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‘Funnel Queen’ Lyndsey Johnson on Finding Your Own Roadmap to Success

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In this episode, Driven Female Entrepreneurs Podcast host, Melitta Campbell, talks to ‘Funnel Queen’ Lyndsey Johnson of Growth Vine.


Lyndsey has had an eventful journey into entrepreneurship that featured bouts of ill health, paralysis, and misplaced trust.  Despite these challenges, she’s built several successful businesses and now helps online entrepreneurs enjoy 6-figure success without the stress.


She’s learned that a key success factor is to stay in tune with what works and feels right for you in business and to trust that you can create your own perfect roadmap to success.


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  • It’s OK and normal to freak out from time to time when running your own business.


  • Why mindset and commitment are the best predictors of business success.


  • What your health, energy levels and feelings can tell you about your next best move in business.


  • How to mentally prepare for the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.


  • Why you need to get comfortable with the idea of failure…and how your dog can help.


  • The truth as to whether a solopreneur can really earn 5-6 figures in business and what it takes to reach these milestones.


  • The importance of finding your own roadmap to success, and keeping updated as you grow.


  • Why you mustn’t shy away from the data. It’s important to know what’s working. Combined with assessing what feels right for you, it’s the start point in building a successful business.


“Turn off the noise around you and trust your own instincts. You can become confident and learn the skills you need. Take it one step at a time. You’ve got this!” - Lyndsey Johnson Click To Tweet


About Lyndsey Johnson

Lyndsey is the multi-award winning Scale-Up Strategist for future 7-figure coaches, experts and mentors a.k.a knowledge brokers. With 15+ years of international business experience, she is the ‘no fluff powerhouse’ behind GrowthVine and Scale This Next Academy.


She’s gone from burning herself out in an e-commerce business she hated, but doing over a million orders per year, to building her dream business, working with more than 6000 clients across 3 continents, living life on her own terms (despite being paralyzed twice) and achieving over 7 figures in financial freedom in under 3 years. A few of her clients even call her the funnel queen! They use her tools daily and she is honoured to have helped create 3 new millionaire business owners in the last 12 months – Mission Accomplished!


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Resources Mentioned in this Episode*

BOOK: The Alter Ego Effect, Todd Herman

BOOK: Pumpkin Plan, Mike Michalowicz


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Lyndsey Johnson - Funnel Queen - Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast

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