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The Secret to Confident Niching

Business owners, Coaches and Consultants, join me as I reveal what I've learn works based on decades of experience in marketing, communications and sales
– plus close to a decade of coaching business owners.

Melitta Campbell
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Successfully defining your ideal clients
is the key to success in any business.

Once you know your niche, you can:

Attract more clients with comfort and ease.
Focus your energy on the right people and activities.
Get stronger results, and with less time and effort.
Feel confident that you are in the right business.
Have a greater income and impact.

Your Questions Answered

In preparing for this Masterclass, I asked my community: “What are your biggest niching questions or concerns?”.

These are their responses that I will address in this masterclass.

  • I want to help everyone with everything, how can I begin to narrow my focus?
  • I work with many different industries, is it possible to niche?
  • How do I know if my niche is big enough / small enough?
  • I feel my niche is saturated already. Should I choose another one?
  • I have a niche, but how can I find out more about them / reach them?
  • How important is it to have a niche?
  • I think I'm doing it, but is my approach to niching right?
  • Niching makes sense. But I don’t know where to start!
  • I’m worried that if I pick a niche, I’ll get it wrong and be stuck.
  • Do I need to offer a beta test offer to see which niche is best?
  • What is the best way to find the right niche?
  • I feel I'm overthinking this. How can I pick a niche and know it's right?
  • Will I earn enough if I limit the clients I help?
  • Is there a perfect niche?
  • What’s the best way to test a niche?
  • I’m worried that if I niche, I’ll limit the impact I could have

Is your question here? If not, let me know your challenge and I’ll do my best to include it.

🤔 What if you could move beyond the endless cycle of doubt and overthinking?

🤔 What would it mean for you to confidently attract and serve your dream clients and become known for the impact you create?

Don’t miss this one-off masterclass.

I’ll be sharing the secrets to confident niching, and answering your questions live.

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Your Business Coach

Melitta Campbell

The Value Whisperer

Understanding your niche, and creating everything with your ideal clients in mind is the key to success, especially for smaller businesses and those offering services.

You’d think that would mean that when I started my own business 15-years ago, I nailed my niche out of the gate and quickly built a 6-figure business.

But you’d be wrong 😭

I built a 6-figure business thanks to my marketing and communication skills, but I neglected to pick a clear niche and stick to it.

As a result I said ‘yes’ to everyone who was willing to pay me. I quickly had not just too many clients, but too many of the wrong clients.

I worked around the clock to keep up, spending all my time focused either on my clients or my young family. I left no time for me.

My health suffered, my happiness suffered and I came close to burn out.

It was a tough lesson. But it reminded me that ‘people who will pay’ isn’t a niche. I had to work with people who would pay, and who I loved working with.

The good news is, that experience has made me all the more passionate about helping other business owners get this right. Your business, your clients and your sanity depend on it.

So I'm looking forward to sharing clear, straight-forward advice with you, and answering your questions to help you niche with confidence.

Melitta with her daughter
As seen in

You deserve to build a business that you love.

There are people out there right now seeking your help.


They are stuck and struggling, and actively looking for the right guide to help them experience the business, health, career, confidence or life of their dreams.

But they can't get there alone.

They need you.

They need your passion and energy for helping others.

And they need your learned expertise and your lived wisdom.

And I know you are primed and ready to support them. I also know you are not here just to make a living, you are here to enrich the world.

So what's stopping you? 

If you're like so many of the women and heart-centred business owners I work with, you have no lack or desire or passion to help your clients.

You're just missing the knowledge that will help you reach the right clients, and say the right things to help them see your value and exactly how you can help them get the results they desire.

That's why I'm here. To help you not just gain that knowledge, but to confidently take action and make your new knowledge work for you and your business.

Because your dream clients need you out there serving them.

And you deserve an income, impact and lifestyle that makes you feel proud.

It all starts with feeling confident in your niche.

Join me for this live Masterclass, and I'll help you take your first steps towards defining and attracting your ideal clients, so you can start making a difference you feel proud of.

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What Others Have Said

About Working with Melitta

Monica Collier

American English with Monica

I shifted my mindset and doubled my profits

"When I started my business as an online English teacher, I had no plan and no clue what I was doing! I didn’t consider myself as a business owner and didn’t think that business coaching would actually be for someone like me."

Kelsey Binggeli-Mullaly

The English Center Langenthal

I have what it takes to lead my business to the next level

"I am more confident and my stress levels are lower."

Zornitsa Ivanova

Zori Art Photography

Every entrepreneur needs this

"Invest in yourself - it will pay back sooner than you think!"

Maria Macedo Areias

Cool Science

Game-changing investment you won’t regret

"I know how to succeed in my dream business!"

Noémie Schorer


She knows how to get the best out of us

"Melitta helped make our project a success and ensure our values are in line with our clients' needs."

Larissa Russell

Creative U

I’ve grown and expanded my business in new ways.

"Working with Melitta has helped me grow and expand my business in new ways in the past few months. "

Sophie Elpers

HR Consultant and Leadership Coach

I now have a very solid structure in place.

I am now really clear on my vision, my dream clients and what sets me apart from other coaches.

Alix Rayner

May Twenty

I regained passion and motivation for my business!

"I know exactly what I need to do, and I have the tools, understanding and confidence to take consistent action."

Dr. Carrie Graham

Course Creation Consultant

Melitta’s approach should be the standard for business coaches.

“Melitta has become the best investment in my business. The personal attention she provides should be the standard for business coaches.”

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You’ll discover exactly how to:

  • Attract more clients with comfort and ease.
  • Focus your energy on the right people and activities.
  • Save time and effort.
  • Feel confident that you are in the right business.
  • Have a greater income and impact.