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"Melitta is encouraging and direct, positive and practical. Exactly what you need in a coach"

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Since leaving the corporate world to raise a family, Emma had lost confidence in her expertise, despite her prior success and qualifications.

This inability to see her true value, made it hard for her to promote herself online as she felt like an imposter. This caused her to go in circles and become overwhelmed trying to find the right visibility strategy for her business.

Once Emma identified her true value however, she quickly regained her professional esteem and created a message with instant appeal. She was also then able to package this value into distinct offers that spoke directly to her clients’ needs and enabled her to guide them to exceptional results.

This enabled her to comfortably show up as real herself, enjoy connecting with her audience, and talking about exactly how she could help them.

As her followers could quickly relate to the value she offered and saw her as a leader in her niche, within weeks Emma was attracting new clients online, without the overwhelm or anxiety. Twelve months later, she was facing her first seven-figure year.

When building your brand online and seeking new clients, it’s tempting to copy the strategies that appear to work for others, or to feel overwhelmed and like an imposter when looking to what others are doing online.

However, you don't need to know all the fancy tools or tactics to succeed online. Once you can articulate your true value the right way, you’ll soon break through all the noise as you naturally stand out and feel comfortable showing up as yourself.

This is the key to attracting the right people and opportunities to your business online and building the foundation for a thriving business.

“When I first met Melitta I had been running my business for 3 years and it was going OK – but it felt like hard work and I wasn’t sure how to grow it and stop working 50-hour weeks.

“In her free business consultation, Melitta, got a handle on my issues, quickly summarised the problems and gave some quick fixes to the more simple issues. So, signing up for her 121 Blueprint programme was a no-brainer.

“Melitta is one of those super-smart people who speaks human. She made me feel like everything was possible. I love her approach of ‘how do we make this more simple?’

"She is encouraging and direct, positive and practical. Exactly what you need in a coach. I now have a clear plan to develop my products, raise my personal visibility and increase revenue and decrease my hours. All in 12 weeks!

“If you are unsure of the next steps to grow your business, or feel like it is just too hard. Speak to Melitta, I genuinely feel you won’t regret it.”

Emma Wainer

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