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Each week on the podcast, I share practical lessons, tried and tested tips, and powerful insights from three decades of marketing experience.

I also interview successful business owners who
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Because I believe that no matter how soft your voice, you can have a powerful impact.

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Growing Your Business with Valuable Events

Listen to this podcast episode to discover how to grow your business with valuable events, with expert guest, Shay Wheat.

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You Asked, I Answered

Join the conversation today, as I answer these questions from listeners:

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Special Episode: Exploring the Real Melitta Campbell

In this special length episode, Monica Antohi takes over and interviews host, Melitta Campbell to explore the life and business experiences that have resulted in 'Melitta Campbell, The Value Whisperer', that you know as the host of this show, founder of the Dream Clients Club and Value Whispering Blueprint, and author of A Shy Girl's Guide to Networking.

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The Secret Power of Appreciation

Discover how to grow your business and cultivate stronger relationships with the 5 Appreciation Languages.

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The 3-Big Mistakes Coaches make that cost them clients

Discover the common mistakes made by coaches that drive away potential clients, and hinder their business opportunities, growth and success.

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How to Dress as the Face of Your Business with Sarah Gray

Ever agonised over what to wear to a client appointment or business event? Sarah Gray has your back! In this episode she shares exactly how you can confidently dress as the face of your business.

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Networking with Confidence

Discover how you can confidently express your true value in a way that feels natural through networking, even if you feel shy. So you can attract more of the right people and opportunities to your business.

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Profit First for Minority Business Owners with Susanne Mariga

Today I’m joined by the inspiring Susanne Mariga, a Certified Public Accountant, entrepreneur and author of ‘Profit First in Minority business enterprises’. Join us as Susanne shares how you can implement Profit First in your business, and get paid!

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The Power of Belief: How to build your business confidence & naturally attract more clients

Discover why Belief is the missing part of your marketing, and why building belief in your product - starting with you - will help you to naturally attract more of your dream clients.

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What Other Listeners Have Said

About The Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast



Melitta is so insiteful

I recently listened to her episode 150 (congrats) on what she has learned from running a podcast and advice for people wanting to start their own and also how to be a better guest. She has a pleasant voice and brings a lot of value to her listeners. Can’t wait to hear more



Such a great show!

Melitta, you're such a great host. I love that you're so energetic and engaging, and you make the show feel so welcoming and personal. The guests are all so interesting, and their stories are always so inspiring. I always feel like I've learned something new after listening to an episode.


awsome stuff!

Great nuggets in each episode!

Melitta is a great host and savvy entrepreneur! Women especially need to be as savvy and thoughtful in their business operations as men (if not more!). This podcasts helps us do just that. I’m hooked!



Melitta is Great!

Any aspiring female entrepreneur should listen!



This podcast is beautiful

The guests and Melitta have a special mix of vulnerability meets strategic insight that makes a huge difference for listeners. Entrepreneurs and business owners from all stages of business can benefit from listening to the episodes. A combination of strategy and personal growth advice, the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast is a gem.


GoodGood Investing

Listen up ladies!

Any woman in business should add this podcast to their rotation! From inspiration on business growth, to tips for elevating your entrepreneurial mindset, The Driven Female is an amazing podcast to lean into your dreams and get moving on your business ideas!



Very Empowering Podcast

I love how this podcast combines great business strategies and powers women at the same time. So inspiring!!



5 keys podcast

Elegant way of breaking down how to really sell. These 5 key points will help any new or experienced woman in sales to elevate their sales experience no matter what the product or service.



Inspiring & actionable!

Love how Melitta is both sharing the voices of women running their own ship and sharing tips and actionable info. - Vanessa & The Podwize Group


Julia B Kraft

So inspiring!

Melitta has a way of making high-level sales authentic and easy to understand. Her approach is also feminine and encourages women to take care of themselves and trust in their expertise.


estrella lozano


The guests on this show are inspiring, and there is so much to learn from them!


Delia Folk

What an insightful show

Thank you for creating such incredible content & for providing so many much-needed tips!



Excellent Podcast

I am so glad I found this podcast! So much knowledge, experiences and information provided!



Great podcast with Exception advice!

LOVE listening to this podcast for inspiration and great tid bits. It is easy to feel alone in the entrepreneur world, but this podcast helps you feel more invovled with a community.


Mridu Parikh

Empowering podcast!

Melitta shares such valuable information and experiences with awesome guests. She covers many topics from marketing to mindset! If you're a female entrepreneur, you’ll really benefit from listening. Don’t think about it - just subscribe now.



Inspiring Women who inspire others!

I’m loving this podcast! Melitta has a great way of pulling out all the great nuggets from other entrepreneurs that we can learn from, while empowering us along the way. Well done! Xo Michele Style by Mary Michele podcast


Trevor Oldham

Awesome podcast!

Melitta is a great host who provides great insights!


Healthier Happier Me

Encouraging Conversations

Melitta hosts great conversations with guests who inspire and encourage listeners! It is interesting to hear stories from entrepreneurs of all industries and fascinating to realize the consistencies in the lessons learned. This is a great podcast for all female entrepreneurs!


Changing The Sales Game

Great Insight for Business Growth

Melitta has a warmth and generous way of sharing her guest and the insight they bring to the listener each week. The tips, strategies and ideas shared are relevant and actionable. Well done Melitta!


Nina Froriep

Female entrepreneurs listen!

Melitta has a firm grasp on female entrepreneurship and generously shares herself and knows how to attract equally fascinating guests! Plug in those earplugs and be inspired!



Great podcast with variety

LOVE this podcast and the variety of topics that are brought to discussion. It has given me so many pearls of wisdom that have helped me personally and as a CEO.



Top Shelf

Thank you Melitta for being the kind of lighthouse this world of entrepreneurs needs! Keep the great episodes coming :-)



Great, practical content

I’m so thankful this show is available! After listening to just a few episodes; it is clear that Melitta pulls from a wealth of experience to help her listeners be the best they can be. Thank you for doing this for female entrepreneurs like me!



Girl power!

I enjoy the variety of inspiring women Melitta features on the show and the casual conversations that are filled with so many great gems to help us succeed and live happier and healthier lives.



Niche topics

Love the comprehensive set of guests and the variety of topics addressed! Something for everyone!



An inspiring resource for female entrepreneurs!

Melitta has developed an important community of female entrepreneurs where we can learn from other women doing great things. I’ve found the episodes to be very inspiring and I’ve learned a lot from my listening! Keep up the great work!



Growing a business takes community

This podcast offers that! Do not buy into believing you are alone as Melitta proves every week you are not.



A new fav podcast!!

Although this podcast is said to be for female entrepreneurs, the value and knowledge that Melitta offers is true for ANY business owner wanting to refine their processes and scale their biz to its ultimate success. Her interviews give you actionable steps toward improving your business, as well as improving your mindset and leadership skills!


Katie Lang-Lambert

Very Insightful!

Melitta brings a warmness and approachable touch to empowering and inspiring women.....whatever their endeavor. Highly recommended!

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