Best Mindset Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

Best Mindset Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

August 9, 2022

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Best Mindset Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

August 9, 2022

Best Mindset Advice from Female Entrepreneurs
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Show Notes

It’s said that ‘Mindset is Everything’ and I tend to agree.

You can have the most beautiful goals for your life and business, backed by robust plans to guide you step-by-step, but if you don’t believe in your ability to make those goals happen, you won’t get very far.

This collection of episodes, however, will help you build a robust entrepreneurial mindset in no time.

While the majority of guests on the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast have stated ‘working on your mindset’ as one of the key drivers of success, the following collection of episodes features mindset advice from professionals in this field.

Get ready to build your confidence and self-belief and start to enjoy more flow as you pursue your goals and grow your business.

#44 The Role of Mindset in Business SuccessLynda Heffernan

“It's not what you do that counts, but how you think about what you do. It's your mindset that influences your outcomes and results more than anything else.” - Lynda Heffernan

Do you know how to develop a robust mindset that will carry you and your company forward? Then you have to listen to Lynda Heffernan.

She is the creator of A Kaizen Mind and a Mindset and High Performance Coach.

Lynda learned during her work and experiences as a behavioural scientist and self-professed nerd that mentality is crucial for everyone, regardless of age, job, or aspirations.

Her lessons will teach you how to build a mindset that supports your success in life and business.

To learn more, listen to her episode: The Role of Mindset in Business Success

#76 Ditching the Imposter SyndromeClare Josa

”If I had a good mentor back then, I think that would have taken three or four years off of my journey.” - Clare Josa

Do you sometimes feel like doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud?

Well, Clare Josa is just the person you need. As someone who studied Psychology and a certified NLP trainer, she made it her mission to help business owners struggling with imposter syndrome to achieve their fullest business potential.

A leadership mentor, author of eight books, including Ditching the Imposter Syndrome. She'll give you sound advice on how to recognise whether you have impostor syndrome and how to overcome it so you can finally take your company to the next level.

Listen to Clare’s Episode: Ditching the Imposter Syndrome

#17 Building Your Business Confidence - Jules Wyman

”Building confidence is all about having trust and faith. Trust that you will always find a way and have faith that life provides.” - Jules Wyman

There are moments when we are unsure of ourselves and our talents, but it doesn’t mean that we are not capable.

This is where Jules Wyman comes in. She’s an award-winning confidence coach. She is renowned as the go-to person for coaching and has been described as an authentic, honest, thought-provoking, no-nonsense speaker and coach.

Jules will show you how to create an influence when you want to make a difference, the important distinction between confidence and competence, and many more.

Listen to Jules’s Episode: Building Confidence is All About Having Trust and Faith

#105 Becoming Wildly Wealthy with the Law of Attraction Sandy Forster

“The law of attraction is about focusing on, thinking about, and feeling as if what you desire is already in your life.” -Sandy Forster

Who needs help in changing their money mindset? Sandy Forster is the right person for this job. She's a Wildly Wealthy, Money Manifesting Mentor and the author of the international bestseller “How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast”.

She is a money mindset coach for women all over the world who want to be wealthy and self-sufficient.

Sandy went from being on welfare to being a billionaire, and was featured on Oprah's Aussie Secret, and is dedicated to inspiring and educating women to overcome challenges, manifest more money, and live a life they love.

Do you want to know more on how she used the law of attraction to transform her life and the lives of millions of women around the world?

Listen to Sandy’s Episode: Becoming Wildly Wealthy with the Law of Attraction

#59 Bringing Happitude into your BusinessAurelie Litynski

“Happiness is more than just a nice thing to do. It boosts creativity, engagement, and motivation. It's the key to overall success.” - Aurelie Litynski

Most people are not happy with their jobs, but Aurelie Litynski says that this doesn't have to be the case.

She is a Chief Happiness Officer who has received training from specialists from across the world on the subject of workplace happiness, positive psychology, and the science of happiness. She works with SMEs and large corporations to increase team happiness and productivity.

Aurelie is undoubtedly on a mission to transform workplace annoyances into workplace joy!

She will teach you simple habits that will generate more positivity as well as how to manage negative emotions. To learn more strategies on how to create a positive work environment for yourself and your team, listen to her interview.

Listen to Aurelie’s Episode: Bringing Happitude into your Business

#11 Building Confidence and Growing into your True Self - Barbara Roux-Levrat

“My advice for all women is to align with your soul, grow and respect yourself, and honour your own journey. Then enjoy the magic that happens.” - Barbara Levrat

We all have times in our life when we feel completely powerless and lost and Barbara Roux-Levrat can totally relate.

She used to be a woman who was “too nice”, a co-dependent, until she transformed and broke free from a toxic relationship with a narcissist. Since then, her greatest interest in life has been to educate, assist, and teach women to be free of all sorts of oppression, to uncover their inner power, and to develop a whole new connection with themselves.

Barbara is Europe’s #1 expert in teaching women who are ‘too nice’ how to become kick-ass!

Listen to Barbara’s Episode: Building Confidence and Growing into your True Self

#87 Develop a Strong Mindset Through CoachingNicola Semple

“We all hit bumps in the road and need to have that check-in and tune-up, to make sure that our mindset is just as it needs to be.” - Nicola Semple

Nicola Semple is Career and Confidence Coach and founder of The Good Life Well Lived Podcast.

She's a mindset coach who works with mid-career professional women to help them set healthy boundaries, develop supporting habits, and increase their inner confidence so they can achieve at work while still living a fulfilling life.

Her years of expertise will help you understand how critical it is to employ a coach to assist you with your business, as well as how mentality plays a critical role in business success. She talks more about this method in her interview.

Listen to Nicola’s Episode: Develop a Strong Mindset Through Coaching

#15 Finding your Natural Confidence and True Path – Michaela Koelbl

“When you give yourself permission not to judge yourself, that's the moment when you get permission to see inside and find your true essence.” - Michaela Koelbl

Michaela Koelbl is the founder of Horse Connect and works as a trainer for troublesome horses as well as a confidence coach for women.

She has been in the industry for more than 25 years. She's developed a powerful program based on life-changing equine wisdom that helps individuals overcome their anxiety and fears and rediscover their confidence, passion, and purpose.

She'll give you sound wisdom on how to establish, evolve, and grow your business by listening to your heart, as well as how to discover who you really are and build an authentic business. To learn more about her strategy listen to her interview.

Listen to Michaela’s Episode: Finding your Natural Confidence and True Path

#96 The Performance MindsetMarissa McCallam

“If you do make a mistake, so what? When you shift the way you think about failure, all of these mistakes become available to us as positive experiences.” -Marissa Mcallam

Marissa Mcallam is a Body and Mindset Coach and she believes that these two things are one and the same.

She works with performers, creatives, and entrepreneurs to figure out what they want, how to attain it, and to believe that they deserve it.

Marissa emphasises the necessity of aligning your goal with your inner knowledge, as well as the importance of using previous mistakes as stepping stones to future success.

She will provide you with the greatest advice on how to properly harness the power of positive thinking and knowledge of how it feels in your body to generate greater levels of success and performance in your business. She talks more about this in her interview.

Listen to Marissa’s Episode: The Performance Mindset

#90 Transformation and Success through the Quantum Heart Field -  Johanna Derbolowsky

“We're so busy in the past and in the future that we don't see what's right in front of us. But when we know that our life is taken care of then we can see what's happening right in front of us.” -Johanna Derbolowsky

Johanna Derbolowsky is a motivational speaker, transformational healing coach, and best-selling author of The Transformation Promise and the workbook 28 Days to Love, Joy, and Prosperity.

She has helped people from all over the world with significant life shifts and adjustments. From identifying past events that might be the root of current severe depression or health issues, to managing professional transitions, to establishing and sustaining successful relationships.

The originator of the Quantum Heart Field Experience is a well-known metaphysical teacher, shaman, and energy practitioner. She has been at the forefront of healing and change.

To learn more about the significance of developing inner confidence and trust as you progress along your personal or professional journey listen to her interview.

Listen to Johanna’s Episode: Transformation and Success through the Quantum Heart Field

#176 Ending Self-Silencing for Greater Impact -  Fifi Mason

"Self-silencing is the term I use to describe how we don't speak out, how we dismiss our ideas, our opinions, our perspectives, and keep ourselves from being authentic for fear of the consequences." - Fifi Mason

Fifi Mason is The Introvert’s Impact Coach. She inspires quiet introverts to find their voice, get visible and confidently share their ideas with the world. She specialises in helping introverted life coaches to step into their quiet power, so they can make an impact and transform lives – on their terms.  

She lives in a quaint village in Lincolnshire, UK, and loves spending her free time exploring the countryside with her beloved huskies, Winter and Kylo, who help her stay in touch with her values and recharge her introvert energy.  Fifi is a Personal Brand & Visibility Coach, Founder of The Quietly Influential Summit and VP of IntrovertU Entrepreneur.  

Listen to Michaela’s Episode: Ending Self-Silencing for Greater Impact

What Works for Your Mindset?

Has any of the mindset advice in these podcast episodes impacted your self-belief? What have been your biggest mindset challenges? What practices, books or advice have helped you build your mindset?

I’d love to know more about you and your mindset experiences – share them in the comments below or join the conversation in the free community: The Driven Female Club.

Enjoy more episodes from the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast episodes via your usual platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher etc.

And if you enjoy the show, don’t keep it to yourself - share it with your network via your social media and leave a review on iTunes (click ‘Ratings and Reviews’) so more people can find and enjoy the show.

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Best Mindset Advice from Female Entrepreneurs


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