Helen von Dadelszen

From redundancy to following a passion

"In three months I had a clear business idea and even a company name!"

Melitta Campbell, Business Coach for Women - LinkedInMelitta Campbell, Business Coach for Women - Pinterest

Dream Clients Blueprint programme opened my eyes and started me on my current path.

When I was made redundant a few years ago, I wasn’t really planning on starting out on my own but I wanted to explore different options.

Working with Melitta helped me realise I have a lot of experience on which to build a business. She helped me set clear goals, design the client experience and communicate with my audience consistently.

In only three months, I had a clear idea of my offer, a picture of my ideal clients and even a name for my company: Present Potential.

However, the most important thing for me was to realise that I can do it! Melitta helped me envision myself actually providing a service to real people who’d pay!

Helen von Dadelszen

Present Potential

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