap.


"I learned so much from Melitta in our initial call, that I decided to invest the money, the energy, and the time for her 12-week program – and it is the best decision I have made for my business.


"In fact, in just three months my customer base has increased, my prices are now aligned with my value which has doubled my profits, my message and content is clear, my online presence is more effective, and my mindset is definitely stronger. I am a real business person - and because of Melitta's network, I am forever part of a community of like-minded women who are constantly championing each other.


"Regardless of what stage your business is in, and no matter what fears may be holding you back - you will not regret joining this special program. It’s incredible how much value is packed into each of Melitta's sessions - and the results are instantly beneficial to both your personal growth as well as your business."

Monica Collier, American English with Monica


"I feel like a new (business) woman!"

"Before joining the Blueprint program, my business was led by my clients.


"Their opinions, schedules and values were driving my business, and I felt that I could never say no to anyone.  Because of this, I felt out of control, unclear about my vision and purpose, flustered, stressed, and I lacked confidence.


"After the Blueprint program, I feel like a new (business) woman!


"I have discovered that I do have what it takes to take my business to the next level. I am much more confident and I'm not afraid to say no.


"My vision and goals are much clearer, and due to this my stress levels are lower. I now feel that I am in charge of my business.


"I am so grateful to Melitta, the amazing guest speakers, and the other wonderful women in the group.


"I would highly recommend this program to other woman who have small businesses and feel they could use some guidance."

Kelsey Binggeli-Mullaly, The English Centre

In applying for a place, you'll book a 30-minute Business Assessment call with me.
Some business challenges can be fixed in 30 minutes, others require a more strategic approach, in this session, we'll determine which is your situation, and determine your next best steps forward.

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