Growing Your Business with Pinterest Funnels - Helen Munshi

Growing Your Business with Pinterest Funnels – Helen Munshi

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In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneurs Podcast, I speak with online business strategist and founder of The Startup Studio, Helen Munshi, about her business journey and how she helps business owners find greater freedom and joy from their business.  


In this episode, Helen shares how her passion for entrepreneurship really kicked-off when she worked with The Prince’s Trust, helping disadvantaged youth to build up their confidence and independence through their own business. When she decided it was time to start her own business, she went through a few business ideas before becoming a property entrepreneur and business strategist. 


Listen to this episode to discover how to keep business success simple, and how you can harness the power of a Pinterest funnel to grow your business in ways that feel natural to you and your prospects.


Success in business comes down to two things. Figuring out, and intentionally designing, how your clients find you, love you and buy from you, and then not doing anything that doesn't support this process. - Helen Munshi Click To Tweet


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In this episode you’ll learn:


  • How starting and building a business is a process that offers so much more than just an income.


  • The ripple effect that starts when you start your own business.


  • The role Pinterest can play in your business growth.


  • Why Pinterest is different to Social Media platforms.


  • What makes Pinterest such a powerful tool for lead generation.


  • Why Pinterest works for every business.


  • How to get started with your own Pinterest strategy.


  • The mistake many business owners make when designing their sales funnel.


  • How to create an aligned sales process that feels natural and intuitive.


  • The key to creating a successful lead generation tool (freebie).


  • Two powerful, and fun, business building strategies for small businesses.


  • How business success can be as simple as: Show up, Share, Make an Offer.


…and much more!


The biggest mistake business owners make with sales funnels is moving people ahead too fast. Instead, create a journey that naturally follows the steps in their transformation journey. - Helen Munshi Click To Tweet


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About Helen

Helen Munshi is an online business strategist & official business geek since 2004. She’s lived and breathed business strategy for over 13 years. AND built two businesses from nothing to freedom giving income and escaping her 9-5.

She loves helping brilliant entrepreneurs who are feeling totally overwhelmed by all the things, to simplify their businesses and launch their next big idea so they can finally make more money and have fun doing it. Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be so freaking hard!

Helen’s mission is to take you from “maybe I should just quit and get a normal job” to “I love my life – Hello freedom, income and impact.”

When she’s not working she loves playing Korfball (look it up, it’s a real sport!!), eating spicy food and chilling with her cat Isla and her husband.


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About Your Host, Melitta Campbell

Melitta Campbell is a Business Coach with a passion for helping women become confident business owners.


Since ’97, Melitta has been helping businesses grow through stronger value propositions, marketing strategies and leadership. Today she uses her knowledge and experience to help women enjoy greater fulfilment, time freedom and profit from their business through her 121 advisory and group coaching experiences.


While her expertise lies in business strategy, communications and marketing, and leadership, having been her own boss for 12 years, Melitta understands that being successful takes a lot more than a perfect plan. You also need the skills, vision and confidence to implement it. Therefore, Melitta’s coaching programs feature a personalised approach that helps clients build confidence and an entrepreneurial mindset, while also building a profitable value-driven business.


Melitta also supports women through her volunteer work as a LeanIn Circle Entrepreneurship Lead, TEDxLausanne Speaker Coach, and through the content on her blog, across her social media communities, in The Power of Why international best-selling book and here on the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast.


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Growing Your Business with Pinterest Funnels - Helen Munshi

Discover how to harness the power of a Pinterest funnel to grow your business in ways that feel natural to you and your prospects.

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