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The Secrets to Impactful Speaking

Don't miss Damien's journey from a timid child to a compelling speaker and coach. Discover exactly how to build your communication skills and confidence, so you can share your ideas and have a lasting impact in the world.

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Unleash Your Confidence, Charisma, and Presence

Unlock the secrets to powerful public speaking with Sly's unique journey and approach! Join us in this episode to gain confidence both on stage and in meetings. Your key to commanding presence awaits!

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Live Pitch Creation with Jennie Reed, Excellence in English

It's all about Live Pitch Coaching! We tackle a common challenge for service-based businesses – communicating their true value clearly and confidently. Join us as we craft a pitch for Jennie Reed's one-to-one English pronunciation coaching at Excellence in English.

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Becoming a More Inclusive and Welcoming Business

Looking for inspiration on how to captivate your audience and create a more LGBTQ-inclusive business? Don't miss Rikki's episode where they share tips for inspiring storytelling and creating an LGBTQ-inclusive business.

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