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All in just minutes a day!  Here's how...

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While your competition is lounging around this summer, join Summer Business School and lay the foundations for greater impact and income - in just minutes per day!

Plan and create your dream business and future.

‍✓ Nail your niche and offer so you can become known for the results you get for your clients - without burning out!

‍✓ Start working smarter, so you can increase and stabilise your income, while working less.

‍✓ Develop the mindset and habits for lasting results.

I've mapped out all the steps for you, and broken everything down so you can follow this 6-week online programme in just minutes per day!

Offer limited to 10 people.

Why I Created Summer Business School

Over the last 5-years, I've answered more than 500 business questions for my clients.

And I've spotted some clear patterns regarding exactly what they need to know to confidently build their dream business, income and lifestyle.

I've also noticed some consistent gaps that keep business owners from the success they seek.

The Summer Business School packages these insights into a six modules, with the exact steps broken down into bite-sized pieces that you can follow in minutes a day.

It's a business accelerator that will help you feel in control, attract more clients, and get faster, long-lasting results.

No more self-doubt or second-guessing.
No more overwhelm or over-working.
No more 'crickets' when talking about your offers.

While everyone else is filling their instagram feed with pictures of cocktails, and letting their ambitions slide for a while ...

... choose to do the opposite.

The Summer Business School will guide you in getting intentional about your future success and using the summer months to get ahead of the competition - in just minutes a day.

And there will still be plenty of time for sun and cocktails!

Each module takes just 2-3 hours to complete; time that can be spread over the week. So you don't have to sacrifice time with friends and family.

You'll have 9-weeks to follow the 6-week programme, so there's plenty of time to relax during your beach holiday too (full programme below).

Don't get busy this summer, get intentional!

Join 'Summer Business School' this July and create the life, business and impact you've been dreaming about.

Smart people make smart decisions. It's your time to make a smart decision that your future-self will thank you for...

Reserve Your Seat Now →

Limited to 10 people - 100% Risk Free - 14-day money back guarantee

What Summer Business School will Cover

Over 6-weeks, award-winning business coach, Melitta Campbell will show you exactly how to...

💖 Create Your Dream Future
Your dream business need not be a dream! This module will get you out of the trap of confusing or conflicting goals.

Instead, you'll get aligned with your passion, create clear, motivating goals for all aspects of your life, and you'll get the excitement for your business and the impact you are creating back, so you can move forward faster.

🔥 Reveal Your Value
Uncover the secret to running a business with authenticity, integrity and confidence, as you get 100% clear on who you are, where your zone of genius lies and finally believe in the true value that you offer.

This is the first step in truly differentiating yourself from the competition.

🙌 Know Your Dream Clients
When communicating your true value, it’s vital to keep your Dream Clients in mind. Where does your value intersect with their aspirations? Know this, and you’ll know how your business can make the biggest difference.

  • No more time wasted on marketing that get ignored.
  • No more failed product launches.
  • No more wondering what to say or how to say it.

Instead, you’ll create value and meaning through your marketing, deliver exceptional results for your clients, and stop giving discounts.

🚀 Create Your Signature Offer
Package your value into a compelling signature service offering that not only gives your dream clients exceptional results, but also delivers an experience that they can’t help but talk about - bringing you a growing pipeline of right-fit and ready-to-buy clients.

Craft Your Magnetic Message
Create a powerful, yet straight-forward structure to communicate your value in any situation.

This one message will be the foundation of all your communication, from your online presence, to live networking, to speaking events and more, so you are never left wondering exactly what to say.

🏆 Your Winning Online Presence
Even if you don't have an online business, you need to have a great online presence.

Create a compelling presence and 360 system so you can continually attract your dream clients, without having to launch a new website, hire a team of copy of tech experts or spend all your time on social media.

🧠 PLUS Master Your Mindset
At every stage of the programme, I'll guide you in breaking through your limits, turning negative thinking into empowering habits and moving forward with complete clarity and confidence.

Don't lose momentum in your business over the summer.

Learn exactly what works and lay the foundation for lasting success.

But don't wait - there are only places for 10 people!

What Others Have Said

About Working with Melitta

Delia Folk

What an insightful show

Thank you for creating such incredible content & for providing so many much-needed tips!

Healthier Happier Me

Encouraging Conversations

Melitta hosts great conversations with guests who inspire and encourage listeners! It is interesting to hear stories from entrepreneurs of all industries and fascinating to realize the consistencies in the lessons learned. This is a great podcast for all female entrepreneurs!


5 keys podcast

Elegant way of breaking down how to really sell. These 5 key points will help any new or experienced woman in sales to elevate their sales experience no matter what the product or service.

Cibele Moraes

Cibele Moraes Event Babysitting Services

Amazing coach and caring mentor

"Dream Clients Blueprint gave me exactly what I needed to grow my business."

Christopher Lübbers

Founder, The Power of Speech

Melitta's attitude as a coach really stands out.

I really, really felt that she wanted me to succeed, and she put all her experience, perspective, and knowledge on offer to help me.

Maria Zioga

Founder, Geneva Wine Society

The best investment I've made for my business!

Her programmes are full of everything an entrepreneur needs to grow and develop their business.


Growing a business takes community

This podcast offers that! Do not buy into believing you are alone as Melitta proves every week you are not.

Noémie Schorer


She knows how to get the best out of us

"Melitta helped make our project a success and ensure our values are in line with our clients' needs."

Kelsey Binggeli-Mullaly

The English Center Langenthal

I have what it takes to lead my business to the next level

"I am more confident and my stress levels are lower."

Your Business Coach

Melitta Campbell

The Value Whisperer

Nothing makes me happier than helping women build and grow a profitable business they love.

Watching my clients communicate their value, grow in confidence and create the life they dream of is the reason I’m here.

My mission is to help a million women believe in their true value and ability to run a successful business that supports a balanced and happy life.

And I'm excited that more than 20+ business experts have joined me in this mission, and are ready to share with you the secrets to attracting your dream clients, becoming known for the powerful results your clients enjoy and creating a lifestyle you love.

Welcome to the Dream Clients Summit, I'm so pleased you're here!

Melitta with her daughter
As seen in


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