Melitta Campbell, speaker and facilitator

Known for her quiet power, breadth of knowledge and ability to uplift and inspire, Melitta provides memorable talks that leave your audience ready to take positive action towards their personal growth and business goals.


Melitta's talks draw on her 25 years experience in Marketing, Communication and Leadership, as well as her personal experiences leading women's networks, a decade of entrepreneurship and hosting the popular Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast. 


As a pitch mentor, toastmaster and TEDx Speaker coach, Melitta is well versed in how to educate and inspire audiences.


If you are looking for heart-centered, pragmatic business coach to inspire your audience, then I’d highly recommend Melitta.Alex Congdon


Melitta is a powerhouse of knowledge, expert guidance, and humility."Dallin Need 

Sample Speech Topics

Melitta Campbell Speaker on Marketing for Small Business


Having studied and worked in marketing for more than 25-years, Melitta knows just how complex strategic marketing can be. But she also believes that for small businesses, marketing  can be simple, cost-effective and fun once a few core principles are understood. 

This talk/workshop breaks down what marketing is, so you can finally make it work for you - and enjoy the process. 

Melitta is a powerhouse of knowledge, expert guidance, and humility. On top of the incredible, top-notch business and communication experience she brings to the table, she shows up with elegance and kindness. Dallin Need, Visionary Marketing Podcast 



Melitta grew up labelled 'The Shy Girl' and avoided networking for many years, until a change of job, and country, pushed her to learn the skills. Since then, Melitta has become known for her quietly successful approach to networking.

In this talk she shares how to use her VICTORY framework to build your networking confidence, and the essential 3-step process for business networking success. 

Key themes from her book:
Introverts Can! A Shy Girl's Guide to Networking.

“As well as sharing great advice that went beyond most people’s experience of networking, Melitta shared her personal story of how she came to fall in love with networking. The audience didn’t just learn some core networking skills, but came away feeling that they could put them into action – even if they feel shy and intimidated." Sarah Grosso, Webster University

Melitta Campbell Speaker - Authentic Leadership for Female Entrepreneurs and Founders


While on her own leadership journey, Melitta established a Women's Network to foster collaboration and growth amongst her female colleagues at Europe's largest bank (in 2005). 

From this experience, her role advising top leaders on their communication style and strategies, and from more than 60 interviews with successful women via her Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast, Melitta has seen a clear pattern in what successful female leaders do - and more importantly, don't do. 

She shares all in this highly inspiring and empowering talk. 

Melitta leads with full generosity, sharing her experience and knowledge and encouraging women to believe in themselves and get out there to start building up their power.
Marisa Bechara, Founder, LeanIn Vevey, Executive Coach


Melitta Campbell, speaker and facilitator

Melitta has given talks, workshops and facilitated panel discussions for a wide-range of groups and organisations, including:

  • The Women's Economic Forum
  • The Global Women's International Networking (WIN) Conference
  • The Professional Women's Network
  • The Geneva Communicators Network
  • Lloyds TSB, & Lloyds TSB IPB Women's Network
  • International University in Geneva
  • Swiss Entrepreneurs Association
  • Geneva Impact Hub
  • Girls Inspire Africa
  • IFJ: StartUp Support
  • LeanIn Vevey
  • Ferring Pharmaceuticals
  • Hotel Institute Montreux
  • Nestlé

Podcast Appearances 


Introverted Business Growth Podcast

An introverted approach to sales and networking 


Fabulous Fempreneurship Podcast

Why starting a business is easier and harder than you think


Investor Smarts Podcast

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Savvy The Business Podcast

Creating an aligned business


Brave, Bold and Brilliant Speaking

Not asking for permission


DISC Profiling Podcast

Avoiding burnout in business


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YouTube Appearances 


Pep Talk with Tisha Hammond

How to become your best business-self


Authority Magazine

5 Success Tips for Female Founders


I'm Not Done Yet (INDY) 

The mindset behind business success at any age


InnerVisions International Women's Day Summit 2021

What does 'Choose to Challenge' mean for Female Entrepreneurs


Conversations with Isabelle Litzler

How to transition from corporate life to freelance life


Tuesday Tea with Malva

Achieving business success and balance around a family


Live with the Pricing Lady

My pricing journey - the perils of underpricing 


Pay Talks

How to go from 'expensive hobby' to thriving business


The Ladies Enrichment Club

A Shy Girl's Guide to Networking for Business Success


Also see: Melitta's YouTube Channel.

Podcast / YouTube appearences

  • Introverted Business Podcast
  • Fabulous Fempreneurship Podcast: Why starting a Business is Easier and Harder than you Think


Melitta is a confident and inspiring speaker, on podcast interviews or on stage. She has all the qualities that I’m looking for in a speaker: smart, empowering but not intimidating, generous, calm and genuine. My audience on the Introvert Biz Growth podcast appreciated her quiet power and so did I! I can highly recommend Melitta if you are looking for a speaker who walks her talk.” Sarah Santacroce, Introvert Biz Growth Podcast

Melitta is a confident and engaging speaker. She is someone who makes you feel instantly comfortable – like a long lost friend that you can just pick up a conversation with. Melitta doesn’t just give impactful lessons that will change your business, she walks the walk. I love how intentional she is in business and in life. I recommend Melitta if you are looking for a speaker for a retreat, podcast guest or an upcoming event.” Candice Bakx-Friesen, Investor Smarts Podcast

I never fail to be impressed by Melitta's business and communication skills, her depth of knowledge, her personal passion for learning and her desire to share her knowledge to help others succeed. 

"Melitta has a calm, inclusive and confident style that puts people at ease and helps support their learning. Melitta has a genuine commitment to developing women not only as entrepreneurs but as individuals. If you are looking for a value-driven and empowering speaker or trainer for your event, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Melitta.” Lynda Heffernan, A Kaizen Mind

“Having followed Melitta's work around entrepreneurship and business networking, she was my best choice for me when it came to finding a speaker for a launch of the Lausanne Future Females Community. The event was successful and the presentation was brilliant with a valuable content. The audience was very impressed. What I appreciated a lot is the trust and support of Melitta to help me go out of my comfort zone." Kenza Majbar, Future Females, Lausanne