Best Family Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

Best Family Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

July 18, 2022

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Best Family Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

July 18, 2022

Best Family Advice from Female Entrepreneurs
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Show Notes

Are you looking for the best family advice?

For many of the guests on the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast, starting a business wasn’t part of their original life plan. However, once they had a family, they came to realise that the corporate environment no longer gave them the flexibility they needed.

In this collection of podcast episodes, you’ll get an incredible amount of inspiration and practical advice from women who have taken their future into their own hands and successfully built their own business while balancing their family lives and other commitments.

#52 Business After Babies – Lori Mihalich-Levin

“At first I struggled with sales, but it's important to remember that you can't help people if they don't know what you do. If no one knows about your solution, they can't use it.” - Lori Mihalich-Levin

If you're thinking you can't go into business when you have family, think again. The CEO & Founder of Mindful Return, Lori Mihalich Levin says you can have it all! Of course it was a challenge for her to return to work after having children. She couldn't find anything to help her connect with her new identity as a working mom when she sought around for assistance.

As a result, she resolved to fill the void herself. She now helps and empowers working parents. She'll show you how to change your thoughts about selling and how parenthood teaches you valuable leadership abilities.

Listen to Lori’s Episode: Business After Babies

#67 Backyard Sales to Global Brand – Kelley Higney

“When you truly own who you are, what you do and what you want to achieve in your life, and share this openly, the support and opportunities come to you.” - Kelley Higney

Have you developed a unique product but are unsure how to promote it? Kelley Higney is more than capable of helping you! She is the founder and CEO of Bug Bite Thing, which is dedicated to offering people a chemical-free and eco-friendly solution that alleviates the discomfort, stinging, itching, and swelling caused by bug bites and stings.

She will give you tips on how to educate your market when you launch an innovative product, how to keep up with the growing needs of your business, how and when to structure your expanding business, and the importance of maintaining time for your own needs too. She talks more about her strategy in her interview: Backyard Sales to Global Brand

Listen to Kelly’s Episode: Backyard Sales to Global Brand

#71 Successful Freelancing as a Mum – Abbi Perets

“Always treat yourself with the same kindness, love and encouragement that you give your children. Give yourself that same nurturing environment to grow and develop in. It will do amazing things for your business”. - Abbi Perets

When Abbi became a mother, she realised she no longer wanted to work in an office and instead needed to find a flexible job that allowed her to focus on her family while also earning a decent wage. She determined that freelance writing would be a good fit for her — and then set out to prove it! She started Successful Freelance Mom to help women and mothers start profitable freelance businesses that fit into their hectic schedules.

Abbi's no-nonsense approach will show you how to get the right work done in short chunks of time without driving yourself crazy, whether you're attempting to get a business off the ground while managing toddlers, teenagers, or a day job boss who throws regular tantrums. For more family advice, listen to her interview: Successful Freelancing as a Mum

Listen to Abbi’s Episode: Successful Freelancing as a Mum

#20 Building Your Business Around Your Family – Malva Gasowski

“You can be whatever you want in life - but that doesn't mean you have to be everything at the same time.” - Malva Gasowski

Malva Gasowski is a Parenting Coach and Couples Counsellor that specialises in helping couples grow in their relationships, parenting, and emotional bonding while juggling work and personal life. She delivers happiness to their homes and companies by utilising communication techniques, years of education, knowledge, and a positive attitude toward families.

She assists women in being happy mothers who have a great home and work-life balance. She assists fathers in being fulfilled in their parental obligations as well as managing their work teams. She works with couples to help them rediscover their spark and work through their problems.

She assists people in developing a loving relationship with themselves so that they can be fulfilled. To discover how you too can get more balance between your business, your family and your wellbeing listen to her interview: Building Your Business Around Your Family

Listen to Malva’s Episode: Building Your Business Around Your Family

#25 Time and Productivity Techniques that Work for Women – Megan Sumrell

“Instead of putting your needs last, claim the time you need for what's important to you up front. Do this often enough and it becomes a beautiful, game-changing habit.” - Megan Sumrell

Are you a new mom who is having trouble balancing your life? Let Megan Sumrell help! She is a Time Management and Productivity Coach. As a business owner, mother, and wife, she understands how tough it is to juggle everything while maintaining a sense of self and purpose.

Megan worked with businesses to establish systems and processes that would help them become more efficient, saving both time and money. Megan began to apply these concepts to her own life after becoming a mother, only to discover that her professional time-management techniques had little to do with organising a small family.

Megan took a step back after realising that things needed to change and chose to restructure her own family organisation to discover a better way to live in balance. To learn how she has turned her new processes into her full-time passion listen to her interview: Time and Productivity Techniques that Work for Women

Listen to Megan’s Episode: Time and Productivity Techniques that Work for Women

#30 Dreaming Big for your Family and Business – Miki Maruko

“Don’t be afraid to dream big for yourself, your business and your family. When you keep things simple and go one step at a time, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve everything you want.” - Miki Maruko

Do you find it difficult to balance your life, work, and motherhood? Miki Maruko might just have the thing. She is the founder of My Parent, which provides virtual parenting training to dedicated mamas all over the world. She has a background in psychology, business, and holistic therapy, and previous to founding her own company, she worked for 14 years in a successful multinational corporate career.

Miki is passionate about assisting mothers in thriving in their roles as mothers, as well as assisting them in letting go of guilt and frustrations so that they can enjoy motherhood while also pursuing their own life goals. To discover more about her business journey and her family advice on how to combine work and you personal life in ways that help you develop as a person listen to her interview: Dreaming Big for your Family and Business

Listen to Miki’s Episode: Dreaming Big for your Family and Business

#93 The Marketing Mindset – Teresa Heath-Wareing

“I can't do this all on my own and I'm not even gonna pretend I can. And therefore, I'm not sorry that I've got people to help me.” -Teresa Heath-Wareing

As one of the top British voices in online marketing, Teresa gave some incredible advice on how to gain more visibility for your business and manage the marketing process. However, as a single Mum, she also shared some invaluable advice on how to run a business around a young family, and feel comfortable about the choices you make.

She'll share useful tips like how being strategic with your business and discovering what works for you will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run, how to stop the negative voices that are holding you back, and many more! For more sound advice on how to find your family and work balance and to prove to yourself that you can have it all listen to her interview: The Marketing Mindset

Listen to Teresa’s Episode: The Marketing Mindset

What Helps You Balance Your Business and Family?

Has any of the advice in these podcast episodes helped you balance your business and family? What are your challenges in this respect? What has worked well for you and kept you sane?

I’d love to know more about you and your experiences – share them in the comments below or join the conversation in the free community: The Dream Clients Club. Enjoy more episodes from the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast episodes via your usual platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher etc.

And if you enjoy the show, don’t keep it to yourself - share it with your network via your social media and leave a review on iTunes (click ‘Ratings and Reviews’) so more people can find and enjoy the show.

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Best Family Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

How to Run Your Business Around Your Family

Lisa says... I've achieved a lot while working around my family. I've established Switzerland's first and only exhibition and consultancy business helping small businesses gain more visibility in the media.

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