Your Blueprint to More Dream Clients - )'-day private coaching program

Private Business Coaching


How often have you thought: "If only I had someone by my side to help me make the right decisions and take the right steps"?


That's exactly what you get with the Private Business Coaching option.


As well as following the structured business building tasks each week, we will meet 1-2-1 to discuss your personal progress, challenges and questions.


Since you will never waste time second guessing what to do or how, you will build your business faster and have a lot more fun doing so!


With 25+ years working in marketing, communication and leadership - including a decade spent running my own businesses - I can provide you with practical advice, guidance and support throughout the 12-week Your Business Blueprint private business coaching program.


I have limited spots for private business coaching clients, so it's important to me to make sure we are the best fit by taking time to discuss your business, ambitions and challenges.


During a 30-minute business kick-start call we'll discuss your current situation, next steps and answer your questions on  the Your Business Blueprint program.

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Let's get your business started!


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The 3Cs of Success

Over the last 25+ years, I've learned what it takes to succeed in business.


I believe it comes down to three key elements that, with the right guidance, anyone can learn. These are:


Clarity The foundation of your success

Communication Powerfully connecting with the world

Confidence Becoming your best self



The impact of the 3Cs on Your Business

When you have all three Cs, you will:


    • be laser-focused and consistent


    • know your next steps and make strong decisions


    • build desirable products and services


    • connect authentically  with those who touch your business


    • attract your dream clients


    • avoid overwhelm


    • have a success mindset


    • show up with confidence and authority


    • Enjoy every step of your entrepreneurial journey, and


    • Consistently get the results you seek.


That's why I've developed my 90 Day Coaching Program around these 3s.

Your Business Blueprint to More Clients 

What you'll cover in the 90-Day Private Coaching Program



“There are few things more powerful
than a life lived with passionate clarity.” 
Erwin McManus 


Your Passion & Values

Never feel lost or confused in your business again.


Once you are clear about your passion and values, you'll feel comfortable with everything you do and every decision you make; helping you move your business forward with speed and confidence.


Your Why & Vision

Success requires consistent action.


The motivation to do this comes from your Why and your Vision. These are powerful tools when it comes to building your perfect business.


A clear Why and Vision will also attract and inspire your ideal clients, partners and other supporters to join you on your journey.


The Value You Deliver

Don't be the world's best-kept secret!


Guarantee your long-term success by getting clear about your ideal clients and the value you offer them.


From there, you can consistently deliver the right products and services, at the right time, in the right way and at the right price.



“If you can’t write your message in a sentence,
you can’t say it in an hour.” 
Dianna Booher


Your Tone of Voice and Communications Style

Differentiate yourself from the competition.


We'll work on your Communication Style and Tone of Voice to reflect your uniqueness and strongly appeal to your dream clients so you can quickly engage with your tribe and make exciting and powerful connections.


Your Core Message that Converts 

Never miss an opportunity to engage people in what you offer.


Don't fall into the trap of just 'getting something out there', it's far more impactful to get the right message out there - one that leaves people in no doubt as to what you do and prompts them to want to get to know more about your business.



“With confidence, you have 
won before you have started.” 
Marcus Garvey


Your Business Model 

No more hamster wheel thinking for you!


The right business model can make all the difference to the profitability of your business, and your ability to deliver value in a way that fits your personality, skills and available time.


Starting with the right business model will also save you a lot of money, wasted effort and frustration.


Mastering Your Mindset 

To become a successful entrepreneur, you must master your mindset.


Having moments of doubt is normal, but with the right mindset,  this won't slow you down or affect your performance and results.


With empowered thinking patterns, you will feel happier, stronger and ready for the adventures and success ahead of you.


Your Marketing Strategy 

Strong business results come from a strong marketing strategy.


Marketing is not just about Facebook ads, it's about putting customer needs at the heart every part of your business, then ensuring all the elements work in harmony.


It gives you a product, brand and service that your dream clients don't just fall in love with, but stay in love with.

Ready to kick-start your business? 


Don't hold-off on your ambitions any longer. Get the tools, tuition and guidance you need to achieve business success faster, with clarity and confidence.


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Business Blueprint Programme


What Others Have Said About Working with Melitta


"...I feel more equipped..."
“Over the last few months, Melitta has helped me reignite my spark which had started to dwindle under a mountain of admin and marketing woes.


She has been a constant source of support and thanks to her fabulous (but rigorous!!) programme, I have fallen back in love with being an entrepreneur and feel more equipped to deal with whatever comes next.”

Kate Naegeli


"...I'm now determined to launch my business and I now know I have what it takes to make it work..."

“When I started the 3-month programme with Melitta I was very unsure about what I wanted to do but I knew that I needed some structure and someone on my back. And in my corner. Melitta provided just that.


Through her structured, but flexible approach by the end of the first month my business began to solidify in my mind, and on paper. By the end of the whole programme we'd touched on many areas of building a business and I'd learned a lot. I particularly appreciated the exercises to define my ideal client and practical tips on communications and social media.


Melitta is full of great advice and is very encouraging throughout the process.


I'm now determined to launch my business and know that I have what it takes to make it work. I also know that Melitta will be there if I falter or need further advice, or a push.


I recommend Melitta's programme for anyone who wants friendly, structured guidance and a knowledgeable business coach to move them to the next stage in their business.”

Helen Von Dadelszen



"...she helped me learn a great deal
through her coaching..."

"Working with Melitta has been very beneficial. She helped me learn a great deal through her coaching. I learned from her in-depth knowledge of communications. I appreciated her quick understanding of key issues, her ability to translate these and communicate them in a clear and simple way, and above all her professionalism and passion for strategic communication."
Gillian Harrison-Barnes



"...Having Melitta around will definitely
make a difference to your business..."

"I have rarely seen somebody as committed and passionate as Melitta. She is dynamic, curious, thinks out of the box and always comes with the right solution at the right time, never copying/pasting past solutions to new projects/issues. I have been really impressed by the effectiveness of what she put in place. Having Melitta around will definitely make a difference to your business."
Alessandro Albisetti

Ready to kick-start your business? 


Don't hold-off on your ambitions any longer. Get the tools, tuition and guidance you need to achieve business success faster, with clarity and confidence.


Apply to join the private
Business Blueprint Programme


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