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"Melitta's presentation was brilliant and packed with a valuable content. The audience was very impressed. " Kenza Majbar

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Before Melitta Campbell became known as the Value Whisperer, for the way she guides business owners to think differently about how they own, communicate and sell their True Value, she had to first conquer some challenging personal and professional obstacles...

From building a 6-figure business abroad, while raising a family. To shedding her ‘Shy Girl’ label to become known for her confident networking and inspiring public speaking. Melitta is an inspirational example of how life’s challenges can push us to discover and embrace our true value, and create a positive impact.

Today, Melitta is a multi-award-winning business and mindset coach, who has helped hundreds of women believe in their true value, and confidently build their dream business and lifestyle, through her Value Whispering Blueprint.

Melitta’s thought leadership has been featured in many of the top business media titles, and she regularly speaks to audiences around the world, as well as having coaching speakers for TEDx events in Switzerland and the UK.

Melitta is the host of the popular business podcast 'The Art of Value Whispering' and is the best-selling author of 'A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking'.

Known for her quiet power, breadth of business and marketing knowledge and ability to uplift, inspire and educate in equal measure, Melitta provides memorable talks that leave your audience ready to take positive action towards their personal growth and business goals.

Melitta also believes her ability to impact your audience doesn't start and end with her talk. From the moment she is announced, she actively supports your event promotions, helping you to fill seats. She also remains available to your audience after her talk for Q&As, interviews and networking.

"If you are looking for heart-centered, pragmatic business coach to inspire your audience, then I’d highly recommend Melitta.” Alex Congdon

"Melitta is a powerhouse of knowledge, expert guidance, and humility.” Dallin Need

"Melitta leads with full generosity, sharing her experience and knowledge and encouraging women to believe in themselves and get out there to start building up their power." Marisa Bechara

"We've already booked Melitta to speak again." Ulrika Björklund

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Sample Speech Topics

Melitta Campbell

Talks for
SmallBusiness Owners

The Small Business Marketing Advantage

Many small business owners look to larger businesses for marketing inspiration. In this insightful talk, they will discover a more powerful approach – one that plays to their existing strengths and ensures they stand out for the value only they can create.  

The ONE Thing Holding Women Back from Success

There is just ONE SKILL holding small business owners back from the success they both desire and deserve. In this talk, they will discover this one skill and how to use it to attract more of their dream clients with confidence and ease.

The Art of Selling Without Selling

The ability to sell is essential for business owners, but it’s an activity that many shy away from. This inspiring talk will not only give them a mindset reboot, but will also share the steps towards natural, confident and value-driven conversations sell without ‘selling’.

Talks on Confident Networking

How to Network with Confidence (even if you feel shy)

Having grown up labelled the ‘Shy Girl’, networking was always an activity I did my best to avoid. Until I created my VICTORY Formula for Confident Networking and learn to connect with people with authenticity and ease – my way.


Building Your Personal Brand with Networking

You have a personal brand, whether you are aware of it or not. In this talk, you’ll learn how to develop a brand that helps bring more of your goals within reach, and how to use your networking efforts to make your goals happen through meaningful relationships.


How to Talk About Your Business, without feeling pushy

The question“What do you do?” is inevitable while networking, but how you answer the question can change everything. In this talk I’ll share the three introduction methods and how to use them to talk about your business with integrity and authenticity, and start lasting relationships that will grow your business.

Melitta with her daughter
Melitta Campbell

Talks to Inspire Leaders

The Value is You

Success will always be elusive until you can embrace your true value and share this with the world though every interaction you have. In this highly inspiring and moving talk, Melitta shares her personal challenges and how she overcame these to discover the diamond within – and how you can too!

How to Communicate with Impact

Over three decades, I’ve discovered what works when it comes to communicating with impact. I’ve condensed this knowledge into a four-step model that I introduce in this talk, helping leaders connect and connect, engage and inspire with confidence.

Being Your Own Best Boss

Ever asked yourself: "I know what to do, but why aren't I doing it?". It's a sure bet your audience has too! In this talk, I share what it takes to become your own CEO, and the exact steps to stop standing in your own way, so you can flow towards even your most challenging goals.


Melitta has given talks, workshops and facilitated panel discussions for a wide-range of groups and organisations, including:

Melitta has also coached speakers or been an expert judge at:

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What Others Have Said

After Booking Melitta to Speak

Lisa Atkinson

Founder, Future of Blogging Summit

Such a great summit speaker I had to invite her back!

Melitta brings real value as a speaker. She is knowledgeable, wise and fun to collaborate with.
Read more >

Ulrika Björklund

Academic Director, Hotel Institute Montreux

We have already booked Melitta to speak again!

Melitta not only delivered an insightful presentation, but helped build understanding and boost student confidence.
Read more >

James Moffatt

Founder, Visibility Impact

Enormous wealth of business knowledge

Melitta clearly has a love for public speaking and helping others grow in confidence and ability.
Read more >

Glenn O'Neil

Founder of Owl RE, research and evaluation services

Supported our events for more than 10 Years

Melitta has a wealth of knowledge in the field of communications and entrepreneurship and excellent presentation and facilitation skills.
Read more >

Lynda Heffernan

Founder, A Kaizen Mind

A value-driven and empowering speaker

Melitta has a genuine commitment to developing women, not only as entrepreneurs but as individuals.
Read more >

Sharon Brown

Founder, MO2VATE Media, Speakers Index, The Book Chief Publishing House

An experienced and informative speaker

Melitta’s talk was extremely engaging and insightful. Her topic really encouraged engagement during the event.
Read more >

Inna Logunova

Writer, Communication Consultant & Content Strategist

Inspiring, motivating, genuine and professional

I really appreciated the way she engaged with the audience, to create an atmosphere of friendliness and trust.
Read more >

Sarah Grosso

Lecturer and Researcher, Webster University

She was an obvious choice for me

The audience didn’t just learn core networking skills, but came away feeling that they could put them into action – even if they feel shy and intimidated.
Read more >

Kenza Majbar

Project Manager, Banque Cantonale de Genève / Lead, Future Females Lausanne

The audience was very impressed!

Melitta's presentation was brilliant and packed with a valuable content.
Read more >

Looking for a speaker to inspire your audience?

As a pitch mentor, toastmaster and TEDx Speaker coach, Melitta is well versed in how to educate and inspire audiences.