Ulrika Björklund

We have already booked Melitta to speak again!

Melitta not only delivered an insightful presentation, but helped build understanding and boost student confidence.

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At Hotel Institute Montreux we aim to supplement our student’s education with broader perspectives from a range of external experts. So I was delighted to invite Melitta to speak with our students and share her innovative perspective on networking - something we view as being a key life and career skill.

Melitta not only delivered an insightful presentation that helped our students learn how to network in ways that will support their career, she also engaged them in conversation throughout to tailor each of her points to their real-life challenges.

She carefully listened to the questions from the audience, and answered them in ways that helped build their understanding and boost their confidence.

Based on the glowing feedback from our students, we have already booked Melitta to speak on this subject again in the Autumn.

As a nice bonus, Melitta also took time to personally sign copies of her book, " A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking ", for all those who attended, giving them a special gift that will last their entire career.

Ulrika Björklund

Academic Director, Hotel Institute Montreux

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