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Why Smart Women get Stuck with an Expensive Hobby and not a Real Business

Discover insights to help you transform your business from an expensive hobby into a thriving business and attract your dream client

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How to Price Fairly and for Profit

Finding it challenging to price your services? Discover the truth behind setting fair prices, with the Pricing Lady, Janene Liston

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My Favourite Way to Communicate the Value of Your Offer

Discover my favourite way to communicate the value of your offer and stand out as the perfect choice of service for your dream clients.

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Thriving in Your Business, with ADHD

Listen to this podcast episode to discover the unique challenges and opportunities ADHD presents for entrepreneurs.

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Creating Compelling Content that gets Clients - What you need to know!

Unlock the secrets to creating compelling content that not only captures attention but also builds lasting client relationships. The Art of Value Whispering podcast with Melitta Campbell, business coach and value whisperer.

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Growing Your Business with Valuable Events

Listen to this podcast episode to discover how to grow your business with valuable events, with expert guest, Shay Wheat.

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