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Melitta Campbell : Business Coaching, Business Success Mentor, Communication Expert

Starting to wonder if you'll EVER build a profitable business?

Discover the simpler way to attract your dream clients 


Creating a real business – rather than an expensive hobby -  comes down to just ONE thing: Clearly articulating your True Value.


That's why I developed the Dream Clients Blueprint programme to guide you step-by-step as you identify your true value, learn to authentically market and sell your services and grow in confidence as you attract more of your perfect clients, with greater ease and joy.


Just imagine if:


  • Your Dream Clients instantly saw you as their obvious choice of service provider


  • Marketing felt straightforward and natural for you


  • You could sell without ‘selling’


  • You didn’t experience self-doubt, overwhelm or procrastination


  • Business growth felt straight-forward and exciting


“I feel like a new (business) woman!
I have discovered that I DO have what it takes to lead my business to the next level.” Kelsey Binggley

Simplify Your Marketing

Free 12-part online video training


If getting clients feels time-consuming, overwhelming and un-natural, you're approaching marketing from the wrong angle.


And it's not your fault. Few experts start a business with a solid understanding of what marketing really is, or how to make it work for their business.


But until you understand how to market your business effectively, you'll never create the income or impact you need to enjoy the freedom and lifestyle you desire. I'm on a mission to help more women succeed in business succeed, so I've developed a free online course to help you understand, plan and implement marketing that is enjoyable to implement and gets results (for you and your clients).


From three decades of experience, I'm convinced that small-business marketing can be more straight, more fun and more impactful than you might realise.


In this free online course you will:

  • Discover what marketing REALLY is, and how to make it work for your business


  • Learn the 3 Biggest Marketing Mistakes and how to Avoid them.


  • Create your Profitable NICHE and MARKETING PLAN


  • Develop a Feel Good Funnel to ATTRACT more of your DREAM CLIENTS


"Melitta's free course gave me more answers than any of the previous courses I've paid for!” Rosemary Bointon

Melitta Campbell : Business Coach, Communication Expert and Mentor - Read the blog for Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Secrets to Finding Your Next Dream Client!

To build a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable business, you don’t want to work with just any clients.

You want to focus on attracting your Dream Clients.


And I believe that your next Dream Client is closer than you realise!


But, I consistently see business owners, especially those with service-based businesses, unwittingly repelling these clients because they miss a couple of small things in their business.


In this free training, I’ll show what those small things are, so you can understand the exact steps to take to fill the gaps and open the door to more Dream Clients - those who love what you do, appreciate your true value, and don’t demand discounts!

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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." African Proverb

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  • Live Interviews with inspiring women and answers to your questions.


  • A safe place to share your wins, challenges and experiences, get feedback on your ideas, and network with other like-minded and ambitious women.
Melitta Campbell : Business Coaching, Business Success, Communication Expert and Mentor