6 Ways to Involve Your Kids in Your Business

6 Ways to Involve Your Kids in Your Business

August 1, 2017

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6 Ways to Involve Your Kids in Your Business

August 1, 2017

6 Ways to Involve Your Kids in Your Business

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How to Build a business around your family - Free Guide

One of the unexpected bonuses of running my own business from home is the positive impact it's had on my two daughters.


It wasn't so apparent when I was freelancing, as I spent a lot of time tapping away behind my computer screen, which meant nothing to my kids. But my wellness business is different in a number of ways.


With this business, my kids can really see what it means to be in business.


They get to see how there is a LOT of work that goes into every success...and how failure is not a bad thing but, in fact, a source of some wonderful lessons that can inspire you onto your next success!


They can understand the pay off that comes from a consistency of effort and in taking the courage to seek out every opportunity to meet with and talk to people, as you just never know where your next idea, lead or client is going to come from.


They can experience first hand the difference when you truly care for your people and your clients, how little things can add up to a big difference and how rewarding it is as, in time, they clients and team members become firm friends.


And how it's important to work on your self-development every day and practice positivity and gratitude.


How they have come to learn all this at such an early age is because I've made a conscious effort to involve them in my business as much as possible.

Involving my kids in my business has given them unique insights and life skills.

I got quite emotional recently when my 8-year-old took me on a tour around the shop she had created in her bedroom. She had thought of everything!


She had a beautiful window display, which she explained she'd change regularly to attract people in. She told me all about the area she'd created to entertain the kids so that the Mum's will shop more, and come back!


She told me about how she would talk to people to really understand them, so she can help them find the best products for them - but above all, she'd try to make sure that everyone left with a smile.


I was deeply impressed with how deeply she has taken in all my ideas and experiences and added to them with some incredible ideas of her own.


We don't know what the future will look like for our children, but I strongly believe that collaboration, problem solving, creativity and entrepreneurship will feature highly, so I'm delighted to be helping my daughters develop these skills from an early age!

How to Build a business around your family - Free Guide
6 Ways I've Involved my Children in My Business - What Role Do Your Kids Play in Your #Business?.

6 Ways I've Involved My Children in My Business

Here are some of the ways I've involved my girls in my business, I'd love to know how you involve your kids - let me know in the comments below!


1. Crafting Computers

My girls are 7 and 9 now, but when they were younger we had a craft session where they made their very own phones and computers. They loved 'coming to the office' with me and setting up their own desks.


2. Marketing Materials

It's just a simple activity, but my kids love helping me put address labels and stickers on products and marketing materials.


I've explained to them how every small detail adds up to give a client an impression of your business, so it's important to take care to put the labels on straight. Understanding the importance of the task means they always make an effort to do a great job and are deeply proud when I congratulate them.


3. Caring for Clients

It was a bit of a risk, but I decided to take them with me to meet some of my clients and it really paid off. The girls loved the chance to share their product stories and I enjoy showing people that it's possible to run a successful business with kids in tow.


I also involve them in my client campaigns too. We discuss how we can delight customers so they know they are valued.


Kids have some amazing ideas...mostly involving chocolate, admittedly, but when they tell customers there's a little something special in their bag, the girls love seeing the delight on the clients face and knowing that their idea and effort meant something.


4. Training Together

I started listening to self-development videos while cooking for the family, and the kids started pulling up a stool so they could listen too. They loved the 'stories'.


Now I buy all my books on audio so I can listen to them in the car, which not only means I can get more positivity and inspiration into my day, but also means that my girls are getting a really good early business education.


It's amazing to see them applying their entrepreneurial mindset to their activities and school work!


5. Daily Discussions

One of the things I love about being a home business owner is all the quality time I get to spend with my kids.


Going to Swiss school means that they come home at midday for two hours. This is a great time to discuss what is happening in our days.


This is a precious time when we can be open and share challenges, successes and ideas and support and encourage each other. There's nothing more inspiring than two enthusiastic girls telling you "Mummy, you've got this. We know you can do it!".


I love it when they are so excited about something we discussed at lunchtime that it spills over into after-school discussions too.


6. Amazing Ambassadors!

It's amazing how much knowledge kids absorb. I had an early evening table-top event in a school over the Christmas period, so I took my kids along.


Admittedly, it wasn't always easy. There were some moments where I found myself juggling questions from my kids and clients at the same!


But the girls loved helping me arrange and decorate the table and did a great job. And I was really amazed to see them proudly talk about my business and products, they knew so much more than I thought - and what potential client can say 'No' to a young girl offering to share a product with them? Win, Win, Win! lol


Supporting their future

My kids are young now, but I'm sure as they grow I'll find lots of new and more wonderful ways to involve them in my business.


As I mentioned earlier, we don't know what the future will look like and what the world of work will be like when our kids enter the workforce. But one thing I do know, creativity, problem-solving, positivity and an entrepreneurial mindset are all valuable assets that will help them tackle every challenge coming their way.


So I'll continue to look for exciting ways to involve my children in my business as they grow and ensure that they have plenty of opportunities to join in my successes.


So I'd love to know more about your ideas and how you are involving your children in your work (or plan to). Let me know in the comments below!

How to Build a business around your family - Free Guide

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6 Ways to Involve Your Kids in Your Business


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