James Moffatt

Enormous wealth of business knowledge

Melitta clearly has a love for public speaking and helping others grow in confidence and ability.

Melitta was one of my early 'Featured Business' Guests in front of a live and very interactive audience where she surely didn't disappoint them with her enormous wealth and knowledge of Business coaching.

I was so impressed, as were the audience, that we joined forces to be part of a panel of 3 experts for our online monthly 'Perfecting Your Pitch' event, where she displays outstanding abilities harnessed from her Toastmasters and TEDx coaching experience.

She clearly has a love for public speaking and is well armed with the tools, techniques and art to be the perfect pitching judge and public speaker. Her pitching feedback and encouragement has greatly helped all of our Pitchers grow in confidence and ability.

It always an absolute pleasure collaborating with Melitta.

James Moffatt

Founder, Visibility Impact

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