31 Quotes to Inspire Your Networking Success

31 Quotes to Inspire Your Networking Success

January 11, 2023

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31 Quotes to Inspire Your Networking Success

January 11, 2023

31 Quotes to Inspire Your Networking Success

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It goes without saying that networking is important when you have a business and are an entrepreneur. Having said that, for many people, introverts in particular, it can be a nerve wracking experience. However, practice builds confidence! 

As an introvert myself, I totally get how challenging it can be to comfortably build your network. However, over the decades I’ve mastered the skills and discovered the strategies that have enabled me to venture outside of my comfort zone, network with ease and confidence, and develop a strong network.

Knowing that I’m not alone in my struggle, I wrote the book: A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking, which became a best-seller in 48-hours! Highlighting just how many people can relate to this challenge.

Here are some of the Top 31 Networking Quotes from the book, to help you to fall in love with networking, feel more comfortable and grow your business with greater ease. There is a quote for every situation you might find yourself in, whether you need a quick confidence boost or practical advice on how to expand and strengthen your network.

My hope is that this post will inspire and empower business owners like you to dream bigger and accomplish more without feeling overwhelmed!

And if you enjoy these quotes, share them on your social media to share the insights and inspiration with your network.

A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking is available in print, Kindle and Audiobook from Amazon and other online bookstores, and available to order from bricks and mortar bookshops globally. 

#Introverts and those who feel shy CAN enjoy #Networking with ease and confidence, once they know these secrets!

31 Quotes to Inspire Your Networking Success

by Melitta Campbell, author of A Shy Girl's Guide to Networking, A practical guide to networking for business success.

1: “I’ve learned that a strong network is the ultimate shortcut to everything you want to achieve!”

“The first step in any endeavour is to decide that you are going to do it. This simple act of resolution will already banish many of your doubts.” - Melitta Campbell

3: “Once I discovered the three core elements of successful networking, I saw my confidence increase and my outcomes improve. I’m excited for you to experience this for yourself.”

4: “Few people succeed on their own. We all need external perspectives, additional support or knowledge, and fresh inspiration from time to time. That’s what your network can provide.”

5: “You don’t ever want to be, or try to be, someone you’re not. It’s when you show up as your real self that you’ll feel most comfortable and will be able to connect with others most powerfully.” 

“Pushing outside your comfort zone is never easy, but once you know why it’s important to you, then it starts to become easier and more enjoyable.” - Melitta Campbell

7: “Reading this book alone won’t make a difference. But taking intentional action will. Remember to not only take notes, but to also take action!” 

8: “It’s important to remember, at all times, that progress trumps perfection – ALWAYS!”

9: “Nothing happens if nothing happens!” 

10: “Mastering anything takes time and commitment. This first requires that you have an interest or passion in it. This is where your vision comes in.” 

“I have come to learn that mistakes are good. We learn far more and grow more quickly from our mistakes than we ever will from getting things right the first time.”  - Melitta Campbell

12: “Starting with a clear vision of your future success, brings the future into the present moment, making it easier for you to stay focused and motivated when the going gets tough.” 

13: “The first thing to do in any endeavour is to decide that you are going to do it. This simple act of resolution will already rid you of many of your inner doubts.”

14: “It’s what you do before and after a networking event that has the most impact on your business success. Get those strategies right, and you’ll soon have a thriving network of people who know, like and trust you.” 

“Give yourself manageable goals to work towards. It will help you recognise that your efforts are paying off. This not only gives you the motivation to keep going towards your next milestone, but will also give you cause for lots of celebration along the route to your ultimate goal.” - Melitta Campbell

16: “Networking can be described as ‘conversation with purpose’. It’s rare that we turn up to an event for no reason at all. When you are clear what that reason is ahead of time, you will be far more likely to come away having achieved something meaningful.”

17: “The best networks, like the best workplaces, are those that are diverse; containing people with a wide range of skills, backgrounds, experiences and influence that can supplement your own.”

18: “Your time and focus are the most precious gifts you can give others while networking. Give generously.”

19: “People will often judge you on your energy so don’t shy away from showing your enthusiasm for a subject. Energy is highly engaging, infectious and memorable. It will also build credibility and trust as you just can’t fake genuine interest.”

“There are three ways you can encourage people to remember important points. Make it rhyme, use words of one syllable and/or make it a short sound bite or story.” - Melitta Campbell

21: “Before you leave your networking event, always make a special effort to thank the organisers. They are volunteers who have put time and effort into making the event a success, so taking time to say thank you is always appreciated.”

22: “When you start your event with intention, a smile and an outstretched hand, everything else falls in behind nicely. Setting you up for joy and success.”

23: “Your smile is your secret weapon while networking. If in doubt at any time, just smile and things will often work out just fine.”

24: “Keep your messages simple. A confused mind doesn’t buy, or buy-into anything!”

“How you follow-up with your connections determines just how successful your networking outcomes will be. The fortune is in the follow-up.” - Melitta Campbell

26: “A willingness to share is at the heart of successful networking.”

27: “No one succeeds in a vacuum. Having a Success Circle, a core group of supporters, will be essential to your ongoing success.”

28: “Networking online is growing in importance. The good news is that most in-person networking best practices still work: be yourself, be interested, share value first.”

29:  "Here’s the challenging part about brands – personal or otherwise – you don’t own them. Your brand is how other people perceive you in their mind. That’s why building a brand takes time and consistency.”

30: “Avoid the temptation to feel you have to be more like anyone else. Embrace all aspects of your character, including the imperfections, these are often what make you most relatable.”

“Remember to be authentic in all your connections. You’ll always ‘do you’ best.” - Melitta Campbell

Master your Networking with the help of A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking is available in print, Kindle and Audiobook from Amazon and other online bookstores, and available to order from bricks and mortar bookshops globally. 

Which Networking Quote has stood out for you?

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31 Quotes to Inspire Your Networking Success

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