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Social Media 101: How to Stand Out, Feel Natural and Stay Sane

Today, everyone is online. So how can you stand out and be found my your dream clients? I share the secrets to standing out in the digital crowd, while staying true to yourself and keeping your life in balance.

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Why Smart Women get Stuck with an Expensive Hobby and not a Real Business

If you are working hard but feel disappointed by your results, you might not be doing anything wrong - you are just performing the right actions with the wrong tools and a mediocre message. Here's how you can turn things around, fast!

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My Favourite Way to Communicate the Value of Your Offer

Standing out in a crowded market can be easy once you communicate your True Value in a way that combines credibility, emotion and logic. Here's my favourite way to do this and stand out as the perfect choice of service for your dream clients.

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Creating A Website That Converts

Don't miss this episode as Genc shares his journey and discusses how to create the ideal website that will promote engagement and ultimately result in conversion.

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