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I help women with little or no business experience, define and communicate their True Value, confidently attract more clients and become happy and successful entrepreneurs.

If you are ready to move beyond the constant self-doubt, overwhelm and need to discount your offers…

Let me show you the easier way to create clients so you can feel proud of your income, impact and lifestyle.

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A. Lauener

“Working with Melitta has helped me identify quickly what is important to me, where I need to be focused and in which order to reach my desired outcome effectively.” - A. Lauener

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Let me guess, you’re here because while you love your business, you’re starting to question if it will EVER give you the income, impact or lifestyle you imagined.

If so, I have good news…

You are closer to success than you may realise!

You see most women who feel stuck in business, are simply missing the ‘oil’ to get their business cogs turning smoothly. Until this happens, you’ll always struggle to create the momentum needed to move your business out of ‘hobby mode’ and into profit.

The oil? Understanding your True Value. Once you understand this, and know exactly how to communicate, market and sell your value, creating a steady flow of dream clients into your business starts to feel easy and natural.

Once you can do this, you will quickly see your business results transform – which means a stable income for you and a better life for your clients.

Just imagine if:

  • Your Dream Clients instantly saw you as their obvious choice of service provider
  • Marketing felt easy and comfortable for you
  • You could sell without ‘selling’
  • You knew exactly what to do, instead of feeling like an imposter
  • You were known for the life-changing impact your clients experience

If that’s what you want for you and your business, then my Dream Clients Blueprint programme will guide you step-by-step to these outcomes in as little as 12-weeks!

Even if you are an introvert.

Even if you have no business background.

Even if you feel totally lost and overwhelmed right now.

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What clients say


Emma Wainer

Speaking at Work

Increased visibility and revenue, decreased hours

"Melitta is encouraging and direct, positive and practical. Exactly what you need in a coach"
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Monica Collier

American English with Monica

"Group coaching shifted my mindset and doubled my profits"

When I started my business as an online English teacher, I had no plan and no clue what I was doing! I didn’t consider myself as a business owner and didn’t think that business coaching would actually be for someone like me.
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Alena Paturaud

Brainstorm Ton Business

Saved me years of trial and error

“Working with Melitta saved me about two years of hard work and error.”
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Hi, I'm Melitta

I’m so happy you’re here — I think we have a lot in common, you and me.

You want to build a meaningful business that changes lives for the better, while giving you a solid income and balanced lifestyle.

But you don’t want to burn out or feel like a fake to achieve it.

That’s where I can help.

15 years ago, I left a successful career in Marketing and Communications to start my own business. My daughter was just 5-months old at the time, I lived aboard and had no support network, and I had no clue where to start.

But, drawing on my network and experience to date, I managed to build a 6-figure business. Only to stare burnout in the face a few years in and have to start-over.

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The Secret to Finding
Your Next Client...

…and not just any client, your Dream Client. Someone who values what you do, gets amazing results from your collaboration, and doesn’t demand discounts!

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…without being loud, fake or using fancy tactics

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