Meet Melitta

I’m so happy you’re here—because I think we have a lot in common, you and me.


You want to build a meaningful business that will give you fulfilment, financial independence, and the freedom to spend time enjoying the important things in life.


The chances are you’re here because, while you know what you want, you’re not clear about how to get there.


That’s where I can help.


I’m passionate about helping women build and grow a profitable business they love, communicate their value with confidence and enjoy the fulfilment, income and lifestyle they desire.


Over 25 years in business and entrepreneurship, in London and Switzerland, I’ve learned what it takes to succeed – often finding out the hard way (which is great for you, as it means I can guide you to the easier path and keep you on that path!)


You can read more about my business coaching here.


Or, if you’re curious to know how I got here, read on…


My Story

A quest for independence

Being financially independent has always been important to me.

Growing up in a single-parent household taught me just how important it is for women to create their own support system—both financially and socially.

That’s one of the reasons that, while working in Geneva, Switzerland, for Europe’s largest bank (at that time at least!), I created a Women’s Network—where women could connect, share and support each other.

Through that network that I realized I wasn’t alone in my search for independence and balance. Every woman I spoke to wanted to work, but also craved more flexibility.

Their experiences gave me the courage to start out on my own when I had my first daughter 10 years ago, instead of returning to my 15-year career in marketing and communications.

It was a difficult decision as 1) I loved my job and I’d only recently been given an important promotion that saw me report to the CEO, my dream boss, and 2) I had no idea if I could do it!

But the thought of returning to full-time employment and only seeing my daughter for fleeting moments each day worried me more, so I knew I had to at least try.


Taking the leap

I set myself up as a freelance corporate writer and internal communications consultant. I worked while my daughter took her naps. It was perfect.

As my reputation grew, I worked on many exciting projects for some of the world’s largest organisations, as well as many of its newest solopreneurs.

It was all coming together so well…apart from one thing, I'd lost sight of my vision to have balance in my life, and I'd failed to create a business model that allowed for that.

I spent all my time caring for my family and clients, working late nights and weekends to keep up. I became overwhelmed and exhausted. I developed adrenal fatigue and was on the road to burnout.

It took a while to recognise the situation, but when I did I took steps to change my business model to give me more balance, put me back in control and give me more opportunity for personal growth.


Success is a team effort

My new business model gave me access to world-class business and leadership training, coaches and mentors. It also allowed me, from my home in Switzerland, to mentor and coach women around the world on how to achieve business success on their own terms. 

I became surrounded by inspiring and driven business owners, which added fuel to my growth and broadened my vision of what's possible. I loved it!

As my business and success grew, women started approaching me for help to build and grow their own business.

I believe my purpose in life is to help women gain the independence and confidence they need to lead fulfilling lives – all my personal and professional experiences to date have been pointing me in this direction – and running your own successful business is an ideal way to achieve this; if done right.

So, I decided to evolve my business to meet this demand and help more women - based here in Switzerland, and around the world - to achieve balance and success; enabling them to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves.


The business coach for female entrepreneurs

I now help women stop dreaming about a better life, and start achieving it through a thriving business that their clients love as much as they do.

I’ve learned that the secret to lasting success lies in mastering your mindset, clarity of vision (knowing your next steps), building confidence and self-belief and staying in control of your time, so you remain balanced happy and healthful.

My programs blend my 25+ years experience and expertise, with my knowledge of how to start and run a business, without the doubt, confusion or overwhelm.

My aim is to make your success feel as simple, fun and intuitive as possible by guiding you through a well-constructed program, with my personal support.


Is it time for you to start your dream business?

I'm based in Montreux, Switzerland, but work with ambitious women around the world to help them to develop define and communicate their value, build a successful and fulfilling business, and start their own journey of development and discovery.

If that sounds exciting to you, I’d love to introduce you to my 3-month group business coaching program – I’ve designed it especially for you!

It’s called: Your Dream Clients Blueprint 

Melitta Campbell at Home, Business Coach Switzerland

Some little-known facts about Melitta

Just for fun, here are few random facts you won't find on my bio ; )


  • I grew up in Wales near the Gower Coast, one of the world's most beautiful stretches of coast (and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased, it has won numerous awards - Google it and you'll see why).


  • I think I'm one of the few people who has gained a business degree from an art school - an amazing experience!

    (For balance, I also have a post-grad diploma from a proper university too...can you imagine, I followed my studies on my walkman and took notes with a pen and paper!).


  • Horses were my first love and I've ridden the course at Badminton.


  • During my first job, I designed Show Homes and was involved in the interior design for David Ginola's London home (and yes, he's every bit as dreamy in real life - if not more so!).


  • My favourite job was working in an ice-cream parlour - perhaps my favourite food after creme-caramel and chocolate ; )


  • My name is Greek and means 'Little-Honey' (perhaps that explains my sweet-tooth?!).


  • I met my husband in London while working at a marine engineering company - where I also learned the fascinating world of oil rigs (no really, they ARE fascinating!).


  • I live in a typical Swiss chalet overlooking Lake Geneva (where this gorgeous photo was taken by the talented Marta Villacampa). I live here with my husband and two beautiful daughters who amaze me every day with their many talents, how they see a world of possibility ahead of them, and their ability to speak two languages fluently!
Melitta Campbell : Business Coaching, Business Success Mentor, Communication Expert

Hi, I'm Melitta,

I've learned first-hand that achieving more balance in life does not mean you have to sacrifice your goals and ambitions.


Far from it!


I love drawing on my 25 years of international marketing, communication and leadership experience, to help women build and grow profile businesses that feel 100% their own and provide the freedom and lifestyle they desire.


If that's what you're looking for too, you're in the right place!


Come and see how I can help you confidently build a business you love and that delivers the meaning and freedom you want in life. 


When I'm not working with my clients, you will probably find me exploring my new home in Switzerland or with my nose in a book written by the latest business or professional-development thought leader.


I love sharing this knowledge to inspire and support others too.


As well as running three of my own businesses over the last 12 years, I've also been involved in several groups that help people take their skills and business to new levels.


For example, I've been involved in numerous Women's networks, I'm a long-standing committee member of the Geneva Communicators Network, I founded The Swiss Entrepreneurs Club and Driven Female Entrepreneurs Club online and I co-founded the Swiss Riviera Toastmasters International Group, I'm lead the Riviera LeanIn Circle's Business Group and I'm a TEDxLausanne speaker coach.


I'm also the host of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast and Best-Selling Author of the book The Power of Why


Meantime, head over to my Facebook page and share some of your passions and ambitions - I'd love to hear all about your goals and how I can help you achieve them!


Melitta x


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