How to Build Confidence and grow into your true self - Barbara Roux-Levrat on the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast

Barbara Roux-Levrat – Building Confidence and Growing into your True Self

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In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneurs Podcast, I speak with executive and life coach, Barbara Roux-Levrat, about how she learned to stop being so nice, and start getting more of what she wanted in life.


It was this transformation that enabled her to break free from a toxic relationship and discover her passion for guiding women to discover their inner strength, and to build a totally new relationship with themselves and have the confidence to build their ideal life.


Listen in to this episode to learn Barbara’s tips for getting more of what you want, by becoming more of who you are.



In this episode you’ll learn:


  • How to help others achieve more, while also focusing on what you need most.


  • The difference between following your head and following your heart.


  • The way to find and test your true passion.


  • Why your business needs you to become your best self.


  • Where to find confidence when you are moving out of your comfort zone.


  • How to protect yourself from falling into the fear trap.


  • …and much more!


My advice for all women is to align with your soul, grow and respect yourself, and honour your own journey. Then enjoy the magic that happens. - Barbara Levrat Click To Tweet


About Barbara Roux-Levrat

Barbara is Europe’s #1 expert in teaching women who are ‘too nice’ how to become kick-ass! She used to be herself a woman who was “too nice”, a co-dependent, until she transformed and broke free from a toxic relationship with a narcissist.

Since then, her biggest passion in life is to guide, support, and teach women to be free from all forms of oppression, to discover their inner strength, and to build a totally new relationship with themselves, which often leads them to find the love of their lives!

She has been a coach for the last 10 years and has helped many women turn around their lives!

She is currently the Managing Director Switzerland for Noble Manhattan Coaching, one of the top coach training companies in the world.


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How to Build Confidence and grow into your true self - Barbara Roux-Levrat on the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast

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