Meet Melitta

I bet you're a bit like me. You want to do well in life but you also want the freedom to enjoy time on the important things, like your family, studies or passions.


I've been my own boss for more than 10 years, and I know that running your own home-based business can deliver all this and more. You can learn more about setting up your own home business here.


But if you are curious to know how I got here? Keep reading to discover my story.


My Story

When I was younger, I was convinced I could help make the world a better place. As a child I was always raising money for charities and as an adult I’ve made it my mission to try and enrich the lives and experiences of the people around me.


This attitude saw my career progress at a good pace and in every role I won the trust of colleagues and worked closely with the directors. This gave me access to some powerful and inspiring mentors and clear insights into what it takes to succeed....


But life doesn’t always go to plan.

At 26 I found my dream job - only for the company to go into receivership two months later!

It took me six months to find my next position and during this time my self-confidence and self-belief hit rock bottom.

But this period also taught me a lot about myself. Endless interviews got me questioning what was really important to me in life and challenged me to think deeply about the value I can bring.

It’s not often we actually stop and think about such things and ultimately I came out the other end stronger and more focused – and then I found my real dream job!


Over my career I’ve worked in many male-dominated industries and while I’ve never felt that being a woman has ever held me back, I’ve often encountered women who lacked access to the strong role models and encouragement that I had had.

So, when working in one particularly masculine environment, I decided to do something about it and set up a Women’s Network (which was also open to men).

This proved to be my most enriching experience yet.

My network colleagues opened my eyes and taught me a lot. I learned that while ‘knowledge is power’ it is most powerful when shared and that when you bring a group of women together, the results are inspiring!

But I also learned that for those with other commitments (such as a family, studies, passions…) too often the corporate environment fails to offer adequate balance, happiness and satisfaction.


This knowledge gave me the courage to leave full-time employment when my first daughter came along and work as a freelance writer instead.

This worked wonderfully. I could work from home and I became involved in a number of fascinating communication projects with some of the world’s largest organizations (private, Non-Profit and UN), along with several smaller businesses.

But the truth is that working as a freelancer is lonely and surprisingly stressful. You are always working to someone else’s time-scale and over time, personal development opportunities drop off.

While I didn’t like to admit it at the time – as I didn’t know what else I could do – after eight years I was ready for a new challenge.


That’s when I stumbled across Forever Living. At first I was impressed by their products and became a VIP (Novus) Customer so I could enjoy the products at a discount.

But when those around me started to see the change in me – brighter skin, slimmer silhouette, more energy and better health - they wanted to buy the products too, and then their friends wanted to buy too and pretty soon I had a second business on my hands!

In 2014, when my writing work slowed down over the summer, I decided to see if I could feasibly build a real business with Forever as until now, it had pretty much been a hobby.

I discovered that to grow the business, I had to go out, have fun and meet people. It almost felt like I was cheating, going out and having coffee with people rather than tapping away behind my computer screen.

But it worked!

And the more friends I made, the more business I got and the more fun I had. I loved it! It was a perfect complement to my writing work.


Then I started thinking about my women’s network colleagues and how many of them had told me that if they could go back in time, they would do anything to work flexibly around their children.

So I started to spread the word about the Forever income opportunity.

Soon I was working with two other women and helping them to build their own Forever business... And then I was working with five.

It was at this point I realized that if I wanted to be able to give them the best possible support, I needed to start working on becoming the best version of myself I could, and on developing my leadership and motivational skills.

Over that year I went on an exciting journey of self-development and discovery – in fact I still am! – when we are clear about our vision and purpose, I don’t think we ever stop learning and moving forward really.

I love that each new person I work with teaches me something different and pushes me to become even better as I work to help them achieve success on their own terms.


Today, I’m working with people across the world to help them enjoy personal growth as they develop a successful and fulfilling home-business.

I currently have the capacity to work with five more self-motivated women who are eager to make a difference in their lives.

I offer full training and ongoing coaching - so no experience is needed - just the desire to achieve more and to work consistently towards a better future.

Sound interesting?

The next step is to arrange an information session - a 15-20 minute chat for us to get to know each other and decide if we'd like to explore the option of working together.

Share your details below and I'll be in touch to arrange the best time:



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Ready for a better future?

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