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Melitta Campbell, Speaker
Inspiring Women to
Dream Bigger and Acheive More


Melitta Campbell is a speaker and business coach focused on helping women acheive more, without selling their soul or sacrificing their freedom.


She is passionate about using her 25 years experience to inspire women to move beyond doubt and acheive greater success in life and business.


Melitta's talks don't just inspire audiences, they leave them thinking differently, feeling equip to make positive change, and empowered to start taking steps towards their ideal future.


"I don't just want to inspire women,
I want them to leave feeling that anything is
possible, and knowing that they already have what it takes to make it happen."
Melitta Campbell


Melitta is a founder of The Swiss Entrepreneurs Club, Co-Founder of the Swiss Riviera Toastmasters Club, TEDxLausanne Speaker Coach, Leader of the Vevey Nomand Lean-In Activity groups in Entrepreneurshp and Communication, and host of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast.



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Melitta's Story in a Nutshell

In 2007, Melitta left the Corporate role she loved to build a business around her new family. This was not the easy choice living in a country where she didn't speak the language, but despite her doubts she was determined to try.


A decade on, and three businesses later, Melitta has learned many lessons the hard way. Lessons she shares with her audiences through inspiring and relatable stories.


Through her own experiences, and through coaching more than 100 women to start a business, she believes the key to business success lies in having clarity of vision, an ability to communicate with impact, and self-confidence.


"Whatever your objectives, I believe the key to success
lies in Clarity, Communication and Confidence.
Three things I know anyone can master, given
simple tools, support and inspiration."
Melitta Campbell


Building her business around two young daughters and a travelling husband, Melitta has learned to master her time and productivity.


To help keep her life in balance, while also moving her business forward, Melitta has created an innovative daily planing system to keep her focused, energised and productive. She firmly believes that health and entrepreneurship go hand in hand, making it crucial for entrepreneurs and business owners to take their wellbeing and personal growth, as seriously as their business wellbeing and growth.


Melitta has come to understand that balance isn't something that just happens in life, it's something you have to consciously create and actively manage.


"I've come to understand that balance isn't
something that just happens in life,
it's something you have to
consciously create and actively manage
Melitta Campbell



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Melitta Enjoys Speaking about...


  • 5 Steps to Freedom: how to build and scale a profitable business.


  • How to build Impact and Influence: the 4 Golden Rules of Communication


  • One-Hour Marketing Plan: Creating an aligned approach to business growth.


  • Networking for Business Success: Even if you feel shy


  • Your Ideal Life Balance: How to consciously create and actively manage your ideal life.



Melitta has delivered speeches that have motivated her audiences to launch their own business and reignite their entrepreneurial passion.


Drawing on 25 years of experience in marketing, communication and leadership, as well as more than a decade of running her own business, Melitta has given speeches and facilitated workshops on female empowerment, communicating with impact, effective leadership, confidence and entrepreneurial mindset.

She has spoken for groups and organisations including:

  • The Women's Economic Forum
  • The Global Women's International Networking (WIN) Conference
  • The Professional Women's Network
  • The Geneva Communicators Network
  • Lloyds TSB, & Lloyds TSB IPB Women's Network
  • International University in Geneva
  • Swiss Entrepreneurs Association
  • Geneva Impact Hub



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Melitta Campbell - Public Speaker, inspiring female audiences

Online Experience



Expat Business Hero

Introvert Biz Growth

Wings of Inspired Business

Fab Fempreneurship

Investor Smarts

Story Therapy (coming soon)


Summits and Interviews

Influencer Talk (interview)

The Inner Entrepreneur (interview)

Business Success Summit

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Download Melitta's Speaker Sheet


Melitta Campbell - Public Speaker, for Female Entrepreneurs and Women in Business


Speaker Training

Melitta also helps train other speakers through 1-2-1 coaching and group workshops.

Melitta is a founding member and past-President elect of the Swiss Riviera Toastmasters Club and Speaker Coach at TEDxLausanne.



Melitta is a powerhouse of knowledge, expert guidance, and humility.
“On top of the incredible, top-notch business and communication experience she brings to the table, she shows up with elegance and kindness. She has a great awareness on how to help every single person within the audience she’s speaking to.
“Her story and results also qualify her to have a very detailed understanding of how to bring value to each audience she speaks with.

“I’d say book her any chance you can get so she can bring her passion and clarity to your platform of choice!”



Melitta is a confident and inspiring speaker, on podcast interviews or on stage.

“She has all the qualities that I’m looking for in a speaker: smart, empowering but not intimidating, generous, calm and genuine. My audience on the Introvert Biz Growth appreciated her quiet power and so did I!

“I can highly recommend Melitta if you are looking for a speaker who walks her talk.”

Sarah Santacroce, Introvert Biz Growth Podcast



“Melitta runs a wonderful online community for entrepreneurs in Switzerland and has a passion for helping women get into business, and my audience of Expat entrepreneurs wanted to hear her story!

“We had some great feedback on her episode, and even some controversy over women vs male entrepreneurs, so we certainly caught everyone’s attention!

“Melitta helped give the Expat Business Hero podcast more exposure and credibility and also connected me with new guests.

If you are looking for heart-centered, pragmatic business coach to inspire your audience, then I’d highly recommend having Melitta on as a guest.

Alex Congdon, Expat Business Hero Podcast



Melitta is a confident and engaging speaker. She is someone who makes you feel instantly comfortable – like a long lost friend that you can just pick up a conversation with.


“Melitta doesn’t just give impactful lessons that will change your business, she walks the walk. I love how intentional she is in business and in life.


“I recommend Melitta if you are looking for a speaker for a retreat, podcast guest or an upcoming event.”

Candice Bakx-Friesen, Investor Smarts Podcast



Melitta leads with full generosity, sharing her experience and knowledge and encouraging women to believe in themselves and get out there to start building up their power.


“She makes complex things approachable and easy.  After her workshop I felt full of energy and ready to start making my project a reality.

“As she is an inspiration to me and to many other women, I feel she can be a great inspiration in your event, for women all over the world.”

Marisa Bechara, Executive and Life Coach



I never fail to be impressed by her business and communication skills, her depth of knowledge, her personal passion for learning and her desire to share her knowledge to help others succeed.


“Melitta has a calm, inclusive and confident style that puts people at ease and helps support their learning.


“Melitta has a genuine commitment to developing women not only as entrepreneurs but as individuals. I recommend her coaching to my own clients when they are ready to build a business.


“If you are looking for a value-driven and empowering speaker or trainer for your event, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Melitta.”

Lynda Heffernan, High Performance Coach, a Kaizen Mind