A Shy Girl's Guide To Networking

Get the exact steps to network with ease and confidence in person and online.

  • A Shy Girl's Guide To Networking

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What You’ll Learn

If you’ve ever wondered how some people network so effortlessly, while you feel awkward and out of place, this book is for you.

Written from a shy girl’s perspective, you’ll learn everything you need to embrace your natural abilities as an introvert, grow in confidence and shine while networking.

In this book I share with you:

  • My VICTORY Formula to help you network on your own terms
  • The exact steps to master the three stages of networking
  • How to use your introverted traits to network with ease and confidence
  • How to build relationships that will support your business success
  • The secret to networking online
  • How to build your personal brand
A Shy Girl's Guide To Networking

Get the exact steps to network with ease and confidence in person and online.

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What's Inside

Here's what you'll discover in A Shy Girl's Guide to Networking:

Chapter 1

VICTORY is waiting

This section outlines Melitta’s VICTORY Formula, which enabled her to build the courage and motivation to develop and practice her networking skills. It will help you embrace your uniqueness and network with integrity and confidence.

Chapter 2

First things First: Pre-Networking Actions

Pre-networking is all about setting yourself up for success. It's perhaps one of the most powerful steps, yet it's one that many people miss. Once you know the best way to prepare for a networking opportunity, you'll see your confidence and results soar!

Chapter 3

Making Friends: What to do during the event

Showing up and interacting with strangers in person, or online, can be nerve wracking!

In this chapter, you'll learn all the skills you need to start loving these opportunities, manage your energy, and feel like your best-self.

Chapter 4

Firming up your friendships: Post-Event Activities

How you follow up with your connections after your event, determines just how successful your networking outcomes will be.

The good news is, this part plays to our strengths as introverts. Follow the advice in this chapter, and you'll build solid relationships and a powerful personal brand.

Chapter 5

Creating Your Success Circle

Your Success Circle is the inner-sanctum of your network. It’s a small group of people who are there to champion you and your business every step of the way – and for whom you are willing to do the same.

No one succeeds in a vacuum, so this core group of supporters will be essential to your ongoing success.

Chapter 6

Online Networking

Online networking is growing in importance and prominence.

In this chapter, I highlight how to use the strategies you've already learned in the book to stand out with ease and confidence while attending online networking events.

I'll also share additional tips on help you get the most from, and enjoy, online networking.

Chapter 7

Networking and your personal brand

Building your personal brand and networking are a powerful combination. But your personal brand can be tricky to build and manage, as it's not something you own. It's all about how others perceive you. In this chapter, I'll show you how, when done right, building your personal brand needn’t be difficult or costly.

Chapter 8


This section brings together everything you've learned and shares an extra dose of insight and inspiration.

You'll finish on a high, and feeling excited about your next networking event or opportunity!

Chapter 9


As a bonus, I've included some quick checklists to help you prepare for your future networking events, and show up looking and feeling your best.

Chapter 10

What readers say


A Shy Girl's Guide To Networking

Hi, I'm Melitta

I’m so happy you’re here.

You want to develop a meaningful business that will give you freedom, fulfilment and financial independence.

You want to feel proud of the impact you’re having in the world.

And you want to create a life that gives you time to enjoy the important things – like family, friends and travel.

You know what you want – you just don’t know how to get there.

That’s where I can help.

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