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Perfect Your Pitch Coaching

Build Your Perfect Business Pitch

And deliver it with confidence and impact every time with my unique Magnetic Message Matrix system.

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“I’m amazed that you captured my whole business in such a short space of time. You had an amazing way of summarising my offer. It felt completely natural. Not at all salesy or artificial, but really genuine and natural and heartfelt as well. Thank you
- Amber Roberts

What would it do for you if...

You could confidently introduce your business, in any situation and attract more of your dream clients?

My Perfect Your Pitch coaching will show you how, and fast!

You'll come away with a clear business introduction. So you can promote your business with confidence, grace and ease - anywhere, any time.

Whether you need to:

Introduce your business in 30 seconds at a networking event,
Explain your offer in two-minutes during a sales conversation,
Give a 10 minute pitch at a business event, or
Present a 45 minute webinar for future clients

... you'll never feel lost or waste hours trying to figure out exactly what to say.

The Magnetic Message Matrix condenses your pitch into a 12-word grid. Making it easy for you, and your team, to memorise and use.

So you'll always feel prepared, confident and ready to attract more dream clients with your message.

What to expect from the Perfect Your Pitch Coaching

  • Discover and practice strategies for introducing your business
  • Build confidence in communicating your True Value
  • Learn natural presentation techniques so you never feel icky, pushy or fake
  • Get personalised feedback from a caring mentor with decades of communication experience.
  • Build your mindset and communication skills
  • Become an authority in your niche, and excel as the leader of your business.

Want a sneak preview?

Listen to this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast, where I help boudoir photographer, Amber Roberts, create her Magnetic Message Matrix.

You'll hear how I guide Amber in highlighting the value she offers, how this impacts her dream clients, and exactly what they walk away with after working with her.

Towards the end of the session, once we've completed Amber's 12-word matrix, I use this to pitch her service back to her.

This is her response:

"Oh my gosh, Melita! Can I book a photo shoot?!

"I'm amazed that not only have you just captured my whole business in such a short space of time, but that you can speak as me!

"I found myself really quite emotional listening to it because I 100% resonated with everything you said.

"You had an amazing way of summarising my offer. It felt completely natural, not at all salesy or artificial, but really genuine and natural and heartfelt as well.

"I can't thank you enough for this!"

Listen to the full Perfecting Your Pitch session with Amber here >

🤔 What if....

  • Your pitch got the attention of your perfect clients every time?
  • You could promote your business and value with ease and confidence?
  • You never felt lost about exactly what to say to introduce your business and prompt people to ask you to: "Tell me more"?

😀 That's exactly what you get from this experience:

The Perfect Your Pitch Coaching package includes:

  • 3 x 45min private coaching sessions with Melitta
  • Video training and assignments to help build your communication skills and create your perfect pitch
  • Expert feedback on your pitch, signature system and offers
  • Confident Pitching hypnosis recording
  • Marketing Message Matrix 12-word aide-memoire graphic.
  • Full guidance on how to use your pitch in any situation, online or in person.
  • Have a team? I can train them to deliver your message too.
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Your Business Coach

Melitta Campbell

The Value Whisperer

Knowing how to communicate your true value is an essential skill for all business owners.

But this is a challenge when:

  • You have so much value tell people about
  • You've never had any formal communication training
  • You don't like being in the spotlight
  • You are 'selling' yourself or an intangible service

In fact, it's a challenge, even when you do have decades of experience, as I discovered!

Despite having: built and grown brands; coached leaders in effective communication; and trained communication professionals - when I started my own business I struggled to communicate my true value 😭

Talking about myself and how great my services were didn't feel easy or natural.

My introverted personality and shy tendencies didn't help!

But, I did know where to start.

I created a matrix to help distil my value into one clear message. Then I wrapped this into my personal vision and story.

Suddenly, talking about my work became easier. And I started to get positive attention and clients!

It wasn't long before other business owners were asking me for help. And I discovered that my system worked just as well for them, as it did for me.

And now, it's available for you too.

Don't avoid putting yourself out there, or struggle to create your pitch alone. You'll waste time and miss important opportunities. And there are people out there waiting for your help!

Book a call with me to get started.

Melitta with her daughter
As seen in

Perfect Your Pitch Coaching is for you if...

  • You struggle to communicate the value you and your business offers.
  • Your current pitch is not getting the results you want.
  • Talking about your business feels cringy, overwhelming or complicated.
  • You would love to feel calm and confident when pitching your business.
  • You find yourself spending hours updating your pitch for every occassion.
  • You don't enjoy learning long wordy scripts.

The bottom line ...

Having a bad pitch is costing you and your company money.

Remaining your industry's best kept secret is never going to earn you a decent income.

And, if your ideal clients don't know you exist or get what you do. They will remain stuck, when they could be living their best life.

If you don't feel confident talking about your business, it's not your fault. Few people ever receive business communication training. Even those with an MBA or senior-leadership experience.

But, it's a skill you CAN learn. And the Magnetic Message Matrix system makes it quick and easy.

I'm excited you're here. Because, when you can confidently communicate your true value, and successfully attract (and serve) your dream clients, everyone benefits.

Ready to see where your pitch will take you? 

Click below to book a call with me, and we'll discuss your needs and next steps.

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Due to the personalised nature of the Perfecting Your Pitch
coaching, there are limited spots available.

What Others Have Said

About Working with Melitta

Monica Collier

American English with Monica

I shifted my mindset and doubled my profits

"When I started my business as an online English teacher, I had no plan and no clue what I was doing! I didn’t consider myself as a business owner and didn’t think that business coaching would actually be for someone like me."

Cibele Moraes

Cibele Moraes Event Babysitting Services

Amazing coach and caring mentor

"Dream Clients Blueprint gave me exactly what I needed to grow my business."

Christopher Lübbers

Founder, The Power of Speech

Melitta's attitude as a coach really stands out.

I really, really felt that she wanted me to succeed, and she put all her experience, perspective, and knowledge on offer to help me.

Richie Kyriacou

Founder, Reset with Richie

I am now attracting and working with the clients I want to work with.

I am now at a point where I'm confident in what I am offering, how to offer it and where to offer it.

Wanda Van Gelderen

Executive Leadership Coach, WvG Coaching

Building my business now feels straight-forward and achievable.

“I’m so pleased that I engaged Melitta as my Business Coach.”

Dr. Carrie Graham

Course Creation Consultant

Melitta’s approach should be the standard for business coaches.

“Melitta has become the best investment in my business. The personal attention she provides should be the standard for business coaches.”

Zornitsa Ivanova

Zori Art Photography

Every entrepreneur needs this

"Invest in yourself - it will pay back sooner than you think!"

Maria Macedo Areias

Cool Science

Game-changing investment you won’t regret

"I know how to succeed in my dream business!"

Jennie Reed

Founder, Excellence in English

All that I could have asked for - and more!

Her wealth of experience is invaluable and her calm presence allows for every and any question to be responded to with kindness and practical advice.

Apply now for the Perfect Your Pitch  coaching

and get everything you need to confidently

present your offer and get more sales.

So you and your clients can live your best lives.

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