The Perfect Intro Formula – How to Grab them at 'Hello'​

The Perfect Intro Formula – How to Grab them at 'Hello'​

March 14, 2017

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The Perfect Intro Formula – How to Grab them at 'Hello'​

March 14, 2017

The Perfect Intro Formula – How to Grab them at 'Hello'​
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Getting the introduction to your communication right is essential.


If you don’t successfully engage your audience from ‘Hello’ then they are not going to take the time to enjoy the rest of your carefully written and structured message or listen to your presentation.


If you’ve ever struggled with your introductions, then you will love this five-step formula for perfect intros!


Before becoming a home-business success coach, I worked in marketing and communications for more than 20 years. The last eight of these I was a communications consultant and trainer.  I developed this formula to create simple engaging introductions and I’m delighted to share it with you – so here goes!


Step one – write your first paragraph last

You’ve probably heard this tip before and it’s well known for a reason – it works! In making your first paragraph the last thing you write you can be sure that it will clearly express the gems your audience can look forward to in the rest of your message, as well as setting an appropriate tone.


Step two – start with what they know

Many people make the mistake of starting their message with something completely new or surprising to the audience. But the key to engaging people and hooking them in is to start with something they already know and agree with. Make your first sentence something that will have them nodding along in agreement and they'll be hooked!


Step three – speak directly to your audience

Include words such as ‘you’, ‘your’ or ‘yourself’ in your opening paragraph (ideally your opening sentence) to make your communications feel personal and engaging. Don’t forget you are always writing for a real person, no matter what media you have chosen for your message.


Step four – end with what’s new or changed

So you’ve started with what they know, or think they know, about your subject – now it’s time to challenge that. Briefly introduce what’s new, changed or different about your subject to get your audience thinking and eager to read or listen on to know more!


Step five – don’t include more than you need to!

Keep your introduction short and sweet – aim for it to be one-two short sentences long; three max!


And there you have it!


Looking for more support with your communication, look out for my Communications for Entrepreneurs webinar series coming soon!


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The Perfect Intro Formula – How to Grab them at 'Hello'​


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