Vindou Duc

So much more than business coaching

"Melitta always has the right tools to help me take my next step."

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I reached out to Melitta at a time when I felt stuck in my business, but didn’t know why or what to do to regain my momentum and growth.

Through 1:1 coaching, Melitta quickly helped me to understand my current position and challenges, without ever feeling guilty or judged. Her ability to listen closely and share the right strategy and tools helped me structure my next steps and get results at every stage.

What Melitta offers is so much more than what I thought business coaching would be. She has the tools, experience and empathy to help me with every challenge I bring to her, and she helps me understand how to apply these lessons to my business. The fact that she is available outside our set sessions means I feel constantly supported and clear about my next steps. Her coaching is everything I needed and so much more.

Vindou Duc

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