Why Routine Is Good for Your Business

You’ll hear people refer to routine as being dull or boring.


It implies that life is the same from one day to the next. However, routines are a great way to get your work done and succeed in business. Here are just some reasons why routines are good for your business.


Routines build successful teams

Having agreed routines are a great means for teams to work together towards a common goal. When everyone has an understanding of what needs to get done, i.e. what routines each team member needs to perform, projects tend to run smoother.


Routines get the important things done

When you are clear about your priorities and you build these into your regular schedule, you increase the likelihood that these get done, and that you’ll make steady progress towards your goals. What get scheduled gets done!


Being human means we only have so much willpower and discipline. Where our willpower fades out, our routines, processes and systems take over and ensure we get the important tasks completed, and to our agreed standards.


Routines create balance

When you have a clear set routine for when you’ll work, when you’ll exercise, when you’ll spend quality time with your family, and when you’ll focus on yourself, you make it far more likely that you’ll get these done as you save yourself thinking time, and you set clear boundaries for those around you.


Your morning routine is particularly important as that sets the tone for the rest of your day. Your evening routine can also play a key role in helping you maintain balance. When you finish work, take five minutes to review what you’ve accomplished, be grateful for what’s gone well, and plan out what you’ll do tomorrow. This way you’ll find it easier to switch off and relax for the night, and start the following day with intention.


Routines pay bills!

When you pay bills, you tend to have a routine for this. Some people like to get everything sorted on one day and pay all the bills on that day. Others will pay them whenever they receive them. Others, still, will set up their payments to be paid automatically by their bank or brokerage. There isn’t a right answer for how to do this. Whatever works for you is the right answer. However, the method you choose will be routine ; )


The result of not having a clear routine

Contrast this to people who don’t have routines to manage their lives. They tend to handle tasks when the mood strikes them. These people are usually late with their bills, have messy environments and feel frustrated, overwhelmed and unaccomplished. Some of these people will say that this way of life works for them. However, for most people this is chaos. It’s something that can easily be avoided by setting up routines for the tasks you need to complete.

Of course, people are not robots. Hence, it’s wise to break up your routines on occasion, particularly at weekend and holidays. When you do, be sure to use these opportunities to switch off, recharge and have fun!


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