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Creating your perfect business plan is only part of thesuccess puzzle.

Without the right habits, behaviours and self-belief inplace, you’ll always struggle to make your business goals and plans a reality.

However, if you are tired of second guessing yourself,holding back from what you really want to do or feeling like an imposter, whendeep down you KNOW you can make a real difference for your clients, you are inthe right place.


Over 12-weeks, you’ll gain the understanding, tools andstrategies you need to:

  • Understand the seven dimensions of your mindsetwith your personalised The Mindset Dimensions Report™
  • Clarify your purpose and vision
  • Master your time, energy and productivity
  • Remove outdated and negative responses, so youcan achieve bigger
  • Build your personal brand
  • Comfortably stand out and be visible within yourmarket
  • Love your sales conversations
  • Create unshakable self-belief and confidence
  • Deepen the impact you have on your clients’lives


The Dream Clients Mindset is a powerful private mindset coaching experience. To ensure I can always give my clients my best attention,I only take on a small number of Mindset Coaching clients each year.

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What Others Have Said

About Working with Melitta

Emma Wainer

Speaking at Work

Increased visibility and revenue, decreased hours

"Melitta is encouraging and direct, positive and practical. Exactly what you need in a coach"

Larissa Russell

Creative U

I’ve grown and expanded my business in new ways.

"Working with Melitta has helped me grow and expand my business in new ways in the past few months. "

Wanda Van Gelderen

Executive Leadership Coach, WvG Coaching

Building my business now feels straight-forward and achievable.

“I’m so pleased that I engaged Melitta as my Business Coach.”

Pauliina Rasi

Pauliina Rasi Communications

Out of the freelancing hamster wheel

"Dream Clients Blueprint gave me confidence to launch an online program."

Maria Macedo Areias

Cool Science

Game-changing investment you won’t regret

"I know how to succeed in my dream business!"

Judit Csapo


More than a regular coaching programme

"Mindset coaching improved my confidence."

Cibele Moraes

Cibele Moraes Event Babysitting Services

Amazing coach and caring mentor

"Dream Clients Blueprint gave me exactly what I needed to grow my business."

Sharon Brown

Founder, MO2VATE Media, Speakers Index, The Book Chief Publishing House

An experienced and informative speaker

Melitta’s talk was extremely engaging and insightful. Her topic really encouraged engagement during the event.

Dr. Carrie Graham

Course Creation Consultant

Melitta’s approach should be the standard for business coaches.

“Melitta has become the best investment in my business. The personal attention she provides should be the standard for business coaches.”

Hi, I’m Melitta,

For close to three decades, I’ve been helping businessesgrow through authentic communication and marketing practices that are in linewith their values and their clients’ aspirations.


However, since creating my own businesses and coachingbusiness owners directly, I consistently seen the importance of getting theinner game of success right first.


That’s why more recently, I have become a certified mindsetcoach, and practitioner in NLP, Mindset Dimensions, Timeline Therapy andHypnosis.


Understanding what business owners need most, when it comesto mindset and confidence, I created the new Dream Clients Mindset programme in 2022 and I’m excited to help you achieve unprecedented levels of confidence andsuccess in your business.

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