How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Get Back to Being Happy and Productive

How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Get Back to Being Happy and Productive

September 26, 2017

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How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Get Back to Being Happy and Productive

September 26, 2017

How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Get Back to Being Happy and Productive
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Show Notes

Have you ever had one of those moments of self-doubt where you’ve asked yourself “What am I doing?!”


If we're honest, I think we’ve all had at least of these one moments – I know personally I’ve had a LOT of them!


In these ‘wobble’ moments we can feel lost, demotivated and even depressed; feelings that no one enjoys. So it’s important to find a way to move out of self-doubt as quickly as possible, regain our confidence and sense of purpose and start moving forward towards our goals and back to happiness.


Here are some strategies for overcoming self-doubt that have worked well for me. The next time you have a wobble, try them out and see which ones work best for you – you might even find that approaches suit different wobbles.


If you have any additional experiences or tips to share, then add them in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!


How to overcome your ‘Wobble Moments’


Think back to Why you started

Self-doubt often creeps in when we lose sight of our purpose. So take a moment to think back to why you started your business in the first place.


Being an entrepreneur or business owner is a journey. So it's perfectly normal to have days when or when nothing goes right and your motivation takes a nose-dive. Having this clear sense of purpose can make it much easier for you navigate these days and move forward.


Getting clear about exactly 'Why' you are in business and what you want it to do for you and society is an important first step for every business owner. Read Why your business journey needs to start with Why for more tips on this.


Create a new Game Plan

Your self-doubt may stem from a plan that no longer feels fit for purpose. Perhaps you or your business have moved on; maybe your situation has changed, or perhaps it’s simply time to shake things up a bit.


Go back to your goals and Why, and start working through how you want to get there given your current situation and knowledge. A new plan of action can help bring back the excitement into your work and help you get refocused and energised.

If the plan doesn't work, change the plan - but never the goal.

Take some time out

When we feel a bit low and unfocused it’s often due to tiredness. If this is the case, give yourself some time to switch off for a while and recharge.


If you want an immediate solution, you could take a short walk, head to the salon for a pamper, meditate, head to the gym or take a bath and have a nap.


Or, if you need more time to relax, you may decide to go away with some girlfriends for a weekend, sign up for a relaxing retreat, or head to the spa for a day.


Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something that you will enjoy. Commit to giving your mind the opportunity to switch off– and don’t feel guilty, self-care is vitally important!


Get out and meet people

When you have a ‘down day’, one of the worst things to do is to crawl back under your duvet and wallow in it. However, talking things through with other like-minded people can be a great way to start feeling better.


Go and hangout with friends, contacts or colleagues and discuss your current lack of motivation. You’ll most likely find comfort in knowing that you are not the only one who goes through times of doubt and come away feeling better about everything - and possibly even refocused and motivated again!


You may already know someone local to you that you can meet for lunch or a coffee.  Or perhaps you can attend a local networking meeting. Failing that, you can turn to technology for help and use a relevant Facebook groups for support and advice or have a Skype chat with someone further away – there are lots of options here, just make sure it's not 'Debbie Downer' who you call up, we all know one and she is not going to help you today ; )

Get out your Gratitude Journal

When we have a wobble moment, it’s easy to dwell on all the ways we feel we are not good enough, all the skills and knowledge we don’t have and all the mistakes we have made. Of course, this is definitely not going to help our mood!


Taking some time to be grateful for all the good things and opportunities in your life, however, is a great antidote!


Say out loud, note down on paper, or write in your journal all the things you are grateful for and you’ll soon see your mood and outlook change for the better.


Dose up on Inspiration

A fresh dose inspiration is the perfect medicine on those days when you're suffering from self-doubt or a lack of motivation.


Sign up for a workshop or webinar to build or refresh your skills, watch an uplifting video, or read an inspiring book.

A dose of fresh inspiration is the perfect medicine for a lack of motivation.

Take Action

When I say ‘Take Action’ I mean any action. Doing ‘something’, even if its not related to your current work or issue, can help you break out of your current mood and get back into a more productive space.


Improving one area of your life – even if it’s something as small as having a beautifully organised sock drawer – can have a positive knock-on effect on the rest of your life. So think out of the box and achieve ‘something’ today.

What's worked for you?

Have you tried out any of these tips for overcoming self-doubt? Or perhaps taken a different approach? I'd love to hear your experiences - take a moment to share them in the Comments section below!


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How to Overcome Self-Doubt and Get Back to Being Happy and Productive


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