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How to Price Fairly and for Profit

Getting your pricing right is rarely simple. You know what you want to charge, but will your clients pay? This fear can hold us back from building a profitable business. But The Pricing Lady is here to help you get the value/price balance right and set fair prices that grow your business.

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Growing Your Business with Valuable Events

Do events feature in your marketing plan? Shay believes they should as they give you a unique way to add value for your audience, and move them quickly along their path to become your next client. And creating valuable events can be easier than you might think!

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You Asked, I Answered

Join the conversation today, as I answer these questions from listeners:

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Profit First for Minority Business Owners with Susanne Mariga

You business may be doing well, but are you comfortably making a profit after all your taxes and bills are paid?Are you paying yourself a fair salary?Today, I’m joined by the inspiring Susanne Mariga, a Certified Public Accountant, entrepreneur and author of ‘Profit First in Minority business enterprises’ who will show you how to implement Profit First in your business, and get paid!

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