Unleash Your Confidence, Charisma, and Presence

Unleash Your Confidence, Charisma, and Presence

November 9, 2023

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Unleash Your Confidence, Charisma, and Presence

November 9, 2023

Unleash Your Confidence, Charisma, and Presence
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Show Notes

In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Sylvain (Sly) Haché, a Transformational Speaking Coach as well as an award-winning, international-touring musician.

Sly's journey is one of profound personal growth amid adversity. Initially hindered by severe stuttering, he overcame this obstacle to become a versatile musician, adept at live TV and radio interviews in two languages. His transformation forms the bedrock of his public speaking approach.

Nevertheless, Sly's path was strewn with hurdles, both personal and professional. But rather than yielding to these challenges, he gleaned invaluable lessons from each experience. 

Recognising his innate talent for synthesising information and teaching, he embarked on a coaching career, starting in music and later expanding to marketing and speaking.

Now, Sly is dedicated to empowering individuals in public speaking. His innovative system transforms introverts and those with confidence challenges into charismatic speakers, devoid of scripts or stress.

Don’t miss this episode to discover Sly's journey and his unique public speaking approach. If you are looking to gain more confidence on stage, on camera and in meetings, you’ll take away a lot of value from today’s show.

"The best way for people to remember what you just said, is to tell them stories." - Sylvain (Sly) Haché


In this value-packed episode you’ll learn:

  • The transformative power of storytelling and the concept of "money shots."
  • What it means to have charisma 
  • Why understanding your niche is so crucial for entrepreneurial success 
  • What it takes to build true confidence, craft charismatic messaging, and develop a powerful presence.
  • The three levels of story you need to master.

...and so much more!

"Baseline confidence is the inner trace. If you don't have that, you ain't got nothing." - Sylvain (Sly) Haché

About Sylvain (Sly)

Sylvain (Sly) Haché is an ex-chronic stutterer that morphed into an award-winning, international-touring musician interviewed on live TV & Radio, in 2 languages! 

He’s the creator of a new public speaking system that turns introverts into charismatic speakers without scripts, without memorisation and without stress. 

His clients include TV hosts, best-selling authors and international keynote speakers. He’s here to show us how YOU can have more confidence, charisma and presence on stage, on camera, and in meetings.

Connect with Sylvain (Sly)

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About Melitta

Melitta Campbell is an award-winning business coach who is passionate about helping women confidently Build, Grow and Scale their dream business through her award-winning Dream Clients Blueprint programme.

She has become known as the Value Whisperer for the way she helps her clients identify, communicate and sell their True Value.

She teaches her clients a unique approach to business growth and promotion that she has termed Value Whispering: the art of gently weaving your true value through everything you do, building meaningful relationships, and gently guiding your clients to the results they seek. So no matter how soft your voice. You can create a powerful impact.

Her expertise comes from 25+ years of experience in communication, marketing and leadership, including more than a decade of running her own businesses. As a certified mindset coach, she also coaches her clients on the inner-game of success, as well as the practicalities of starting and running a thriving business and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Melitta is also the best-selling author of A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking and host of the popular Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast.

She is an in-demand speaker, appearing on stages and screens internationally. She has also coached well-known speakers at TEDx events in Switzerland and the UK. Earlier this year Grant Cardone and Pete Vargas invited Melitta to be a judge at: The Great American Speak Off 2023 event in Las Vegas, attended by 40k guests.

In 2021, LinkedIn named Melitta as one of the 16 top Sales Influencers to follow and one of their top 14 most authentic contributors.

At AIs Influential Business Woman Awards in 2021 and 2022, Melitta was awarded: Most Influential Female Business Coach (Europe).

She was also named as one of the top Female Business Coaches in the World by Cade Hildreth.

Originally from the UK, she now supports her global client base from her home in Switzerland, where she lives with her husband, two daughters and fluffy pup.

You can learn more about Melitta's story here.

Connect with Melitta

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Unleash Your Confidence, Charisma, and Presence

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