Business-Building Wisdom from Successful Female Entrepreneurs

Business-Building Wisdom from Successful Female Entrepreneurs

July 26, 2022

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Business-Building Wisdom from Successful Female Entrepreneurs

July 26, 2022

Business-Building Wisdom from Successful Female Entrepreneurs
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Show Notes

While we are all working towards business success, in the moment, we don’t always recognise the power or impact of the work we are doing. It’s often only with hindsight that we can clearly see the specific actions that lead to our ultimate success.

In this post, I share a collection of episodes from the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast where the guests have reflected on their business journey to date, and share what they believe have been their specific secrets to success (hint: in every case, it’s something you can do too!).

#9 Blending Passion and Experience to Create your Own Niche – Maria Wilhelmsson

“If I could go back 10-years and give myself one piece of advice when starting my business, it would be to be BOLD and say Yes to more things.” - Maria Wilhelmsson

Wisdom is crucial to business success, and there's no better place to gain it than from renowned industry professionals like Maria Wilhelmsson.

She is an Executive Voice Coach who works with company leaders to help them improve their executive presence and communicate more effectively.

Helping people use their voice and body language to convey credibility, influence, and inspire others is one of her specialties. Maria has a singing and performance background, as well as a successful international business career. She currently uses her abilities and experience from both worlds to help her clients achieve their goals.

🎧  Listen to her interview: Blending Passion and Experience to Create your Own Niche

#35 It’s Time for Women – Giselle Rufer

“My best advice for female entrepreneurs is to trust your intuition, develop your network and share your story. All the rest will follow.” - Giselle Rufer

They say that if you want to learn something, you should have a role model, and Giselle Rufer could be just that. She is the founder of Delance, the first Swiss watch brand for women.

Giselle has always been a pioneer. She was the first woman in Switzerland to earn a technical university degree and the first woman in the Swiss watch business to become an engineer. Giselle believes that women deserve a watch brand that recognizes and honours their own relationship with time.

She also travels throughout the world meeting with women and speaking at events in order to encourage other women to dream big and achieve more.

🎧  Listen to her interview: It’s Time for Women

#48 Believing in your Vision – Britt-Marie Monks

“Having a clear ‘why' ignited my passion. It ensured I stayed motivated and focused on my vision, even when others doubted I could make it work. My solid belief in what I was creating helped make my business work.” - Britt-Marie Monks

All of your wisdom and experience prepares you for future success, as was the case with Britt-Marie Monks the founder of Honeymoon and Holiday Fixer, an independent travel consultant.

She has been working since she was a child, when she volunteered at her parents' pub. She mastered some crucial sales and negotiation abilities early in her career. However, after losing her career due to a restructure, she resolved to create her own perfect opportunity.

With a lifelong love of travel and organisation, the travel industry seemed a natural fit. She found a franchise opportunity that appeared ideal and took the plunge after much research and learning. Listen to her interview to learn more about how she built and grown her business through various health and life challenges, and her best advice for your own business growth journey.

🎧  Listen to her episode: Believing in your Vision

#49 Trusting Your Business Instincts – Susannah Davda

“Trust your gut. It's your knowledge and experience talking. The mistakes I've made, that I wish I hadn't, have all been made when I failed to listen to my inner feelings.” - Susannah Davda

It’s always up to the business owners to plan the days for success, this is something that Susannah Savda hoped she knew before starting her business. She is a shoe consultant, she has worked around shoes her entire career. However, as her career progressed, she felt the desire to start her own business and find a way to help others through her work.

She took a year out to determine what exactly her business would be. She tried on a few ideas for size, and finally concluded that helping shoe brands create the kind of shoes that women deserve was the right path for her. Listen to her episode to learn more about how she jumped in and figured out her why along the way, and her best advice for your own business growth journey.

🎧  Listen to her interview: Trusting Your Business Instincts

#8 Don’t Worry about Failure, Focus on Figuring it Out – Lisa Cirieco

“You don't have to see the end before you get started, this will often change and evolve anyway. You just need to know you want to make it happen and then go and figure it out.” - Lisa Cirieco

Sometimes we don't realise how much our mindset contributes to our triumphs and failures. Just like in Lisa Cirieco’s case, she is a graphic designer with a marketing background. She is particularly fond of designing book and magazine layouts. She speaks not only how to succeed in her field but how to have the right mindset while doing so. How to keep moving ahead (and upward) when others believe you will fail, and why you don't need to know how to make your vision a reality; all you need to do is take the first step.

🎧  Listen to Lisa’s Episode: Don’t Worry about Failure, Focus on Figuring it Out

What Works for Your Business Growth?

Has any of the advice in these podcast episodes impacted your business? What have been your biggest business-building challenges? What practices, books or advice have helped you grow your business? I’d love to know more about you and your experiences – share them in the comments below or join the conversation in the free community: The Driven Female Entrepreneurs Club.

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Business-Building Wisdom from Successful Female Entrepreneurs


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