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Clear strategy led to better profits

"I went from running a business to running a business with a strategy!"

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When Sarah first came to me, she had a problem. She had leads, but her low closure rate and frequent discounting was causing her to dislike sales calls.

It also meant that while she was able to pay her two employees, she struggled to pay herself.

On our first call, she realised that her issue wasn't with her clients not understanding her value. It was that she wasn't communicating it!

Even after a short conversation, it became clear that Sarah wasn’t a virtual assistant as she had been calling herself, but a leader and a visionary with a passion for helping small businesses grow through a solid online brand and presence.

She had expected that when she talked about her skills, experience and services, that her value would be obvious to her prospects. But it wasn't. They were comparing her to other virtual assistants, and pushing her prices down.

I helped her see that she needed to break down her value into bite-size chunks. She could then focus on showing her clients exactly how their businesses and profits would transform after working with her. She embraced this and within weeks, everything changed.

Once she understood her true value and how to express this, she was able to structure her sales conversations around it.

Her conversations became easy and enjoyable, and now her prospects could quickly understand how awesome her offers were, she was able to stop offering discounts.

Within weeks she was able to confidently increase her prices, work with better quality clients and start paying herself as well as her team.

Since most women start their businesses wanting to make a difference, offering discounts isn’t a viable strategy. Only earning a predictable profit will help you stay in business and serve your clients over the long term.

When you can communicate the impact of what you do and sell with service, you can confidently justify your prices and enjoy working with more clients who value what you do. Ultimately building a business that gives you the income and flexibility you desire, and makes a difference over the long-term (and is fun to run!).

"I asked Melitta for help because I wanted to make my business more profitable after a good start.

"Through coaching sessions, we built a solid foundation and by the end I had complete clarity on my offer, audience and pricing. I went from running a business to running a business with a strategy!"

Sarah Renker

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