Best Visibility Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

Best Visibility Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

July 12, 2022

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Best Visibility Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

July 12, 2022

Best Visibility Advice from Female Entrepreneurs
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Show Notes

When it comes to business growth, nothing will get you more clients faster than visibility.

In fact, if you are not getting in front of the right people on a regular basis, you’ll find it extremely difficult to make your small business work. You may feel uncomfortable at times showing up and being the figurehead for your business, but it’s key that you take consistent small steps to help you overcome this fear, and rock your visibility.

In the following collection of episodes taken from the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast, my guests share a range of tips, insights and tools to help you get ‘out there’, as well as sharing their personal stories to help inspire you to become more confident when it comes to getting more visible.

If you’re not sure where to start, then check out the free online course: Marketing Made Simple, which breaks down the steps to becoming more visible, and guides you step-by-step in developing your winning marketing plan. Meantime, get ready to grow your confidence and visibility, and watch your business explode this summer when you apply the advice shared in these podcast episodes:

#34 Becoming Camera Confident and Visible – Lucy Griffiths

“Whether it's being on video or selling yourself, it's important to recognise that it takes time and you will get more confident doing it. However, automating the process will make things easier for you.” - Lucy Griffiths

They say you are your brand, and when it comes to getting visible and promoting yourself and your offers, Lucy Griffiths is a master! She is a course developer and serial entrepreneur. Her courses have already sold over 30,000 times throughout the world, and she now teaches others how to use their expertise to build courses that sell again and over again. She works with corporate customers, entrepreneurs, and company owners to help master their visibility through the use of video and storytelling. To learn more about Lucy’s intriguing business experience, as well as her views and recommendations for other female entrepreneurs and coaches who want to start a business by sharing their narrative, message, and knowledge you better listen to her interview: Becoming Camera Confident and Visible

Listen to Lucy’s Episode: Becoming Camera Confident and Visible

#24 Growing your business with Powerful Content – Pauliina Rasi

“Successful content that will grow your business relies on consistency - there are no magic bullets that will transform your business overnight.” - Pauliina Rasi

Are you wondering how to engage and be visible to your market? Maybe you need help from a communications expert! Pauliina Rasi can give you great visibility advice! She is the founder of ‘Pauliina Rasi Communications’ is a communication strategist and content creator. She has helped scores of mission-driven organisations take their visibility and success to the next level with her over 15 years of experience as a journalist and content strategist.

Her superpower is the ability to turn any subject into captivating writing that appeals to a wider audience. To learn how you can create your own work-life balance and implement a great content strategy to support your business goals listen to her interview: Growing your business with Powerful Content

Listen to Pauliina’s Episode: Growing your business with Powerful Content

#50 Branding and Visibility for Small Business – Sapna Pieroux

“To me, design is a way to solve a business problem. A great brand starts with your business strategy and vision, and represents the quality and experience that you offer.” - Sapna Pieroux

Sapna Pieroux is the founder of InnerVisions ID, a branding firm that helps ambitious entrepreneurs brand themselves and make a difference. During her long marketing career, she witnessed how entrepreneurs struggled to visually explain their value and distinctiveness, so she devised her six-step VISION process based on their questions and experiences, which she shared in her award-winning book 'Let's Get Visible'.

Sapna’s mission is to simplify branding for small business owners so that they can increase their visibility, stand out and make their brand and marketing materials work for them. Learn what a brand is really all about in her insightful interview: Branding and Visibility for Small Business

Listen to Sapna’s Episode: Branding and Visibility for Small Business

#27 Social Media Strategies that Work for Small Business – Jamie Palmer

“Social media is evolving. Your prospects value the personal touch. So it's hard not to be the face of your business. That said, people aren't expecting, and don't want, you to be perfect.” - Jamie Palmer

Who doesn't have access to social media these days? People, businesses, and even your pets have them, but how can you use them to help you be more visible to your audience? Let Jaime Palmer give you some advice! She is the CEO of Outlier Marketing Group and an internet business consultant. She has nearly 17 years of experience helping entrepreneurs create and scale their businesses through increased and strategic visibility.

Jaime helps her clients build messages that appeal with their audiences and align with their organisation's goals, culture, vision, and values through strategy, program, coaching, among other things. To learn about her advice for visibility, listen to her interview: Social Media Strategies that Work for Small Business

Listen to Jaime’s Episode: Social Media Strategies that Work for Small Business

#57 Getting Featured in the Media – Fiona Johnson

“When working on your own PR and content, don't worry about not having the right skills. Being genuine and authentic always works well.” - Fiona Johnson

Fiona Johnson is a public relations consultant who assists businesses become more visible by adding public relations to their marketing mix. Fiona offers her distinct style of honesty and warmth to every client, thinking that every client is extraordinary and has a story to tell, whether she's working on a media campaign for a new product or service, consulting on a visibility strategy, or developing social media content.

Discover her excellent advice on how to increase brand visibility through the media in her interview on the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast: Getting Featured in the Media

Listen to Fiona’s Episode: Getting Featured in the Media

#29 Successful Social Media Planning for Small Businesses – Emma York

“If you have even just the flicker of a good idea, you need to take that forward. Just do it! You have a fabulous journey ahead of you”. - Emma York

We all know that using social media to market your business, no matter how small, is a great idea, but how exactly do you take the initial step towards online visibility? If you’re curious, this is for you. Emma York is a holistic digital marketing consultant and owner of Fresh Approach Digital. She works with start-ups and small businesses to help them create or improve their social media accounts, identify their audience, leverage organic and paid media, and define their digital communications and online visibility strategies.

She assists entrepreneurs in using digital channels to get visible, engage with their existing and potential customers, as well as building their online presence, brand awareness, and product recognition. To learn more listen to her interview: Successful Social Media Planning for Small Businesses

Listen to Emma’s Episode: Successful Social Media Planning for Small Businesses

What Has Helped You Be More Visible?

Has any of the advice in these podcast episodes impacted your visibility and marketing? What have been your biggest challenges in becoming more visible and growing your audience? What practices, books or advice has helped your visibility? I’d love to know more about you and your experiences – share them in the comments below or join the conversation in the free community: The Dream Clients Club.

Enjoy more episodes from the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast episodes via your usual platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher etc. And if you enjoy the show, don’t keep it to yourself - share it with your network via your social media and leave a review on iTunes (click ‘Ratings and Reviews’) so more people can find and enjoy the show.

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Best Visibility Advice from Female Entrepreneurs


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