Shivangi Walke on the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast

Shivangi Walke – Being Your Own Best Leader and the Value of Supporting Others

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In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneurs Podcast, I speak with an experienced Leadership Development Coach, Shivangi Walke.


Her upbringing helped her to become a confident leader which eventually led her to start her own business after 17 years of corporate work experience. Her passion is to create opportunities and catalyse relationships that help thrive.


Shivangi is a passionate supporter of other women, and also founded a social enterprise; Thrive with Mentoring, an organisations that supports women’s empowerment and growth through powerful mentoring relationships.

Listen to this episode to learn Shivangi’s tips for female entrepreneurs on how to grow with consistency and keep a beginner’s attitude.


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In this episode you’ll learn:


  • The importance of creating balance.


  • How making mistakes is the best way to learn.


  • How to apply leadership knowledge contextualised to the customer.


  • The importance of finding partnerships.


  • How to partner with people that have complementary skills.


  • The value of working with Virtual Assistants.


  • How we go through different phases to becoming ourselves.


  • How making mistakes will build up muscles.


  • The importance of keeping a beginners mind.


…and much more!


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About Shivangi Walke

Shivangi Walke is a master trainer, a Leadership Branding Coach and a serial entrepreneur. She regularly designs leadership development interventions, consults and coaches senior teams, and conducts worldwide executive programs and workshops. She has trained leaders and management teams in more than 40 countries globally and on all continents.


Prior to establishing her business, Shivangi gained more than 17 years of experience in four different industries: Reinsurance, Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Manufacturing & Professional Services.


Shivangi runs her own Leadership Development consulting company and also is the Founder of the non-profit Thrive With Mentoring.


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About Your Host, Melitta Campbell

Since 1997, Melitta has been using her ability to spot gaps between a company’s goals and its strategy and positioning to help businesses become profitable and achieve growth – in as little as three months.


By combining the insights gained from working directly with senior leaders for more than 20 years, her unique blend of art-school and business-school training, and her restless curiosity, Melitta has helped her clients identify new opportunities and develop creative solutions that add value in profitable and purposeful ways  and build a clear competitive edge.


After witnessing too many talented and passionate women fall short of their vision to make a profit and a difference, more recently, Melitta has brought her business, leadership and marketing expertise together with her personal experiences, to become a trusted advisor and coach for female-led businesses.


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Shivangi Walke on the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast


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