Success Through Self-Compassion

Success Through Self-Compassion

July 13, 2023

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Success Through Self-Compassion

July 13, 2023

Success Through Self-Compassion
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Show Notes

In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast, I speak with Tom Cleary, a Personal Development, Wellbeing & Mental Health Consultant, Trainer, and Coach and the owner of Train Your Mind.

Tom's journey has been shaped by a varied career background that spans teaching, leadership, and entrepreneurship. During his time as a teacher and school leader, Tom was known for his unwavering compassion towards others. However, this selfless approach eventually took its toll, leading to a significant burnout that forced Tom to reevaluate his priorities.

The experience of burnout prompted Tom to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Recognizing the importance of self-compassion, he delved into the field of mental health and well-being, dedicating himself to understanding its profound impact. Over the past six years, Tom has immersed himself in this domain, working tirelessly to help individuals and organisations cultivate a greater sense of well-being.

Today, Tom serves as a beacon of support and guidance for those seeking to enhance their mental health and well-being. As a lifelong learner and educator, he lends his expertise to individuals and organisations, fostering awareness of well-being topics and empowering them with the necessary skills to safeguard their mental health. By instilling these vital skills, Tom works towards preventing future problems and enabling individuals and teams to thrive.

Don't miss this episode to learn about Tom's journey and gain valuable insights into mental health and well-being as he draws from his extensive experience in business, education, and leadership.

“One foundation of self-compassion is mindful awareness, this helps us gain perspective and recognize unhelpful patterns that worsen our problems.” - Tom Cleary


In this value-packed episode you’ll learn:

  • What self-compassion is and why it is so important for our well-being.
  • How to increase self-awareness of your own current levels of self-compassion.
  • The next steps to increase self-compassion, leading to increased well-being & success (both in business and personally).

...and so much more!

“Self-compassion and understanding ourselves impact how we show compassion and form genuine relationships with others, which is essential for personal and professional thriving.” - Tom Cleary

About Tom

As a lifelong learner and educator, Tom supports individuals and organisations to increase awareness of wellbeing topics, working to embed both individual and team skills that help safeguard people’s mental health, prevent future problems and help them thrive.

After extensive experience within business, education and leadership, combined with overcoming his own challenges with burnout, Tom set up his own business to support schools, teachers and education leaders. He also works with leading mental health & wellbeing charities and organisations across the UK and beyond.

Tom combines lived experience of wellbeing challenges with professional qualifications (including in Mindfulness, psychology, coaching and mental health) with the aim of making these topics understandable, relatable and, ultimately, impactful. In the past 6 years, Tom has worked with thousands of individuals & groups, delivering training & support which makes a genuine impact both within the workplace and in people’s personal lives. Whoever he works with, the goal is the same: “have I helped someone today”.

Connect with Tom

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About Melitta

Melitta Campbell is an award-winning business coach who is passionate about helping women confidently Build, Grow and Scale a profitable business that allows them to do work that they love, create the balanced lifestyle they desire, and feel proud of the difference they are making.

Her expertise comes from 25+ years of experience in communication, marketing and leadership, including more than a decade of running her own businesses. This allows her to coach her clients on the inner-game of success as much as the practicalities of starting and running a thriving business.

Melitta is also the best-selling author of A Shy Girl’s guide to Networking, international speaker, and host of the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast.

In 2021, LinkedIn named Melitta as one of the top Sales Influencers to follow and one of their top 14 most authentic contributors.

At AIs Influential Business Woman Awards in 2021 and 2022, Melitta was awarded:

Most Influential Female Business Coach (Europe)

She was recently named as one of the top Female Business Coaches in the World by Cade Hildreth, and

Grant Cardone and Pete Vargas invited Melitta to be a judge at: The Great American Speak Off 2023 event in Las Vegas, attended by 40k guests.

Originally from the UK, she now supports her global client base from her home in Switzerland, where she lives with her husband, two daughters and fluffy pup.

Connect with Melitta

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Success Through Self-Compassion

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