Inna Logunova

Inspiring, motivating, genuine and professional

I really appreciated the way she engaged with the audience, to create an atmosphere of friendliness and trust.

Melitta Campbell, Business Coach for Women - LinkedInMelitta Campbell, Business Coach for Women - Pinterest

It was an absolute pleasure to have Melitta as a guest speaker at my online event on the InterNations platform.

As a consul of a business networking group, I invite industry professionals to share their expertise with the community.

Melitta is equally genuine and professional as a speaker. Her presentation titled ‘Networking for Success… Even if You Feel Shy’ was well-structured and full of insightful and memorable examples and cases.

I especially appreciated the interactive way she engaged with the audience creating an atmosphere of friendliness and trust. That encouraged the audience to open up and share their challenges and thoughts. What I personally took away from her talk is an understanding that you can indeed network successfully even being an introvert like myself and clarity on how to actually do it. Thank you Melitta for inspiring, motivating and providing a great example of public speaking!

Inna Logunova

Writer, Communication Consultant & Content Strategist

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