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Melitta Campbell

You know you have the ability to make a bigger difference and positively impact people's lives.

But how can you talk about and sell your services without feeling awkward, pushy or fake? 

I'm here to help you define and communicate your True Value, so you can confidently attract more of the right clients, have a bigger impact and grow your dream business and lifestyle.

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Hi, I’m Melitta,

Award-winning business and mindset coach, best-selling author and Value Whisperer.

I love working with women who have a passion and drive for creating a positive impact on the lives of others.

However, it breaks my heart that many of these women struggle to earn the income and have the impact that matches their vision. And for one simple reason: they aren't confident communicating the true awesomeness of what they offer.

In all honesty, why would they be? Even those who have attended business school and had a senior level career are rarely taught the secrets to meaningful communication. And few women are ever encouraged to stand up and talk about their talents.

I'm on a mission to change this.

Having worked in marketing and communication for more than three decades, and coached and supported some of the world's most influential leaders, I've seen distinct patterns regarding what works when sharing your value, and attracting the right clients in ways that generate value, create impact, and feel natural.

The good news is, it's simple!

You don't need to use loud or fancy tactics
You don't need to hire expensive copywriters, and
You certainly don't need to change anything about who you are.

The even better news is, it can be fast, and have long lasting effects!

Once my clients understand how to communicate, package and sell their true value in ways that feel easy and natural, everything starts to change. Their self-belief and confidence grows, their client results improve, and their businesses grow faster and easier than ever before.

For some these results take a few months, for most a few weeks, and for a few these results happen within days of us working together. In all cases, because the results come from deep personal awareness, a greater appreciation of their niche and client needs, and an understanding of core communication strategy, their results are long lasting!

The strategies I teach are also those I've used to build my own businesses and thought leadership - despite living abroad without a support network, despite working around a young and growing family, and despite growing up a 'shy girl'. This gives me the personal insights alongside my professional expertise, to offer you exceptional levels of guidance and support as you embark on your own journey to amplify the impact you and your business have on the world.

You'll learn these through my Dream Clients Blueprint programme. A step-by-step system to guide you in identifying your True Value, and learning how to confidently and comfortably Communicate, Market and Sell this in ways that attract your perfect-fit clients with greater ease.

In the process, you'll build and grow a business that generates real value, earns you a consistent income and has an impact you feel proud of.

Depending on your goals, budget and business stage, there are six main ways for us to work together:Award-winning business and mindset coach, best-selling author and Value Whisperer.

Dream Clients Mastermind

Dream Clients


Grow your business and confidence with monthly interactive masterclasses, live coaching, instant access training, and an inspiring community of business builders.


* Are in the early stages of your business.

* Seek core business knowledge and mindset, along with expert feedback and support to help you apply it.

* Are ready to invest in your business education, but ££/$$ not ££££/$$$$.

* Enjoy being part of a thriving community.

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Dream Clients Blueprint

Dream Clients


Discover the exact steps to identify, communicate and sell your True Value, so you can work with more of your Dream Clients with greater ease and joy.


* Are looking to build and scale your business with the help of a proven strategic business blueprint and mindset coaching.

* Want to create a profitable and meaningful business, but still want a balanced lifestyle.

* Want to be able to communicate your value with confidence and ease in any situation.

* Want individual support, feedback and business coaching from an award-winning coach with three-decades of experience.

* Are ready to finally stop spinning your wheels, doubting your abilities and instead create an impact that you feel proud of.

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Dream Clients Academy

Dream Clients


If you have an established business, this powerful Mastermind will inspire you to grow to your next level of success and beyond with peer learning and support. Monthly Mastermind.


* Have an established business that you want grow.

* Are looking for a community of like-minded and inspired women at a similar stage of business, who get your challenges, support your ideas, and are willing to share their experiences to help you grow.

* Want to stop feeling alone in your business, stop doubting and second-guessing yourself, and instead have more fun and freedom.

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